I Gave Lift To Zena On My Way Home: Part 2

by Anon (Edmonton, Canada)

I started to loosen up and began joking around with Zena as soon as she arrived in the afternoon. It was quite warm, I took off my shirt and invited her to be free. I bought two pairs of lift bra and thongs for her beforehand, and handed them to her to get changed while I opened a bottle of red wine and readied two glasses for us.

WOW!! I thought she was 36C, but the bra was a bit tight showing off her luscious cleavage - she was 36D as she confessed. The matching thong was also a little tight showing off her pussy contour. I could only say apologetically that they will fit you well after a couple of washes.

After a few glasses of wine we moved to my bedroom. She sat on the bed, I laid myself down resting my head on her lap – I could see her boobs inches away from my face. She was stroking my head running her fingers through my hairs. Her body smell was mesmerizing… mixed with sweat and perfume.

I wanted to smell more of them and turned around to bury my face into her naked thighs. She shifted her thighs a little. OMG! The smell was heavenly erotic – I buried my face deeper as I felt my groin area starting to stir towards a hard-on.

After a few minutes of contemplating whether or not to make a move on her right then, I got up and laid her on her back. I started kissing her – lips, neck, shoulder – she started moaning softly, and after waiting a minute or so, I kissed her neck again moved my hands towards her boobs.

She raised them up to my face. My tongue found a room to insert it into her mouth. Our tongues started to play with each other!! She pulled me close to her body, on her body with spread out legs.

My arm moved to the small of her back, boobs smashing against my chest and my fingers started moving up and down her bare back. Her skin warm and soft to the touch, and I buried my face into her cleavage – the bluish veins were all visible in her firm boobs.

She left her thong undone now and I took one nip in mouth and my hands started to massage the boobs to smash hard in my hands. With soft moan of pleasure, she moved her hands – fingers stroking my nips, tugging and twitching them between her fingers.

My nips are too sensitive, I lifted her mouth and placed it on one of my nips to suck on while taking off her bra. She pulled down my short.

Soon I felt her abdomen pushed up against my hard on as our tongues start to intertwine, dancing around in each other's mouth. Intuitively, my hand pressed against her inner thighs and I felt her hips press back against my body.

Our kissing was hot and heavy. I moved my hand down to her butt cheeks and squeeze them softly. She grabbed my hand up on top of her breast, I softly ran my hand back and forth over her boobs as my dick springing to life for a release …..

My hand massaged her bare boobs for several minutes, but I did not go any further. I wanted to see her naked and have sex with her on one hand, but wanted to take things slow on the other hand. I moved my hand down her body to her stomach and slid my hand towards her puffed up pussy. Our breathing was growing short and heavy.

In one swift move, she turned me on my back and I gasped when she put her lips on my hard throbbing cock. “It’s awesome”, she exclaimed looking close at my 7.5” cut cock with flared rim of the knob.

After a few seconds, she stopped, looked up at me with a smile and said, "Does that feel good?" "Oh yes, great," I said.

She resumed bobbing her head up and down on the top of my dick while stroking the base with one hand and holding my balls in her other hand. I didn't want to push my dick down her throat so I did my best to hold back my hips, but I was getting close and could not keep my hips from thrusting toward her wet, warm mouth that was pleasing me.

It seemed time to tell her that I was about to come. To my surprise, she stopped bobbing her head and started licking the ball sack while stroking the length of my cock slowly, keeping me on the edge but not pushing me over.

Within a few minutes, I could not hold back anymore. I exploded in her mouth in gushes. I had never felt such a strong orgasm before. She kissed me on my mouth and I returned the kiss not caring that I would be able to taste some of my own cum on her lips.

We took some rest and then, I softly stroked her pussy with my fingers and slowly inserted my finger into her wetness for a few minutes, while listening to her soft, low moans that turned me on. I moved down between her legs and sunk my mouth in between her legs.

