I Guess You Have to Watch

by Jay Lore (NY, NY)

You assure me we're not going to have sex tonight.

"Alright then i say, but then I guess you're going to have to watch me cum.

"We're not doing anything," you insist, "I mean it!"

"That's ok - We'll play show and tell. I told you about this a long time ago. I shared it with you and now you're going to watch me!"

Of course I'm already rock hard when I pull my jeans off. Eight inches, thick with a curve like a scrumptious banana and already dripping a steady stream of precum.

"Don't do it you warn me," but you know it's going to happen.

I look deeply into your eyes as I squeeze out a large dollop of precum. I very carefully bring it to my mouth and suck it off my fingers while you watch. At that point, I shift my hips to you as you watch me play with my precum. You know you want to taste, but you continue to resist.

This time, I squeeze out more precum and use just one finger to tease my head with the precious liquid. This leads to more and more and trace the length of my entire shaft as you do your best to ignore me.

My cock is covered with precum now and I squeeze more out. You stare at my sticky fingers, "Are you sure you don't want just a little taste? You're shocked by my perversion, but your breathing is coming in shorter and shorter gasps. The precum is literally pumping now and pooling off the tip of my cock.

"Baby - Stop!"

At your request, I toss my legs over my head, and aim my dripping cock at my mouth.

I give it a good squeeze and you watch a trail of precum drip from my cock to my open mouth. I let me legs fall as the tip of my cock hovers an inch from my lips. I tease the with my tongue and it grows a little more. just enough for me to suck the head of my cock into my mouth.

"You love to watch don't you?" I ask between kisses and slurps.

Your mouth goes dry - You can't believe my outrageous audacity.

I stroke slowly, the excitement building as you watch me shiver.

"Should I keep going?" I ask, a quarter of my cock inside my mouth.

I tease the tip with my tongue sucking heavily on more precum.

I'm so close to cumming and I want to see your reaction.

You nod your head yes, you want to watch me do it.

"Please, fucking shoot that cum!" you whisper.

That's all I need to hear.

It's gotten even bigger now as it begins to twitch.

Your eyes go wide as it starts.

The first blast hits me in the throat, but I'm ready for it.

Rockets of white semen shoot out, filling my mouth and spilling out everywhere, covering mu lips and chin as I cry out your name in pleasure.

You slip your tongue into my mouth so we can share all of that cum together.

You kiss me deeply, hungrily sucking every trace of cum straight out of my mouth and off of my lips before taking my cock into your mouth and showing me your most frantic appreciation.

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