I do Love my Grandma

by Bob (Pomona, Missouri, USA)

I am pulling my 7" dick out of grandma's hairy hot wet pussy now after shooting third load in her hot tight pussy.

This story starts long time ago on my 18th birthday.

My grandma was poor woman on a fixed income and married to a second husband living off of her.

She could not afford a gift for my birthday so I told her a kiss on cheek be fine. She said I can do better than that and she kissed me on the lips not like she had ever done before.

I kissed her back not like a grandson.

She said today you are a man and I want you to be my man. I told her I would love to be her man and she said it don't sound right for a man to call his woman grandma so call me Mary.

After that day when I would go over it was like she was showing me how hot she was.

She wears big loose blouses or shirts and lean over so I could see her tits with no bra or she set across from me with her legs spread so I could see her panties if she was wearing them that day. That went on for about a month and I would masturbate in the shower or in bed thinking about her hot body. Then one day she set across from me spread her legs with no panties on. I knew she caught me looking but this time I did not turn my head when she caught me she smiled and open her legs wider. That night I jacked off in shower thinking of her beautiful pussy and could not sleep thinking of her pussy all night masturbating off and on during night.

Her husband would leave around 8:am to go hang with his friends. I waited until he left and went to Mary's house walked in kitchen she was standing by the table.

She said what did my man bring me today? I said bringing you a lot hope you enjoy it.

I kissed her on the lips long kiss not a relative kiss. She said OMG yes I do enjoy that. We kissed again this time was longer and she was starting to breath hard so was I.

Then I French kissed her and started playing with her tits she was moaning with pleasure then said I am enjoying it so far is that all you can do is kiss.

I pulled her dress over her head and she was naked no underwear. She grabbed my dick through my sweat pants stroking it. She pulled my sweat pants down and was stroking my dick.

I set her ass on edge of table playing with her pussy, clit and sucking her tits.

She was so excited she had an orgasm. My dick was hard as a rock I got between her legs rubbed the head of my dick in her sopping wet slit then slid it in her burning pussy balls deep. We wanted to fuck each other so bad for so long it did not take long before we were both yelling, we were going to cum.

Mary's husband only wanted oral sex or anal sex so they chose to have no sex after a couple month marriage. Soon as we cum Mary got on her knees and cleaned my dick of my cum and her juices.

We set around kitchen naked then I carried Mary to her bedroom she sucked me hard and we fucked again. I think her pussy got hotter and wetter second round but we did fuck a lot longer she was having orgasms after orgasms. After we cum again she sucked on my dick to get it hard again. I told her I was hard and ready again but she kept sucking until I dumped my load in her mouth and she swallowed every drop I gave her.

Mary went to bathroom got rid of the cum in her pussy then came back to bed.

Mary was the experience one in sex she took the lead and we done 69 that was first time I ate pussy but it turned out to be my favorite sex play.

It was getting close to time for her husband to get home I carried her back to kitchen where our clothes where at but instead of putting them on I bent her over the table and fucked her from behind a third time putting third load of cum in her pussy.

We put our clothes back on I just got my pants up and Mary's dress dropped over her ass when Ron Mary's husband came in the kitchen door. It scared us at first, I am sure we had a guilty look. Mary said she had to go to restroom as she left I seen cum leaking down her legs Ron didn't even look at her he was eye balling me. I don't know what happen but getting almost caught excited me and my dick was back to hard with Ron's eyes looking straight at it but he didn't say a word about it he just smiled.

A lot more happened between Mary, Ron and I later but that is another story.


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