I Massage Old Men

by Carol (Florida)

Hi my name is Carol and my hubby, Rocky came home telling me we’re broke. I haven’t worked for awhile but I wanted to help him. I’m not a skilled woman and my only job was being a bartender. I don’t want to go back to doing that because I want to make my own hours. Well I have an idea why not massage older men.

I ran this by Rocky and he wasn’t too happy about it, hit I convinced him to say yes. I already have white uniforms with the zipper in the front and I won’t be needing a heavy massage table. There won’t be any money invested except to run an ad. I run the ad on a local massage site.

The next day I have five hits. I show Rocky and he says please be careful. I kiss him and go take a shower. I put on a yellow bra and thong because it highlights my tan body. I zipper up my dress and get into my car. I call the first number of a man named Pete. He answers the phone and I ask him what time would be good for him.

He says how about now. I say ok and then I ask him his age. He tells me only that he’s in his seventies. I say fine I’m on my way. I pull into this dirt driveway and there’s a small house at the end of it. I ring the bell and I hear a mans voice say come on in Carol. I walk inside and there’s Pete in a robe. He’s older like he said and I tell him get naked, put a towel around yourself and go into the bedroom.

My fee is on the nightstand and I put it in the pocket of my dress. I tell Pete I’ll be right back and I go heat up some oil. I come into the bedroom and Pete is laying on his stomach completely naked. I say to him where’s the towel and he answers Carol do we really need it. I say yes grab the towel and cover his butt. I star by putting oil all over him as I start the massage.

Pete says Carol that feels so good. I tell him I’m glad you like it. I’m massaging Pete’s legs and I’m going under the towel but being careful not touch his private parts. I tell Pete ok turn over it’s time to do your front. I turn my back as Pete rolls over and when I turn around again he’s naked. His cock is standing at attention and he says Carol look what you did to me.

I laugh and say thanks for the compliment and put the towel back on him. I’m massaging his chest and Pete says Carol you’ve got great tits. Again I laugh and say thanks Pete. He asks are we going to do more. I play stupid and say more what. Pete says maybe a hand jog, a blow jog or a fuck. I said I’m not here for that only a massage. He says I’ll pay you whatever you want.

I laugh and say I’m not a prostitute. Pete says then for free and I tell him no. I’m now massaging his legs and it looks like he’s pitching a tent. He again asks please Carol and again I say no. Pete again says everything has a price. I stop and tell him the massage is over and I leave. I call George and he says not today Carol. I call my next client, Dennis and he says come over.

I pull up to this nice split level home and ring the bell. I hear Dennis day come in Carol. I go inside and say where are you and Dennis says the bedroom. I go into the bedroom and Dennis is on the bed naked like Pete, on his stomach. I grab a towel out the bathroom and cover him. I go put some oil in the microwave to warm it up and I go back into the bedroom.

I take my fee and begin to put warm oil all over Dennis's back. He says Carol that feels great. I tell him I’m glad you like it. I start to massage his back and now I doing his legs. Again being careful not to touch any of his private parts. Dennis starts to hump the bed. I laugh and say what are you doing. Dennis says I’m fantasizing you’re underneath me.

I say go ahead keep fantasizing. I tell Dennis ok hump time is over, turn over. He again removes the towel and his old cock is huge. I put the towel back on him and he says we don’t need it and again throws it on the floor. I’m just going to have to massage him and stay away from his giant cock. I massaging his legs and he says Carol why don’t you touch my cock.

I tell him Dennis I’m here to massage you and that’s it. I work my way backup to his stomach. Dennis grabs my zipper and pulls it down. I try to get away but Dennis puts his arm around me so I can’t get away. Dennis reaches around and unhooks my bra. My big tits are his to play with. He puts one of my big nipples in his mouth and begins to suck it.

Dennis now has his hand inside my thong and I’m soaked. He puts two fingers inside me and starts to finger fuck me. OMG aim in heaven and I grab his huge cock and start to jerk it. I don’t know what to do because I don’t want Dennis fucking me. Dennis picks me up and now we’re in the sixty nine position. Dennis starts to talk dirty to me saying that’s right Carol be my slut.

I answer yes Dennis I’m your whore. Dennis gets in between my legs and puts the head of his cock inside me. Mmmmmmmm yes Dennis fuck me. He says I plan to Carol and slams it all inside me. I scream yes Dennis fuck me hard. He does and I’m cumming all over his cock. Dennis cums deep inside me and falls on top of me. We get up and I go take a shower.

I put my clothes back on and Dennis hands me some more money. He says I’ll be calling you again Carol and I say I’ll be waiting. Ok now I call my last client and he says come over I’m waiting. I ring the bell and a huge black man in a robe answers the door. Oh boy he’s awful big. He pays me and we go into the bedroom. I go warm some oil and when I come back.

Skip is on his back and his cock is at attention and it’s the biggest blackest cock I’ve ever seen. Skip says Carol all I want you to do is massage my legs. I put the warm oil all over his legs and his huge cock is throbbing. I begin to massage his legs but not getting close to his cock. Skip grabs my hand and puts it on his cock saying he also needs to be massaged.

I grab it and start to jerk it and say my pleasure. Skip says Carol why don’t you go for a little ride. I turn around unzip my dress and I’m standing there in my bra and thong. I walk over to Skip he also undoes my bra and says damn Carol you’ve got black girl nipples. He licks, sucks and smacks them. Skip says now climb on top and ride me you white bitch.

Oh yes Skip as I climb on top of him and lower myself down on his humongous cock. He grabs my hips and slams me from the bottom. I cum all over his magnificent black cock. Yes Skip fuck me I scream and he does just that. He now rolls on top of me and his cock stays inside me. He slams my pussy and I’m in heaven.

OMG I’m cumming again and Skip gives me his big load inside me. I get up and Skip is still hard so he bends me over the bed and again slams my pussy. Oh yes fuck me again fuck me deep. We both cum and he says let’s take a shower together.

Skip is washing my body and his big hands feel so good. I get dressed and I’m getting ready to leave and Skip asks me Carol will you massage some of my friends. I laugh and say to him Skip if they have cocks like yours, yes of course.

I leave and when I get home Rocky undresses me and he fucks me with his big cock. I wrap my legs around him and say yes Rocky fuck me, thinking of Skip and his friends fucking me. What a way to end my first day as a masseuse.

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