I Double-Dog Dare You: Part 1

by Kemper (MO)

I had been living with my son Mason for just over a month when he turned me into a very willing slut.

I started a game of truth or dare crossed with have you ever/would you?

I'm a big assed redhead with a great set of tits.

My ass measures 42 inches and my firm tits are 32 E, with a soft 26-inch waste.

It was fun and innocent at first.

I'm the one that turned it sexual and Mason didn't back up.

Not only is Mason fucking hot. He has a big, fat 8-inch cock that is just over 6 inches thick.

Anal came to be the topic.
Rimming to be exact.

"I double dog dare you." Mason smiled at me.

"Oh, that's dirty pool." I smiled looking at Mason coyly for a moment before grabbing him by the hand and leading him to the living room.

In the middle of the living room floor, I got down on my knees in front of Mason smiling as I unzipped his pants.

"Tess? Are you sure about this?" Mason asked me in a serious tone.

"You can't back down from a double dog dare." I grinned trying to keep up my courage.

Being only the second dick, I had ever seen in my life.
You can imagine my surprise when Mason's massive prick flopped out smacking me in the face.

"Fuck me!" I gasped looking at Mason's hard prick in awe with big eyes.

Up till this point, I had only given two blowjobs in my life.

One on my wedding night and one on my tenth wedding anniversary after having too much wine.

Slowly. Not positive about what to do.
I started licking Mason's dick head as I tugged on his very large, very hard hairless prick.

Mason didn't force or push anything.
He just let me explore and enjoy myself as I sucked his sexy prick.

When it came to rimming him.
I will admit I was a little hesitant to stick my tongue in his asshole.
But, I found out very quickly I loved rimming him.

I licked Mason's asshole as I wished I had my pussy licked.

With Mason on his hands and knees, I pulled his large prick straight out behind him, wrapped my lips around his hard prick, and started tugging his veiny shaft.

When Mason's dick swelled and he started shaking, I started swirling my tongue around his dick as his precum flowed freely into my mouth.

With a hard grunt, Mason's cock swelled and blasted out one large wad of semen into my throat followed by another.
Then another and another as I swallowed as hard and as fast as could.

Laying on the floor smiling I looked at Mason.

"That was fucking amazing," I told Mason looking him in sexy brown eyes and smiling big.

"You are amazing!" Mason grinned at me meeting my gaze.

Pulling me to him Mason rolled me to my back and climbed between my legs.

"Careful there stud. Your father was less than half your size." I giggled as I opened my legs so he could penetrate me.

Slowly and gently Mason slid his monster prick into my very wet pussy, careful not to hurt letting me stretch out to accommodate his massive girth.

"JESUS FUCKKKKKKK!" I cried in pleasure clinging to Mason's young hard body quivering and trembling as he pumped his full length into my stretched-out pussy as the most powerful orgasm I had ever had in my life ripped through my body.

Mason kept a steady pace as he pumped into me as I withered underneath him losing all control.

This was sex like I had never even dreamed of sex.

It was deeply intense and passionate.
Mason wasn't just making love to my body.
He was making love to my soul.

Every thrust he made into me. Made me want him that much more.

When he rolled me to my hands and knees I scurried backward and pushed my stretched-out, greedy hole back on his very delectable rod taking him balls deep as I moaned pleasure, fucking him fast and hard.

Sweat dripping from my body as it quivered in orgasmic bliss Mason leaned back grabbing me by my broad hips pulling me down hard on his shaft, grunting hard he jammed his prick into deeper than any man had ever been in me as he filled my pussy full of his seed.

"FUCKING GODDAMNED YESSSSSS!" I cried out in pleasure shaking uncontrollably as Mason's large prick pulsed and twitched inside of my wallered out pussy.

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