I Tried Something New

by Anonymous

My girlfriend was over and took me into her confine one day while we were catching up on some stuff, she had tried a secluded outdoor place that few people knew of and you walk into a small patch of woods and let yourself have anonymous sex with guys.

There as u walk through as long as you're willing and open for it i giggled and asked how it was and she said she had the time of her life and she told where to find if i ever wanted to try it out.

So i thought about it for a bit and summed up some courage i hadn't had sex in a while so i made sure i was up on my birth control.

I'm 30 with nice tits and a firm pussy and ass and i got ready, i wore just shorts and a bikini top and drove there one afternoon and i got out and started down a path and i walked well into the woods when a guy smiled and had me come over to where he was sand he had me take off my short.

I did willing and he had me face a tree as he slide his pants down and soon i felt his hard dick in my pussy and he was fucking me ,he kept telling me how good i was and soon he cum in me it felt great and he whispered in my ear.

He wasn't finished with me as i felt him pushing into my ass and he fucked me there to after he finished he smiled and suggested i leave my shorts off as i walked along and i did, i walked a little further and soon two guys had me in a small clearing on my hands and knees and one of them was fucking me from behind.

The other was fucking my mouth and they took turns cumming in me, i was as happy as could be as they left i stayed there as i let their cum leak out of me, another guy came over and had me laying on the ground as he slid his dick in my pussy and was fucking me good.

He said to wrap my legs around him and i did and he cum in me soon after i left and went home and showered and went to sleep, the next morning i laid there awake and thought about how good it was.

I decided to go back that day, after i got there and walked in i took off my shorts and took my time walking along and soon i had a black man leading me to a tree and had me leaned over and he started to slide his 11"dick inside of my pussy.

He put his hands on my hips as he pushed into and soon he was well inside of me he kept gong i felt him in my stomach as i put my hand on my stomach i could feel it and he was soon fucking me.

He kept whispering in my ear good girl as he fucked me and soon i could feel his hot sperm deep inside of me and he pulled out still hard and he pushed himself slowly into my ass at first i whispered no but he kept going until he was into me and fucked my hot ass until he cum inside of it.

After he pulled out, he left and i let his cum leak out of me standing there, after a little bit of standing there another man came up and i let him fuck me too and i left and went home and showered.

I talked to my girlfriend later told her i try it there and told her i had the time of my life as we giggled about it, i said we should try it together sometime and she agreed.

So the next day we both went and walked into the woods some and took off our shorts and we started walking together and soon we had a couple of guys taking us to a tree and they had us eat each other's pussy and then fucked us together it was great and we loved it and both of us got fucked together several times that day and left.

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