I Love To Be Naked

by Carol (Florida)

It’s a hot beautiful Saturday and I’m by our pool naked enjoying the hot sun. My hubby Rocky comes home and says Carol get dressed I want to take you somewhere. I immediately get off my lounge chair, go in the house and put a sundress on, no panties no bra. We get in the car and what seems like forever as we pull into this parking lot. I look and read the sign and this is a nudist resort.

Ok what does Rocky have up his sleeve now. We go inside and it’s an older man, I’d say in his mid to late seventies and he says welcome the fee is 100 dollars. I look at Rocky and he can’t give this man a 100 dollars fast enough. He tells us his name is Chris and we have to get naked. Rocky is naked and I pull my sundress over my head. Chris is staring at my 34dds and I tell him I’m Carol and my hubby Rocky. Chris says glad to meet you two, especially you Carol. We go by the pool and there’s a few people there.

We get lounge chairs and Rocky sets them up by the pool. I lay on my belly and Rocky is putting lotion on me. Oh his hands feel so good as he’s going up and down my legs. I feel his cock also rubbing me. Rocky says turn over which I do. He’s now putting lotion on my big tits, my stomach and my legs. Rocky is going up and down my legs and now he’s rubbing and opening my pussy. I look up and there is at least three men watching what Rocky is doing. I tell Rocky to stop and with that he puts two fingers inside me.

Rocky pulls his fingers out of me and says taste yourself and puts them in my mouth. Mmmmmmmm I have to admit I do taste good. Rocky lays down and he’s playing with my tits. He’s rubbing and pulling on my big brown nipples. I’m getting wet and when I think of our audience, I’m getting wetter. We lay there for awhile and Rocky grabs my hand and says let’s go in the pool. We jump in and Rocky’s cock is rock hard. He says Carol climb up and ride me. I tell him no way not in front of all these people.

Rocky says cmon don’t be a prude. I climb on top of Rocky and put his cock in my soaking wet pussy. I wrap my legs around him and Rocky starts to fuck me. The three men who were watching grab their wives or their girlfriends and jump in also. I see one woman look at Rocky and wink at him. I ask him did you see that woman. Rocky says no I’m too busy fucking you. Oh yes Rocky fuck me. The woman who winked at Rocky and her man are next to us fucking like we are.

The woman says I’m Tina and my husband name is Jerry. I say I’m Carol and the man fucking me is my husband Rocky. Tina is a tall blonde, huge tits and very long legs. Jerry definitely hit the lottery because he’s nothing to look at. Tina says would you like to switch and I answer no thank you. I think Rocky has different ideas. I look at Rocky and say no you don’t. I climb off of Rocky and we get out the pool. Rocky says look at my rock hard cock you’ve got to do something about this.

Chris the owner comes over and says you want privacy go down to the lake. We grab our towels and go down to the lake. Rocky lays me down and slams his ten inch cock deep inside me. Oh yes Rocky fick me I scream. Well now we have company, Tina and Jerry. I see Tina go behind Rocky and she’s rimming him. Rocky has actually stopped fucking me and Jerry is now playing with my tits. I tell Tina to stop and she asks Rocky do you want me too. Rocky says no it feels so good.

Tina puts her face back in Rocky’s ass crack and I tell Jerry ok that’s enough and cover my tits. Tina pulls Rocky’s cock out of me and begins to suck it. Rocky doesn’t stop her so I get up and leave. I tell Jerry you can stay and watch your wife. I go sit in the hot tub when I hear a voice ask can I join you. It’s Chris the owner and I say sure why not. Chris has a robe on and he takes off his robe and climbs into the tub. Chris says I saw what happened down by the lake.

I tell him I should be mad at Rocky but I love his big cock and I would never leave him. Chris says ok Carol Rocky has you cock crazy. I say yes you could say that. I didn’t realize how close Chris was sitting next to me. Chris says Carol you’ve got magnificent tits. I squeeze them together and say thank you Chris. He says do you mind if I touch them. I said yes I mind. Chris says ok but grabs them anyway. I try to pull away but he has one of my nipples in his mouth sucking it biting it.

I feel two of Chris’s fingers go inside me. OMG Chris is finger fucking me and I say to him what are you going to do to me. Chris says I’m going to fuck you and you’ll enjoy it. Oh yes Chris I need your cock I tell him. Chris puts me on the side of the hot tub and slams his long skinny cock inside me. Fuck me a Chris fuck me. I see Herry walking over with his rock hard cock and he grabs my head and puts it in my mouth. I love to suck a hard cock and that’s exactly what I do.

Chris grabs my hand and says let’s go in the sauna. The three of us go inside. There’s an older black man there and Chris puts a towel down right next him. Chris puts his cock in my mouth and Jerry is now fucking me. Jerry and I both cum and Chris cums in my mouth. I swallow all of it and they leave me. The black man says that was quite a show Carol. I say did you like it and he removes his towel and his big black cock is rock hard. He says by the way my name is Mel and I say nice to meet you.

I’m laying there and Mel says is it my turn. I say so you want to fuck me Mel. He says Carol any man in his right mind would. With that I feel the head of his big black cock enter me. I wrap my legs around him and say OMG Mel fuck me. He sinks his cock deep inside me. Mmmmmmm yes Mel fuck me as I cum all over his cock. Mel rolls me over and sticks his cock in me fucking me doggy. Oh yes Mel I feel your big balls slapping my ass.

Mel is grabbing my tits and he fucking me fast and deep. I love it. I cum again and Mel says Carol I’m going to cum where do you want it. I say Mel I want your black cum in my pussy. I feel Mel’s big load deep inside me. He pulls his cock out and puts it in my mouth. I suck him dry. We lay there and Mel asks do you come here often. I say no this is our first time. We go outside to the shower and Mel is having fun washing all the cum off and out of me. We dry off and Mel hands me a piece of paper.

He says this is my cell number and if you come back please call me. He goes on to say I want some more of your good white pussy. I hesitate and say of course Mel I need some more of your big black cock. I’m walking around and there’s Rocky. He says did you have fun and I said yes did you and he says of course. I ask him so when are we coming back and he says how about next week. I think to myself yes and I’ll have to call Mel. TRUE STORY.

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