I Love To Massage Old Men

by Carol (Florida)

I did this before and had some fun and made some money. I ran an ad in a local newspaper for out call massage service. I prefer to keep my service in home, no hotels or motels. I also tried massaging younger men, but some when they see me, they want more. This is why I love to massage older men. They appreciate a beautiful woman massaging them and talking to them. Well today I have three clients so I’ll have my coffee, take a shower and get dressed. I put on a white bra and a matching thong. I put one of my zipper down white dresses. I go and my first client is a man named Sam.

He asked me a lot of questions on the phone. He asked what do I look like, do I have big tits and do I give full body massages. I tell Sam you won’t be disappointed. I pull up to this small cape cod house and I ring the bell. I hear a voice say Carol is that you. I answer yes and ask where are you. Sam says in my bedroom. He says go down the hallway and I’m the last door on the left. I open the door and it’s very dark because there are no lights on. I turn on a light and Sam says my god Carol you’re gorgeous. I thank him and I tell him to get naked. I go heat up some oil and when I come back Sam is masturbating on the bed.

I say to Sam if you don’t stop I’m leaving. Sam says ok and I tell him to get on his stomach. I pull the sheet down just covering Sam’s butt. I put the warm oil on him and he says it feels so nice. I’m massaging Sam’s back. Now I’m going up and down his legs massaging his buttons cheeks. Sam is moaning telling me how good it feels. Sam asks Carol are you married and I tell him I am. Sam says your husband doesn’t I'd you massaging men. I tell Sam first of all he’s away on business and second he lets me be me. Sam says we’ll I guess that’s good. I tell Sam to turn over and his cock is rock hard. Sam says Carol will you massage him too. I say no I don’t do that.

Sam says I’m so disappointed. He says I’ll pay whatever you want just jerk my cock. Again I tell him no. I’m massaging Sam’s chest and my tits are in his face. He’s trying to bite my nipples through my dress. I now move up and down his legs and I go under the sheet. I’m being careful not to touch Sam’s cock or his balls. Sam is now pitching a tent with his big cock. Again he asks anything else you can do. He says Carol I’ll pay you anything you want. I tell him in Sam give me a hundred bucks and I’ll dance for you. Sam says are you crazy a hundred for a dance. I say yes that’s all I’ll do. Sam says ok and hands me a hundred dollar bill.

I put some music on with my phone and I start to dance for him. Sam says show me something Carol show me. I walk over to him and put his hand on my zipper. Sam unzips my dress and he says you’ve got a nice pair of tits Carol. I say thank you Sam and keep dancing in my bra and thong. Sam says Carol show me your big knockers. I turn my back to Sam and say I do my bra Sam. He does and I turn still holding my bra and I let it fall to the floor. Sam say my god Carol I love your big tits. I squeeze them together and say thank you Sam. He says now take off your panties. I tell him no. Sam says what do you mean no. I look at him and say that’s exactly what I mean.

He says then let me play with you big tits. I tell Sam pull your cock and play with yourself. Sam grabs his cock and is pulling on it. Sam says Carol it will feel much better if you jerked my cock. I tell him no I’ll dance for you. Sam stands up and he’s trying to grab my tits. He says Carol come closer. I say no you don’t Sam. I know what he’s up to. Sam goes to grab me and he falls to the floor. I go to help him up and he’s all over me. Sam is playing with my big tits and is making me very wet. I grab my clothes and run out of his house. Wow that was close. My next client is named Raj. I guess he’s Middle Eastern or possibly Indian.

I pull up to the house which is absolutely gorgeous. I ring the bell and a woman answers the door. She says Carol and I say yes that’s me. She says Raj is waiting for you in the bedroom. I go up these magnificent steps and I walk in the bedroom. Rah is laying on his stomach and he’s a very overweight man. He says your fee is on the table. I put it in my purse and I warm some oil. I pull the sheet down and Raj is a very hairy man. He says come around so I can take a look at you. He stares at my tits and says your gorgeous and you’re also built very nice. I thank him and put some oil on his very hairy back. I’m massaging him and now I’m going up and down his legs.

Rah says Carol how about a nude massage. I tell him you want me to be naked. Raj answers yes. He says everyone has a price what’s yours. I tell him sorry I don’t do that. I tell Raj to turn over and he lets the sheet fall to the ground. He has a big brown cock and he says Carol you like my cock. I ask Raj who was the woman who answered the door and he says my wife why. I tell him let her do the things you want me to do. Raj says Smirtha come in here. Smirtha enters the room and he tells her what I said. In standing there and Smirtha is staring at my tits. She says Carol you’ve got magnificent breast may I touch them.

