I Need It

by Carol (Florida)

It’s a hot September day here in Florida. I’m by my pool, nude sunbathing. My phone rings and it’s my girlfriend Val. She asks Carol what are you doing. I tell her and she asks if I want company. I said sure why not. A couple of minutes and Val is here.

She strips naked and is putting lotion on. Val is about five ten, long legs, huge tits and a great ass. She lays down and we start to talk about our lives and she asks if I’ve seen Clem, my black daddy. I said no not for a minute.

She said his cock was too big for her and it made her sore for days. I tell her I love his big black cock because it fills my pussy up. Val says but you’re so small and I tell her I’ve had a lot of big ducks in my lifetime. I hear a familiar voice say Carol are you back here.

Val says don’t answer, but I do and say yes daddy Val and I are back here. Daddy opens the gate and we’re both naked already, so daddy gets naked and puts a lounge chair in between Val and I. OMG his cock is already hard and he says ladies look what you did to me so what are we going to do about this.

I laugh grab his huge black cock and start to suck it. I have a hard time fitting him in my mouth, but I try. Val gets up and lowers her pussy over daddy’s face. He’s making slurping noises and Val is going crazy. I want daddy inside me so I get up and start to climb on daddy’s cock.

He says not yet Carol get back down there and suck my cock. I always do as daddy says so I put his cock back in my mouth. Val screams she’s cumming and daddy says yes Val let daddy taste it. I want daddy inside me so bad but I’ll have to wait.

Daddy gets me in all fours and puts my head between Val’s legs. Daddy gets behind me and shoves his big black cock deep inside me. Now he’s pushing me up so Val’s pussy is in my face. I’ve never been with a woman before and daddy says suck her pussy Carol.

I look at daddy and say please daddy don’t make me do it, I’ve never been with a woman before. Daddy laughs and says consider this your lucky day and pushes my head so my face is up again Val’s pussy. Val spreads and lifts her legs and says Carol do it, for me please.

I put my tongue inside her and then I start to suck her clit. I then put two fingers inside her and she’s going nuts. Daddy is fucking me hard and deep the way I like it. I now hear a voice say what the fuck is this? I turn and it’s Rocky.

OMG not only has me caught fucking daddy but also sucking Val’s pussy. I actually saw the blood drain from daddy’s face because Rocky is a big guy with a very bad temper. Daddy pulls out of me and says I think I’ll be leaving now and Rocky says oh no you don’t.

Rocky pulls his shorts down and his big cock is rock hard. He gets in between Val’s legs and says you know I’ve always wanted to fuck Yolanda he pushes his cock inside Val. Val screams yes Rocky fuck me fuck me good.

I’m stunned by what just happened. Rocky says Clem pull a lounge chair next to us and fuck Carol. I can’t believe what’s going on, but I’m so horny, I lay on the lounge chair and spread my legs and tell daddy, you heard the man, now fuck me.

Daddy aims his cock into my wet white pussy. I scream yes daddy give me all of your black cock. I can feel daddy’s balls slapping my ass. Oh god I’m going to cum already. I cum all over daddy’s black cock, but now I want Rocky to fuck me.

I say Rocky come fuck me, he looks and says sorry Carol I’m fucking Val. I look at Val and she says I don’t want him to stop. Daddy says cmon Rocky aren’t you going to share. Rocky laughs and says Clem I already shared my wife with you. I can’t believe it, so daddy slams his cock back inside me.

This went on for a long time and Ricky has come twice inside of Val. Daddy has yet to come but I feel his big load inside me. Daddy gets up puts his cock in my mouth and says Carol be good to daddy. Rocky says daddy WTF is that.

Clem and Val both leave and I look at Rocky and ask him did he enjoy himself. He looked at yes I definitely did. Rocky then asked how about you. I tell him yes but it’s not the same as you. I’m still horny and Rocky is laying on the chair with his big cock in his hands.

I get up and decide to go for a ride. I slide down Rocky’s cock and say oh this feels so good. Rocky grabs my face and gives me a big deep kiss. He’s never fucked me with another man’s cum inside me.

I feel Clem’s cum dripping out of my pussy and I say to Rocky do you enjoy feeling Clem’s black cum in my pussy. Rocky says oh yes I love it. Rocky then says we should do this more often. I say wait a minute you don’t mind daddy fucking me.

Rocky answers no if you don’t mind me fucking Val. I have to admit I’m a little jealous, but I lie and say no I don’t. Ricky and I both cum and I lay in his arms. Oh boy what did I start and I hope it doesn’t get serious between Rocky and Val, because I would never leave him for daddy.

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