I Did it a New Way

by Anonymous

I was walking around when I decided to step into this bar. I went over to the bar, sat down and ordered my drink. About ten minutes later a guy came in and sat beside me, ordering a drink as. I noticed that he was upset and asked him what was up. He looked at me and said that his divorce just went through. I told him better luck next bud. By the way I am Don and you? Ray. So Ray lets drink to better days, we talked and kept drinking, as the night went by he kept touching my thigh, putting his against mine and slowly getting closer to me, I didn't notice that he was hitting on me, I thought he was just friendly.

So Don going anywhere special later tonight? No Ray its me and me as usual. Don what does me and me do at home? Well I masturbate alot , we both laugh. Look Don how about going over to my place and we can continue drinking if you like, maybe I can make me and me not so lonesome. Ok Ray lets go. We grabbed a taxi and went to his apartment. Don make yourself comfortable, I'll be back in a few minutes, the bar is over there and the mix is in the fridge. I took off my shoes and poured me a bourbon. Ray came out wearing a robe and sat beside me.

He actually pined me against the end of the couch. He put his hand on my thigh and ever so slowly rubbed it, Don let me have a sip of your drink, will you. Ray was hitting on me more and more and I was getting excited as he was turning me on. We started to talk about our hard luck with women and how easy men get along. Ray was making me horny, he put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. His robe was was being untied and exposing his underwear. Ray found my cock and and rubbed it gently with his fingers, go figure I was really enjoying it.

Don loosen your belt will you and take off your top, so I did. Now I was in my underwear, he then undid his robe and removed it. Are you enjoying yourself Don? Well I am comfortable yes. Don ever make out with a guy? No I haven't, have you? Not yet Don, but I like you, you arouse me, it has been a long time since I was horny. I went to take a drink, Ray started to kiss me on my chest, licking my nipples. I just sat there enjoying his mouth, Ray wish more women were like you. Now he moved up to my neck and was kissing me. I lifted my head so he could kiss me all over. Ray asked me if I had any complaints, No just don't stop.

Now he made his way to my mouth and we kissed, sticking our tongues into each other, man that was so sensual as I had no idea that kissing a guy is so sexy and sensual. We kissed passionately, like it was our first time. Ray found my cock and stroked me gently as we kissed, I was getting harder and wanting more of him. Ray pulled away and smiled, you sure that you never made out with a guy. No never Ray. He stood up and took his under wear off, his cock was pointing at me, Don take them off and let me see your cock. I took off my underwear with my cock looking at him. He put two fingers on my shft and gently rubbed me. I was melting away.

Ray took me in his arms and we continued to kiss passionately. Ray you sure know how to make me fly with passion. Don we are going to make love most of the night, any objections. No Ray, this is so hot man. Glad that you want it. We kissed like crazy. I pulled away to catch my breath, Ray stood up and walked up to me. Don do you like or love what you see. Why? It depends on what you say to get a surprise. Love it Ray, he came closer, put his hands on my head and let me lick his head. I loved his precum, then he shoved it into my mouth and started to fuck me standing up.

I tried to pull away but he just held my head and I couldn't pull off. Suddenly he pulled out. So Don still love it? Very much Ray, your cock is so tasty. Ray then sat on my lap with my cock between his legs against his. He started to kiss me, Don you make me so hot buddy, I am dying to fuck you. Ray do you want to fuck my mouth? Not exactly with a laugh. He pulled away and got some drinks as we relaxed hold our cocks. Ray this is really hot man, I am not gay but having sex with you is out of this world, I never knew that before tonight.

Usually I have a hard time with girls as they have to much baggage and then I go home and masturbate. Don maybe we can have a sexual relationship are you interested with that? Yes I would. Good then its all settled for a sexual relationship. Ray laid down and asked me to lay on top of him, so I did, my cock was on his. He grabbed this tube off the table and lubed up our cocks. Now Don slide up and down over my cock and push down on mine. So I raised my torso and pushed my cock against his, mmmmmmmmmmmm I moaned.

Ray then grabbed my ass cheeks and found my asshole, at first he played with my hole slowly pushing his finger in and out. It drove me crazy, it went deeper. He pulled out and put lube on his finger and my ass entrance, he kept sliding it in deeper until I felt his palm on my cheeks. I lowered myself to kiss him, our tongues met as they went into our mouths. Ray asked me to get up and bend over onto the bed. With my legs hanging there, Ray put his cock on my crack, I could feel his balls on my cheeks. Then when he got close to my hole he put his cock there and push it in a bit. I moaned as it thrilled me with his head just inside me.

Don I am going to fuck your virgin ass until I blow my load. He pushed it slowly in all the way, I was at a loss how intoxicating it was to have a cock in my ass. Ray fucked me slowly in and out in and out with the thrusts becoming faster and faster. God this was awesome. I don't know how long he fucked me but he blew his hot cum into me and fell over my back as he unloaded his cum. I laid there as well, then Ray pulled out of my ass, not saying anything. Ray reached over and we kissed and I thought that women were better, Ray was the best.

Don do you want to fuck me now, I would love it if you do . The lube is over there. We continued to kiss as he got on top of me. I found his asshole and lubed it up. Ray laid face down on the bed with his legs down and his ass was up. I found his asshole and put my cock at the entranced while I was holding it. Then I pushed it in slowly all the way. His asshole squeezed my cock as it went in, it was hot and different from a cunt. So I started to fuck him as well, I loved it immensely.

Soon I was exploding in his ass yelling as I did. Ray pulled away and my cock came out. Ray put my cock in his mouth and ate my cum. Then he kissed me, squirting my cum into my mouth we mixed it up with our tongues. I was so satisfied with Ray. We continued to kiss as we embraced in bed. Don you have left me speechless, you made me a man again. then we fell asleep.

I woke up the next day with Ray sucking my cock, I let him continue as this was the first time that someone sucked my cock in the morning. I blew a morning load into his mouth, he sucked me dry. Then he kissed me and we shared my cum in our moths. I smiled got dressed as Ray laid there. I held his cock and masturbated him, Ray looked right into my eyes as I masturbated him. He quivered and shook, I put his cock into my mouth and sucked him dry. We kissed again, mixing his cum in our mouths.

Then Ray asked me if I wanted to move in with him. We could have sex when we want, I know that you loved your time here, I have two bedrooms or we can share this love nest, which is what I want. I'll let you know later Ray. I came back before lunch with my suitcase. We had the greatest sex together for about four years. I found a woman that wanted a relationship that I could not pass by.

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