I Like To Volunteer

by Carol (Florida)

Where we live in Florida there is a need for volunteers to go to elderly people’s homes and keep them company. Well I volunteered to do that. I went out a bought a bunch of white nursed dresses with the zippered down the front. I get home and I show my husband, Rocky what I bought. He says to me Carol you aren’t a nurse and I tell him I didn’t want to visit in street clothes.

Ok I got my schedule so I take a shower put on my dress and off I go. I don’t know what to expect, but here goes. I pull in the driveway of this small ranch house and ring the bell. I hear it’s open cmon in. I go inside and the house is as neat as a pin. I hear a man's voice say I’m in the living room. I go in the living room and it’s an old man sitting in his recliner. He looks at me and says how are you gorgeous.

I said to him I’m Carol and he says I’m Joe. I say it’s nice to meet you Joe. He answers same here. He asks me if I’m thirsty and I say yes and he tells me to help myself to anything in the fridge and could I bring him back a beer. I grab a water and a beer and bring it back to him. I open it for him and when I go to hand it to him he grabs my butt.

I say to him what do you think you’re doing, and he says just what I did. He’s a little too forward for me so I sit far away from him. He says I’m a little deaf and won’t be able to hear you so could you come a little closer. I move my chair to get a little closer to him. Joe says ok that’s better. I asked him about his wife and he tells me he’s never been married. He asks if I’m married I tell him yes and he says your husband is on lucky bastard.

I say yes he is and Joe is looking me up and down making me uncomfortable. We talk for about an hour and I tell him I have to leave. Joe looks at me and says so soon and I tell him yes I have to go. I go to kiss him in the cheek and he pulls the zipper down in the front of my dress. I have panties on but no bra and as I go to pull it back up, Joe says Carol you’ve got great tits.

I say I have to go and Joe grabs me around the waist and says I want to see more of you and again pulls my zipper down. I go to pull it backup but this time Joe skips his hand inside and starts grabbing my tits and pinching my nipples. Ok Joe it’s time to stop and he says why Carol. I tell him I don’t want this to happen and he says what to happen. I don’t want you doing anything else to me.

Joe starts to rub my pussy through my panties and I know I have to go. I grab his arm with two hands and I free myself. I get away from him, zip up my dress and I leave. I get in my car wondering if I’m doing the right thing. Ok so now I’m headed to another home and I get there I ring the bell. The man answers the door and says yes there is a god.

He has a robe on and he looks just like a very old Danny DeVito. He’s short and has a big belly. We go inside and his house is a mess. He says my name is Dan what’s yours. I almost laughed in his face and told him I’m Carol. I asked him where his wife was and he said she died years ago. I offered my condolences and he said well you’re here now. Dan said to me are you here to clean my house.

I tell him no just to keep him company. Dan says ok so what do you want to talk about. I said anything you want to, you choose. Dan says why don’t you take off your dress. Oh no another perv. I say no that’s ok it stays on. He says well you said I could choose and I said that’s right to talk that’s all. Dan is staring at my big tits and says Carol what bra size are you. I tell him 34dd. He says you’re so small to be that big. I laugh and tell him yes they are kind of big.

He’s says your gorgeous also. I tell him thank you and he says you can come closer I don’t bite. I move my chair closer but out of his reach and he asks are you thirsty. I say yes I’ll have a water if you have it. Dan gets up and his cock pokes out of his robe. He says oh excuse me Carol and closes his robe. Dan’s cock was big and fat as he goes into the kitchen. He comes back hands me my water and again his cock is out. He says Carol for a short, fat man don’t I have a big cock.

I don’t know how to answer him, but I say yes you do. He says how about touching it. I say Dan I’m not here for that. Dan grabs my hand and puts it on his cock and says play with it Carol. I pull my hand away and say Dan please stop. He again grabs my hand and puts it on his cock and says just okay with it a little. Ok I’m now jerking his cock and it’s huge now . Dan says look what you did to me. I said you asked me to do this. I stop and he grabs my zipper and pulls it down.

