I Gave Lift To Zena On My Way Home

by Annon (Edmonton, Canada)

I picked up this girl asking for a lift to Edmonton. I was returning from Calgary. It was getting dark ushering evening. I thought she might be in distress. I took her in the front seat by my side and made a quick survey on her.

She may be in her mid-30s with a bouncy pair of boobs, deep cleavage and heavy set thighs and inviting thick lips - but not too fat or bulky.

She asked me to drop her off in a nearby motel, it was too late. She never told me her address. The one we explored, there was no room. As I live alone, I offered her my place for the night. We reached my home, a one-room condo.

She had to sleep on the sofa in the living room adjoining the dining space. While having small talks, I noticed that she had changed into a light cotton shirt, no bra underneath, and the thong almost showing out of her short skirt. I got truly horny.

She helped me fetching light supper and wine – every time she passed me was brushing her tits against me body. A chill ran along my body. With three glasses of wine she got tipsy.

I retired to my room, took off my pj and started masturbating thinking with half closed eyes of her deep cleavage, ample boobs and heavy thighs hiding her pussy!! All on a sudden she entered my room to say good night and struck at the sight of my hard erect cock!!

She gasped – OMG, Sorry! I made her to stop and asked her to come inside, and to sit by my bed. Intuitively one of her hands moved to my cock. My hand to her boobs to search of erect nips to stroke and rub hard!! She was breathing hard…. She took off her skirt, thong and the shirt.

I moved a bit to make room for her to lie beside me but she turned around resting her head onto my thigh. I could guess what she wanted. I raised my other thigh to make her mouth for easy access to my cock. Now her pussy was nearby to the reach of my mouth, I rested my head on her heavy thigh, she rested the other on my head.

The musky smell of her pussy was making me almost mad to eat the engorged pussy. I took the pussy lips into my mouth, wet, warm and juicy!! She opened her pussy by raising her thigh high from my head. She was moaning with heavy breathing.

She took my cock into her mouth. It was already leaking precum before she even tasted me and now this amazing girl took the knob well it into her mouth. She really was a good sucker. She was trying to push much of the length down her throat. And she gagged at first and pulled up.

But she would not stop sucking. Now she started licking, kissing, and took entire cock in deep throating. I was feeling so good. There was magic in her mouth because she would stop on my signal whenever I was about to cum.

In turn, I started fingering her pussy, found the g-spot to massage with my two fingers in. In about half an hour she hit the waves of climaxes shaking her whole body. I could not wait any longer. I grabbed her by the hair with my free hand and pushed her mouth to take more of my cock. She was done but not me, yet!

I turned her around, spread her thighs apart and rammed my throbbing engorged cock into her juice-flowing cunt at one go. Her pussy instantly gulped my cock as she started squirting with another orgasm.

I am not yet done… she rested to recover her orgasmic stress. In about 25 mins, I fucked her hard and deep for a good 30 mins in cow-girl position – she was riding my cock deeeeep. Now with every orgasm her pussy juices flowed down my cock. She was almost milking my cock. She was moaning, breathing hard, almost crying in hoarse voice.

I could only hear her muffled voice as fuckfuckfuck hell fucCKK as I continued to dump my load into her. All done both for us - she collapsed on my chest. Her heavy boobs emanating erotic smell and warmth….

Since then we have been meeting whenever she wished but always at my place. She says she is hooked up with my well endowed cock!! Her name is Zena.

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