She raised her legs wider to give me better access to her pussy. Her shaved pussy are totally exposed to my view – engorged shiny lips with little brownish color, the outer edges hanging down a little from the slit. I explored the slit by opening them with my fingers – pink inner lips protecting her well developed clit on the top.

I ran my tongue along the inviting slit for a couple of times – pungent smelling but sweet to taste… My tongue was moving up and down her very wet slit while I slid two fingers inside her vagina, causing her to gasp …, "mmmmmmmmm that feels good, dear."

I took one of her puffed pussy lips and started sucking with light biting on them and then took another one, and began running my tongue inside her inner pussy walls. I did not wait longer to explore her hole and reinserted my two fingers into her cunt and move my tongue up over her clit. Her hips jumped as the tip of my tongue made contact with her erect, exposed clit. I took whole of it into my mouth, shaft and pee-hole, all. Her hands held my head over her clit to guide my sucking on the right place…

Her moans started growing stronger and more frequent. Her hips started thrusting with more passion and intent. I started pushing faster and deeper with my finger inside her to stroke her g-spot while teasing her clit with my tongue.

Her moan was loud and often uttering: “oh, yes, fuck! Fuck my dad … son. Yesyesyes." This was new to me for any woman I had before!! But it added more spices to my eroticism. Now she was getting close. I used my free hand to reach up to one of her boobs and softly twitching on her nips.

The inner of her cunt seemed to grasping my two fingers inside with a series of spasms – a new experience for me, first ever!! And I could tell she was on the edge. She hoarsely said not to stop. Within a few seconds, her body started shaking. Her thighs locked my head hard. I used both of my hands to hold her butt tight as her orgasm devastatingly crashed over her body.

When she cooled down slowly in five minutes or so, I slid up, opened her thighs wide and guided my overcharged cock into her cunt that felt like an inferno. I grabbed her shoulder tight as my hips started thrusting against her body, my cock buried deep into her. "Oh yes!" she shouted as my dick pushed deeper into her vagina. "Yes, kill my cunt - I have wanted this for long!” she muttered.

The heat and warmth of her inner pussy walls were overwhelming. I would push a few inches of my cock in and out for a couple times before sliding deep inside her, causing her to gasp for air and release a hoarse moans.

At the same time, I began kneading her boobs ending with twitching the nips. Just when I was starting to get into a good rhythm, she pushed me out flipping me over onto my back. She literally jumped upon me and straddled my hips, quickly sliding my cock into her vagina.

I understood, she wanted to be in control of the fucks – this happened last time too. I wanted to get a condom but she stopped me telling that she was on 24 hour-safety-pill! How thoughtful of her.

This position too added an inch or so more to the length of my cock that now hit almost the end of her vagina – almost touching the mouth of the quivering cervix. I grabbed started guiding her hips up and down with the same rhythm my hips were thrusting against her body. After a few seconds we found a perfect rhythm. Soon she started to grind her hips almost crushing her clit against the base of my penis. Her clenched vaginal wall was milking my cock each time her hips moved.

Her body was pushing me quickly towards an orgasm. My head felt heavy and I was full of lust, wanting to come more than I ever had. My cock smashing against her cunt, her loud moans filling the entire room – fuck Fuck Fuck... Over and over I came, filling deep inside her hot, gripping vagina. I held her close as she lay on top of me, her chest heaving up and down against my chest. I laid with my dick inside her still, lightly kissing her lips and stroking her neck and attempting to catch my breath.

It all started at about 9 pm and now about 1 am!!

After a few minutes, I went to the bathroom. Zena followed me allowing me to see her fully nude in the light - shiny and sweaty and ravished. She seemed too tired. I cleaned her pussy area with a wash cloth. Then we had hot shower together, dried ourselves and moved to the bed for rest, for the rest of the early morning.

We laid there naked, scooping her from behind. She placed her head on one of my arms on the pillow and I drew her nearer to me so that I can touch and stroke one of her bare boobs. She too took my hand up to her bare breast and held it there till we drifted to sleep.

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