My god what gorgeous tits you have and I start to pull away, but Dan has his arm around me and I can’t get away. He puts one of my big nipples in his mouth and starts to bite them. I’m getting wet and now he feels my pussy through my panties and says Carol you’re so wet. I moan yes Dan and he says get up and take your dress off I want to fuck you. I get up zip up my dress and run out of his house. I forgot my purse and Dan comes to the door with my small purse hanging from his cock.

Dan says you forgot something, come back inside. I have to go back inside and get my purse. Dan drops his robe picks me up and carries me off to his bedroom. He throws me on the bed and I’m still trying to get away. Dan now handcuffs me to the bed and says if you’re a good girl I’ll let you go. He unzips my dress, pulls my panties off and start to lick and suck my pussy. OMG I can’t let Dan fuck me. Dan puts his fingers inside me and I start to hump his fingers telling Dan make me cum Dan.

I cum all over his fingers and Dan gets up and I close my legs. He says Carol open your legs. I say no Dan you can’t fuck me. He says why can’t I. No I say so now Dan is trying to force my legs open. I know he won’t stop, so I spread my legs and say Dan is this what you want, you want to fuck me. It happened so fast that his huge cock was inside me. I moan oh yes Dan fuck me, fuck me with your big cock.

Dan is slamming my waiting pussy and I squirt all over him. This drives him crazy as he uncuffs me rolls me over and slams his cock into me, fucking me doggy. I love when a man fucks me doggy and Dan’s old balls are slapping up against my ass. I turn my head and say yes Dan fuck me give me your big cock. We fuck for a while and I cum three times and Dan pulls his cock out of me. He says I want to fuck that beautiful ass of yours and I tell him no, only Rocky does that.

Dan says well I’m Rocky and pushes the head of his cock in my ass. I love anal and I cum so hard when a man cums in my ass. I try to pull away and again with no use. So I scream yes Dan fuck my ass. Dan cums in my ass and I cum so hard I almost faint. We lay there for awhile and I get up go take a shower and as I’m leaving Dan asks will you be coming back and I tell him maybe. I have one more house to go to and I get there and ring the bell. Ok an older Indian woman answers the door and I walk in.

We go into the living room and her husband is laying on the couch. She says I’m Geeta and this is my husband Raj. I say nice to meet you, I’m Carol. Geeta says you’re quite the looker Carol and I say thank you. Both her and Raj weren’t attractive at all. She looked like she doesn’t take care of herself and Raj is fat and is bald with hair on the sides of his head. Raj sits up and pays the couch and says Carol sit down. I go sit down and Geeta sits next to me. Rah says so Carol-what do you want to talk about and I tell him anything you want to talk about.

Geeta is looking at my big tits and Raj says I think my wife is infatuated with your tits. With that Geeta pulls down my zipper and I don’t stop her. Geeta puts a nipple in her mouth and starts to suck it. I’m still wet and horny from Dan fucking me, I say what’s the use in fighting it anymore. Rah stands on the couch and puts his dark cock in my mouth. Geeta now pulls my panties down and is fingering me.

She says Carol you’re so wet and licks her fingers. Raj now pushes Geeta out of the way and says thanks but now I’m going to fuck Carol. Raj is so hairy and his cock looks like it’s sticking out of tall grass. I lay back spread my legs and say fuck me Raj. He gets on top of me and pushes his cock inside of me. He starts to grunt and grow which sort of turned me on, making me cum.

Raj pulls his cock out of me and says here Geeta taste. Geeta sucks Raj’s cock and Raj puts it back inside of me. Oh yes Raj fuck me as he slams his cock inside of me. We both cum and Raj gets off me and Geeta goes to lick me and I tell her if you want to taste me use your fingers. I don’t want a woman licking me. Geeta puts her fingers inside me and licks the cum off them. I get up Geeta takes me to the shower and I clean all the cum off me.

Raj climbs in with me, bends me over and says Carol I want your good pussy once more before you leave. Raj fucks me and I don’t want him to cum in me so I swallow his load. He asks are you coming back next week, and I say maybe. I get home and Rocky says how was your day. I tell him I didn’t think I could get so tired talking to people. I hope tomorrow is more talking and less fucking.

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