I Think I Am Gay And Like It

by John (Colorado)

A friend I had known since childhood would come to visit when he needed to talk. He was often upset by the way he was treated by his wife. Since his daughter's birth sex was almost non-existent. They had even moved to separate bedrooms. I had some porno books and videos and we would have some drinks and he would look at the books and we would watch some of the videos. Just to friends blowing of steam.

They were not gay videos just women and men enjoying sex. I never thought of myself as gay. One night we were watching a video of a woman giving a blow job to a guy and I had been drinking quite a bit. I looked over and could see his hard on through his pants. I don't know why but I told him if he would take his dick out I could do better than the girl on the video could.

He undid his belt, unzipped his pants and slid them down and I saw his hard dick and I "really" did want to suck it. He was sitting in a recliner next to my own. I got up from mine and went over and took off his shoes and socks and pulled off his pants. He moved his chair to the upright position and I knelt down on the floor between his legs.

I reached up and started stroking his dick and squeezing his balls with the other hand while I looked at his beautiful cock. He wasn't as big as I was but he was hard as a rock. I moved up and started licking his dick while I held a ball in each hand pulling and squeezing them.

He was circumcised and I took just the head of his dick in my mouth with my lips just below the head, I ran my tongued over the head, tip and the hole as I sucked. I could already taste the salty juices from him. He didn't say anything just moaning sounds. He reached down and put his hands on my head and pushed down. I started sliding his dick deeper into my mouth and throat.

If I started to gag I would just swallow and slide up on his dick until it went away. After a short time I could slide his whole dick all the way in my throat. I would slide up and bite lightly on his dick just below the head. He said I should stop he was going to cum. I had tasted my own cum when masturbating and wanted to taste his. I wanted him to shoot in my mouth.

As he started moaning I squeezed hard on his balls. I could not believe the amount of cum and how hot it was, I swallowed all I could but some ran out and down his balls. I licked them clean. His cum tasted different than my own and I liked it. Bitter yet sweet with a musky smell. I had cum in my pants myself without even touching my dick.

He leaned back for awhile and then got up and dressed and said he needed to leave. After he left I masturbated and licked my cum from my hands. It tasted different from his. He called the next day and asked if I remembered the night before or if I was drunk. I told him I remembered but it probably would not have happened if I had not been drinking.

But I told him I enjoyed it and if he ever needed to "talk" I was there for him. He needed to "talk" about once a week after that. He never performed oral sex on me. After a few weeks of "talking" he said he really missed and liked fucking. It was another night of drinking and I told him I had a way I could help with that too if he wanted. I had never had anal sex but I had experimented with dildos on myself. I offered myself to him.

We put some lube on my ass and he plunged in hard not gentle. I think I know what "Being Fucked" means now. He was not concerned with what I wanted or felt he just pumped hard in my ass. I felt him cum and it ran from my ass and down my balls, I reached down and rubbed his cum over my own dick and came almost instantly.

I told him whenever he needed me I would be there and he has needed me often. I have never had a man perform oral sex on me or ever taken a man's ass, other than orally pleasing a man's ass. I guess I am gay because I love this type of sex over all others. Women can fake it or lie. A man's body tells you if you made him happy.

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