I Like To Volunteer: Part 2

by Carol (Florida)

Hi I’m Carol and I have volunteered to visit people at their homes to keep them company. Well it has gotten a little crazy. I wear a white nurse’s dress with a zipped down front and it seems that most men live to try and even sometimes pull down my zipper. I’m five feet, long blonde hair, nice big firm 34 dds, and great legs and ass.

I’ve been told I’m the total package and I sort of think so too. I usually see three to five couples and singles each day. Some like to just talk and enjoy my company, while others have sex on their minds. Well now I’m going to tell you some stories about my volunteer work. It’s a very sunny and warm Monday morning and I’m headed to a man named Ted’s house.

I ring the bell and someone inside come in it’s open. I go inside and there’s a big bald man sitting at the kitchen table. He says I’m Ted pretty lady what’s your name. I answer Carol and it’s nice to meet you Ted. We start to talk and he tells me his wife passed away two years ago and the one thing he misses is her fantastic blow jobs.

He goes into detail about how she could take all of his cock down her throat and he tells me he’s very big down there. I try to change the subject, but Ted asks are you married. I answer yes. He says and your husband is ok with this. I tell him sure and nothing goes on. Yes then asks me can you take all of your husband in your mouth. I tell Ted let’s talk about something else.

Ted grabs my face and says yeah it looks to me like you could. Ted then also Carol how big is your husband’s cock? I really am getting very uncomfortable with Ted because everything he wants to talk about is sex. I tell Ted I think that’s none of your business. He laughs and says I guess you’re right. Ted then stands up and all he has on are boxer shorts and his big cock is poking out of them.

Ted says do you think you can handle me. I’m getting nervous now and I’m wondering should I leave. Ted pulls out his cock and starts to jerk it saying Carol what do you think. Now by this time I’m very wet so I say very nice Ted. He walks over to me and puts his huge cock in front of my face. He grabs my hair and sticks his cock in my mouth.

Ted says it looks like I’m going to see if you can take it all and I do to his amazement. He pulls my zipper down and I have on a yellow bra and thong which highlights my tan body. Ted take Shia cock out my mouth, stands me up my dress falls to the floor. Yes says my god Carol you’re gorgeous. I say why thank you Ted. He undoes my bra and my big tits are his to enjoy.

He grabs my tit and starts to suck on my nipple. I’m soaked and Ted pulls down my thong. Ted says Carol you’re dripping wet and I tell him it’s all your fault. Ted lays me down on his kitchen table and starts to lick and suck my pussy. He’s using his fingers and I cum all over them. Ted takes his fingers out of me and puts them in his mouth. He says you taste so good Carol.

Ted says open your pussy so I can fuck you. I do as I’m told and I feel the big head of his cock enter me. Ted slams the rest of his cock inside me and I scream yes Ted fuck me. I feel Ted’s cock throb and a big load of cum are in my pussy. Ted gets up pulls his shorts up and says Carol you can leave now. I was speechless so I ask if I could take a shower and Ted says sure.

I go in his shower wash all of his cum out of me, get dressed and get ready to leave. Ted says it will be better the next time you come back and I say nothing and leave. Ok I jump in my car and head to my next appointment. I pull up to this gorgeous home and ring the bell. The door opens and it’s a Morgan Freeman look alike. He has a smoker’s jacket on and says come in.

I walk inside and it’s beautiful. He says I’m James and I tell him I’m Carol nice to meet you. We walk over to his couch and sit down. James asks me Carol would you like to join me in a glass of champagne. I say ok and James comes back with a bottle and two glasses. He pops the bottle and pours two glasses. We’re talking about his life and James sees my glass is empty.

He asks ready for a refill and I answer sure. I’m not a big drinker but the champagne tasted so good I couldn’t resist. I’m getting a little tipsy and I say to James are you trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me. James laughs and says is that what you think. James gives me this big passionate kiss and I feel him pulling the zipper of my dress down.

I pull my zipper up and stand up. James says what’s wrong and I tell him put some music on. James puts on the music and I begin to dance for him. Yes Carol what’s next. I slowly pull down the zipper to my dress and begin to strip for him. James now if fully naked and he’s pulling on his huge black cock. I take my bra and thong off and walk over to where James is sitting on the couch. I lower myself down on his huge cock and take every inch of it.

James says Carol your pussy is so wet and deep. I slam myself down on him and start to ride his cock. James is sucking my tits and I cum all over his massive cock. Oh yes James I’m cumming all over his cock. He picks me up, his cock still inside me and brings me outside. He lays me in the grass and continues to fuck me.

We’re fucking when I hear a voice say bro what are you doing and damn you’re a fine white woman. James pulls out of me and says Carol this is my brother Eli. James says Eli give Carol what she needs. I say to James I only want you but Eli climbs on top of me and pushes his big black cock inside of me.

OMG Eli fuck me O scream. Eli is fucking me hard and he says do you like Eli’s black cock in you my white slut. Yes Eli yes I love your black dick in me. Eli gets up and picks me up and he lays in the grass and says ride me white slut. I grab his cock and sink all the way down and say is this what you want your good white slut to do. Eli answers yes and more.

I feel James cock pressing up against my ass and turn to him and say no James not that and he pushes his way into my ass. I scream OMG I got two big black cocks inside me fuck me. Eli cums deep inside my pussy, but when James cums in my ass, I almost pass out from how intense my orgasm was.

James and Eli took turns fucking me all afternoon and when they were finished with me I was full of cum. Eli grabs my hand and brings me upstairs to his bedroom and lays me on the bed and says white slut spread your pussy for me. I do as I’m told and Eli puts his cock inside me. Yes Eli fuck me Eli and we fuck a few more times but now it was time for me to leave.

I go take a shower come downstairs and there’s James standing there. He asks if I’m ok to drive and I tell him I’m fine so he kisses me and asks if I enjoyed myself. I said I enjoyed every minute of what we did. James asks Carol are you coming back as I was walking out the door. I turned and said what do you think. I love volunteering.

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