I Remember Mama....And Daddy

by KIm Cummings (Clovis, Ca USA)

Mom was very loving ever since I can remember. she cuddled with me always. As a child I always loved Mama's treats. She offered them often. I coveted her ample breasts. Even as I grew older she offered them to me and I accepted.

I often watched as Mom got ready for work. She would put on her make up and take her time slipping into her nylons. Sis often helped mom with her tasks. I often wondered what it would be like to be a pretty woman.

I got my chance. Daddy caught me trying on my Mom's pantyhose and makeup and made me suck his penis like a girl. "Suck it you little pansy" he said. I sucked Daddies cock until he shot out all his creamy cum in my mouth.

"How's it taste he asked"? "Not too bad Daddy". The next day Daddy walked into my room dressed in Mommies nylons and high heels. I too was dressed up in Mommies things. We went at it like two cats in heat.

I already was experienced at wearing Mommies things while doing Mommy. She loved dressing me up so I could be her special daughter. She did my makeup, made sure my legs were shaved smoothly, and prettied me up for Daddy who himself looked very feminine.

Daddy enjoyed having me put my erection deep in his "pussy" Daddy was always very clean and used condoms. Daddies anus was nice and tight. I always loved doing Daddy.

Mom loved having her pussy licked before I fucked her. Most times Daddy loved getting his cock sucked before I fucked him. Mom pegged him with her strap on frequently. Daddy squealed like a little girl. (So did I). Mom told us it was only right to learn how to be a "proper woman".

By Anonymous

My sister and I are one year apart in age. I am 19 and she is 18. We have always shared a bedroom. When my sister just turned 18 she would lay in bed with her night gown pulled up and her blankets down.

She would be moving her hand between her legs. I asked her one night what she was doing, and she said to sit on her bed and watch. I sat next to her on her bed and watched as she rubbed her clit.

I watched for a few minutes and asked if I could rub her clit to see what it felt like, so I rubbed for a few minutes and I got so excited. My pussy became extremely aroused. I too pulled my night gown up and stood next to the head of the bed so my sister could watch me.

I rubbed my little clit till my pussy was soaked. My sister reached out and rubbed my clit for me, she gave me my first orgasm. Now we are in our teens, we masturbate each other and masturbate together about twice a day.

Our new fun is to take turns sitting on the toilet and we watch each other rub our clits while we pee, our orgasms are amazing. We also love to use vibrators on each others clits and masturbate with vibrators in front of each other.

When I am alone and I am rubbing my clit I always think about my sister. My sister wants to start doing oral sex on each other and I want to also, I can't wait to try licking her clit to orgasm. Our parents are going away for a long weekend in a couple of weeks, that is when we plan to do it for the first time.

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