I Love Being Naked

by Margaret (Altoona, USA)

I love being naked, when I am inside my house I am always walking around totally naked. I enjoy it because my entire body is free and able to get air.

I guess that you can say that I started my own little nudist camp in my own home, any visitors come they are asked if they would like to take off their clothes and be naked while they are in my house .

They all answer yes and remove all of their clothes, I asked them if they might enjoy playing some sex games too, they all answered yes, so once a week we had sex games.

I love and enjoy it when others start feeling and playing with my 46c breasts and when they begin to feel my pussy. I really love and enjoy it when fingers enter my pussy lips.

I love and enjoy the fingers begin to tease my clit making my pussy wet. I enjoy fingers begin to go up in me. I love getting finger fucked.

I told all my guests that they can invite any of their friends over too, so they call all their friends to come and join in, now I have about thirty guests in my house and they all said that they too loved being completely naked.

We began the sex games, the rules of the game was that every man is allowed to do what they wanted with the women, so each man began groping and squeezing the breasts of the women.

They pinched, pulled, twisted and even sucked the nipples, when the pussy of every woman began getting wet the men then moved fingers in the women's pussy lips, we all really enjoy the sex games.

I myself had four men playing with my body, my huge breasts was groped, twisted, squeezed. My nipples were pinched, pulled, twisted and even sucked extremely rough and hard making my pussy very wet.

One by one fingered my clit and finger fucked me extremely hard, fast and deep. I enjoyed It when fingers started moving fast inside me. I began moaning and told them to do it even faster until I had many orgasms.

We played the sex games all night long, after everyone got dressed and as they were leaving I told them I would be having these and maybe other sex games once a week and they all would be welcome to come back.

Every person said they would, they all said they enjoyed being completely naked too, my friends all called me later and told me how much they enjoyed being naked that they too now are completely naked whenever they are home.

I told them how nice to hear from them. I am enjoying being naked in my house that I sometimes forget I am naked when I step out on my porch to get my mail.

I now have my neighbors coming over and step up on my porch just to play with my breasts and my pussy. I enjoyed it I even allow them put their fingers in my pussy and make my pussy wet.

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