I Created a Monster: Part 1

by Anonymous

When Michelle and I first got together, we immediately were open and honest about all past relationships. Both of us were previously married. What I noticed about Michelle very early was that she might be honest with me but she wasn’t honest with herself. What I mean by that is Michelle wouldn’t admit or acknowledge things to herself that she enjoyed. The best example is how she enjoyed anal play. Initially, she would let me have anal sex with her occasionally.

I mentioned how she enjoyed anal sex, but she wouldn’t admit that she did. So, I started focusing more on her ass. One day I went between her legs to eat her pussy. She was really getting off, so I flipped her over. I spread her ass cheeks and began licking her asshole. She laid there and enjoyed it. Later I mentioned if she liked it and she even admitted that she did, but she was embarrassed to admit it. I was persistent though.

After several more times eating her ass, Michelle was laying flat on her stomach as I had her ass spread, eating away. She began moving her ass up as she was now on her knees. I heard her say, “put it in my ass.” I got up and began sliding my cock in her ass. Usually, she would have me take it slow, but not this time, this time she wanted me to fuck her ass hard. She screamed in pleasure and even squirted on our bed when I blasted a load inside her. Now that she finally admitted how much she enjoyed me focusing on her ass, I pointed out one more thing she wanted, but wouldn’t admit to herself.

The next time we had sex, I inserted a butt plug in Michelle’s ass. She thoroughly enjoyed it. Then I placed a suction cup dildo on the wall and had her ride it. She was enjoying herself, so I stood in front of her and had her give me head. “Do you like this?” I asked. “Oh god yes!” She replied. We did this a few more times over the next month.

Then I changed it a little and had me behind her and had her sucking a dildo while I fucked her. Once done, I asked, “how did you like that?” “It was ok, but I like sucking a real one.” Michelle said. “Do you like fucking a real cock better?” I asked while knowing the answer. She nodded yes. “So, you would rather suck a real one while you have a real one fucking you from behind?” I asked.

Michelle answered without giving it much thought, “yes” she said. Once she realized it, she added, “well… that isn’t what I mean.” We had a lengthy conversation where I finally was able to have her admit that she would enjoy a threesome. This was a huge accomplishment.

Once Michelle was honest with herself and me, we discussed a threesome. I am confident that my ex wife cheated on me often, but I also didn’t have solid proof. I was fine not knowing, so I explained to Michelle that I wanted her to have a threesome, but wasn’t sure if I was comfortable sharing her or watching her get fucked, so I had an idea.

Michelle went twice a year on vacation with a couple girlfriends. Unbeknownst to Michelle, I had read several messages during and after their trips. They were not angels. “The next time you are on vacation with your girlfriends, you have a green light to have a threesome.” I said. Michelle wanted me to be with her.

“You want me to have to watch you fuck another guy?” I asked. “Well… no, not necessarily, I want to have sex with you…” she said before I cut her off and added, “and another guy.” The conversation kind of deteriorated from there. I reminded her that fucking a couple guys while on vacation was acceptable.

Michelle left on a vacation where she was adamant that she wasn’t going to hook up with two guys. “Ok, it is ok if you fuck one guy.” I said. “You will let me or even encourage me to fuck some stranger, but you won’t have a threesome with me?!?” Michelle stated in an agitated tone. Michelle left on her vacation and I was at home thinking about my options.

I wasn’t sure if I was comfortable watching another guy pleasure my wife. I had come to grips with the fact that my ex fucked other guys, but again I didn’t know about it, so it was ok in my mind. That is how I felt about Michelle, but I knew she wasn’t happy about my choice and I did enjoy pleasing her because there wasn’t much she wouldn’t do for me. I finally had an idea.

Sam and I had been friends since high school, but we hadn’t stayed in contact for more than five years. I reached out to Sam. We talked on the phone for almost four hours. He wasn’t happy in his marriage and was debating about moving back home with his mom. I guess my conversation encouraged him to do that.

This was good news for me in several ways. If I was going to have a threesome, Sam was the only person who I would allow in. The other good bit of news was that Sam was the type to be open to something like that. And the best news was that he hadn’t been sexually active with his wife for three years, so he would probably be inclined to join.

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