I say no thanks. Raj says Carol I’ll pay you whatever you want, but please let Smirtha touch your tits. I say ok and Smirtha unzips my dress. Smirtha reaches around and undoes my bra. My big tits are all hers. She grabs them and starts to suck and lick them. Smirtha kisses me and tries to pull down my thong. I say not so fast. Raj is now standing and he’s jerking his big brown cock. He says Carol let Smirtha have a little fun with you. I tell Raj I don’t do women. Smirtha pushes me into Raj and now he’s all over me. He pulls my thong down and Smirtha has her fingers inside me.

Raj pushes me down on the bed and Smirtha says I’m going to suck your pussy and you’re going to enjoy it. I say no I don’t want that. She’s a big strong woman and I’m trying to get her off me but it’s too late. Smirtha’s head is between my legs licking and sucking my wet pussy. OMG yes suck my pussy I scream. Smirtha is now putting her fingers inside me, finger fucking me. Raj now puts his cock in my mouth. Smirtha say’s that’s right Carol be a good and suck Raj’s cock. OMG don’t stop Smirtha make me cum. Smirtha says Carol you will cum for both Raj and I.

Oh god I’m cumming and Smirtha now leaves the room and Raj gets on top of me and he’s rubbing my pussy with his big brown cock. Raj slams his cock into me and I scream fuck me Raj. He says I plan to. Amir that comes back into the room and she’s naked. She climbs up on my face and says now you suck my pussy. Smirtha sits in my face and I start to lick and suck her pussy. I’m going to cum and Raj cums in my pussy and Smirtha cums all over my face. We lay there for awhile and I take a shower and leave. I don’t know if I can get to my next client Clarence. I call him and I’m about to cancel, but he says Carol I’m expecting you.

I say ok I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. I get to Clarence’s house and it’s nice. I ring the bell and he says come in Carol. I go into the bedroom and there’s Clarence on the bed laying on his belly. Clarence is a very elderly black man. He puts his glasses on and says Carol let me look at you. He goes you’re quite the looker. I tell him thank you. Clarence has a towel on just covering his butt. I start to massage his shoulders down his back and up and down his legs. He says Carol that feels wonderful. I say I’m glad you like it now it’s time to turn over. Clarence turns over and his cock is huge and it makes a plopping sound when it hit the bed. Clarence says excuse me Carol.

I say excuse you for what. Clarence says that’s what happens when you have a huge cock. I climb on the bed and straddle Clarence. I feel his cock getting hard so I climb off him. Clarence says Carol stay there. I jump backup and Clarence says you’ve really got some big breasts. I feel Clarence’s huge cock rubbing my pussy. Clarence says do you mind if I take a peek at you big breasts. I put Clarence’s hands on my zipper and let him pull it down. He goes and undoes my bra and his eyes get really big. My god Carol I want to play with you tits. I tell him you can. Clarence has no teeth so his gums feel nice on my nipples. Clarence rolls me over and now he’s on top of me.

I pull my thong off and Clarence’s huge cock is rubbing my pussy. I grab it and guide it inside me. OMG Clarence it’s huge. He says that’s right Carol and Clarence is going to fuck you real good. I’ve always loved black cock but Clarence was fucking me hard and deep the way I like it. He rolls me over and starts to fuck me doggy. I cum from his old balls slapping my ass. Oh god I’m being fucked by a very old man. Yes Clarence give me your big black cock. I cum again and Clarence cums in my stomach that’s how deep he is. He climbs off me and O grab his cock and suck the rest of the cum. OMG this old man really fucked me good and I don’t want to leave.

Clarence says will you stay with me. I say sure just as long as you keep fucking me. Rocky is away so I can stay as long as I want to. I can’t believe Clarence is hard again, so he climbs on top of me and says Carol are you ready for some more. I answer yes Clarence fuck me. We fucked most of the night and when we woke up he gave me my morning fuck. He fucked me so hard I almost passed out. I can see I’m going to enjoy being used by Clarence. We fuck for a week and now it’s time for me to leave.

Clarence said god was good to me this week when I met you. He says will I see you again. I tell him you have my number call me and I’ll come right over. I can’t believe he’s hard again and he says just one more time. I lay down spread my legs and say fuck me Clarence as I feel his huge black cock stretch my white pussy. We both cum and I leave Clarence’s cum inside me because when I’m driving, I can taste it. I Love Massaging Old Men.

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