I Love To Swing

by Carol (Florida)

My husband, Rocky said Carol let’s do a little something different tonight and I said ok since Saturday night is date night. We have sex take a shower, get dressed and off we go. We pull into this parking lot of what I thought was a restaurant nightclub.

We walk in and the woman behind the glass says its fifty dollars to go inside. I said fifty for what and she answered you’ll see. Rocky pays the fifty dollars and we go inside. There are a lot of couples of all shapes, ages and races. Rocky and I go up to the bar and the bartender, an older man says welcome.

We order drinks and watch what is going on. Rocky grabs my hand and says cmon Carol let’s dance. We’re dancing a man sandwiches me in the middle and starts rubbing my ass and my tits. I tell him to stop and I look at Rocky and he has this smile on his face.

The man sees that I’m not happy with what he’s doing and leaves. Rocky grabs my hand and we go into this dimly lit room. The floor felt funny because of the thick padding, but I hear people moaning and when I look it’s a full blown orgy with people having sex everywhere.

I tell Rocky I’m a little uncomfortable with all that is going on around us. He’s starts to undress me and I do nothing to stop him. Maybe it’s the drink that I had. I lay on the floor and Rocky is licking and sucking my big tits. I tell him I’ll fuck you in front of all these people but I only want your cock.

He says ok Carol and locks my belly and now he’s between my legs licking and sucking my pussy. I’m so wet and horny and can’t wait for Rocky to fuck me. Rocky sinks his cock into me and I moan fuck me Rocky. I love Rocky’s big cock and that’s one of the reasons I married him because he’s a great lover.

I’m cumming all over Rocky’s cock and I’m wondering what will happen next. I feel two hands grab my tits and I look and it’s a beautiful redhead. She says first time here, I’m Robin and that man over there fucking that blonde is my husband Hank.

I tell Robin I don’t mind you playing or even licking my tits but I don’t do women. I love cock too much to even think about being with a woman. Rocky climbs off me and Robin gets in between my legs. I tell her I’m not interested when I feel a rubber cock enter me.

OMG Robin starts to fuck me with this big black rubber strap on cock. Oh yes Robin fuck me. Robin is pulling this cock all the way out and then she slams my pussy with it. I cum and Rocky is now behind Robin fucking her with his big cock. Robin is screaming it’s too big and it hurts but Rocky is still fucking her.

Rocky pulls Robin off me and I’m laying on the mat when a man gets on top of me. I said oh no you don’t and close my legs. He leaves and Rocky has his fingers inside me. I say to him how could you fuck another woman in front of me. I thought you loved me.

Rocky says you know I love you but we needed a change. I said why didn’t you tell me this before we came here. Robin says enough already Rocky fuck me. Robin said she’s cumming and she can’t take Rocky’s cock anymore so she tells him to stop.

Rocky holds me while everyone around us is fucking and he says let’s leave. I know he doesn’t want to leave so I say no it’s ok let’s stay. Rocky grabs my hand and we go have another drink. I hope it loosens me up a little bit. Well it didn’t take long for a couple to approach us.

They were an older black couple named Don and Maya. Don was short but his cock was almost as big as him. Maya is a beautiful black woman with big tits also. Don says to Rocky I think we have something in common. Don grabs his cock and one of Maya’s tits and Rocky says I think you’re right.

Maya walks over to Rocky and grabs his cock and they leave. I’m alone with Don and he puts his hand out for me to take it. I grab his hand and we go back into the orgy room. I’m looking for Rocky and I don’t see him.

I feel a hand grab me and it’s Rocky so Don and I lay down next to Rocky and Maya. Don grabs one of my fits and says Carol In really going to enjoy this. I grab Don’s huge cock and said so am I Don. I put Don’s cock in my mouth and start to suck it.

OMG will I be able to handle such a big cock? Rocky is fucking Maya and she is going crazy screaming fuck be Rocky fuck me. Don hearing this puts the head of his cock inside me and gives it to me inch by inch.

When he has his cock all the way in he begins to fuck me hard and deep. Oh yes Don fuck be with your big black cock. Don didn’t disappoint me as he fucked me for almost an hour. We fucked in every position and I lost count on how many times I came.

Rocky was also still fucking Maya who looked like she was about to cum. Don pulled out of me and came all over my tits. I asked why did you do this and he said most men won’t fuck a woman with another man’s cum in her.

I quickly grabbed all of Don’s cum and ate it. I love the taste of cum. Don and Maya disappeared into the crowd but Don left behind a business card with his name, phone number and address. He wrote on the back of the card I hope you call and I had fun.

After this happened I don’t remember how many and women we both fucked that night but when I woke up the next morning, my pussy was so sore. Rocky says did you enjoy yourself last night and to his surprise I answered yes and when are we going back.

I grabbed Rocky’s cock and started to suck him and the look on his face was priceless. I know we’ll be going back soon, very soon. I wish I could show you pics of me, because I know you’ll all want to fuck me. TRUE STORY.

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