I Long for the Longest

by Tagnasty (California)

I remember the first time i showered with my mother and watching intently as she lathered up a cloth and gently scrubbed her entire crotch area.

I was aroused and didn't feel any need to hide the fact nor feel ashamed about it. I had an erection instantly and it felt natural for me to pull and fondle on myself while i watched mom clean her private area.

She took note of this and smiled knowingly. It was clear to me that she was flattered and enjoying the attention of my innocent voyeurism because she slowed down and washed more intently.

What really had me mesmerized was her excessively long labia that hung down in dangling meaty flaps.

I didn't understand at the time that the size was abnormally long because i had nothing to compare with yet.

This was my first glimpse of a woman's vagina and even in the following years when i showered with my sisters or aunts i assumed their labia wasn't as long as my mothers simply because mom was older and had the time to grow hers longer.

I was often allowed to help her stretch and pull the lips apart while we both washed and carassed the fleshy meat that hung further than the scrotums of every male in our family.

Ours was a large family and we lived in a remote area where we farmed the animals and grew the fruits and vegetables that we consumed. It was common to be nude and see other members nude daily.

We didn't consider incest to be abnormal although it rarely occurred. Of course there were experimental stages but they were short lived. Most often we would openly masturbate while watching our parents have sex. And there were times when we had sex with whomever was willing at the time just for pleasure.

Once i moved away from home and went to college i began having sex with a variety of women. Some young and some older and many in between.

I was often disappointed when i would experience sex with new partners because i rarely found a woman with long labia like that of my mothers.

The few times i did encounter a lady with any noticeable length of her pussy lips she would always be shy and self conscious of her gifted anatomy and unwilling to share it with me in any enjoyable fashion.

Then my life took a turn that i didn't expect and what seemed to be a terrible misfortune turned into heaven on earth.

I had lost my job as a mechanic due to downsizing and layoffs by a major corporation and was unemployed for an extended period of time.

Eventually i was forced to take the only job available in my part of the state which was an attendant in an assisted living facility.

This translates to a bed pan and diaper changer for elderly people who are no longer mentally sound for the most part.

I had bathed and changed every male and female in the facility as part of the job after a few months i had seen some sagging aged vaginas but generally all with average labia length and none did much to arouse me.

Then i met the woman at the end of the hall. She was 86 when i first met her. I had never been to her room because her insurance gave her special care and only certain attendants were able to care for her. A staff shortage got me in the door and the first time i entered her room she was nude and engaged in oral sex with an elderly resident.

I later learned this behavior was permitted if she desired because there are no laws saying otherwise.

I backed out of the room having seen more of the man than of the woman.

The next week i entered Helens room to witness her struggling with a pair of pants that were around her ankles while her long legs were pointed straight upward.

I looked at her pear shaped sagging ass to see the longest flaps of dangling labia i have ever witnessed. I orgasmed in my uniform pants and began to apologize for the intrusion.

Helen giggled and said she didn't mind my seeing her cunt and ass.

Since that day i visit several times per week and bathe Helen. I wash her labia gently and stretch it apart then suck and lick the flapping flesh into my hungry mouth while she gums my quivering shaft that explodes and fills her toothless mouth with seed. Its my own little slice of heaven on earth.

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