I Found A Gay Mag

by Thomas (Liverpool)

I was 19 yes old, a thin lad 5ft4 and 8.5 stone, while walking through a wooded area on the way to the bus stop, after a day’s work.

I happened upon a porn magazine, which I picked up. It was only when I opened the magazine I realised it was gay porn.

I still found myself getting aroused. I was a virgin as I'd always been scared of letting anybody see my tiny cock which at 2 inches erect was pathetic.

I was shaking with arousal as I turned each page even though I'd always considered myself straight. So I scoured for a really quiet spot in a bushed area behind trees with a wall behind me.

I sat back to the wall with my hand inside my tracksuit bottoms rubbing my dick between my fingers, while holding the magazine in the other.

Unbeknown to me a group of teenage lads had seen me entering the secluded spot reading a mag, they quietly approached before running through surrounding me grabbed the mag, an blurted out he's a fucking faggot.

I pleaded I'd just found it an I wasn't gay. Then I heard from the back get his pants off if he's not a queer he won't have a hard on.

They grabbed my pants and started dragging them off me I let go as they started to tear. Then my boxer shorts were torn apart exposing my tiny hard cock I was then totally humiliated.

They started pulling my pubic hair till it tore from the roots till I was totally bald from my armpits to my boy size bits b4 they 1 by 1 started to wank themselves off .

Leaving me naked with cum dripping from my face and running down my hairless body to my cock. Since then I've never let anybody see me naked girl or lad that was 22 years ago. I always will be a pathetic virgin.

Tasting A Cock Or Two
Robert (New Bedford, Ma)

We were all young teens and curious. There was me and four friends. We had gone to the woods with some beer we stole from our parents.

One of the guys said he needed to pee because of the beer. He pulled out his cock and then started to show it to everyone. He thought I should play with it and the others agreed.

He made me suck it and then suck the others also, I was the youngest so I was picked to do the sucking. They all shot cum into my mouth. Four cum shots. But the best was yet to come.

They next pulled my pants down. I was standing there with a hard on. They grabbed me and bent me over a rock, held me down and took turns sliding their cocks in and out of my ass. It hurts but then felt great, I have been loving bisexual experiences ever since.

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