I Couldn't Stop Myself

by bestoverall11

Hello my name is Kate I'm a thirty-two-year-old single mother. Me and my young son Lee 18 has been alone for a long time and get along well. I was trying to date every now and then but it's been a long time. The quarantine hit and we have been sticking close to home. I work from home and that part was going fine. But not having sex in a long time was making me a wreck.

Lee and I were out in the back yard yesterday and I was watching him shoot hoops. He had a pair of shorts on and standing in front of me and shooting the ball. I was sitting reading a book and glanced up at him. When he reached over his head to shoot the ball, I saw a big bulge in his shorts. He caught the ball as it bounced back. He reached over his head to shoot again as I watched.

I saw it again the outline of a big dick. I felt so ashamed and said I was going in. I went inside and said it was nothing so he's growing up. A few days later I had to go get a curb side pickup. I was gone a while and when I got back Lee wasn't in the house. I went out back to a shed he made into a club house. I thought it would be funny to scare him. I crept close and peeked thru the door. He was standing with his back to me.

Then he sits down and I saw he had his shorts pulled down in front and his dick in his hand. It was too big for a boy his age bigger than I ever seen. I turned and ran in the house not letting him know I was there. My pussy was so wet and I was ashamed of myself. I went and took a cold shower trying to get the image of my son's cock out of my mind. The next few days I stayed busy cleaning. Lee stayed in his room a lot playing games so I kind of forgot everything. Well I was laying on the sofa watching TV.

Lee came out of his room and sit at my feet. I had taken a shower before I lay down and had my housecoat on. I wasn't wearing anything under it so I made sure it was closed good. Lee and I talked about the movie and noticed him leaning back. There it was again the outline of a big dick. It baffled me the size it was. I felt my pussy get wet as I fought to pull my eyes away.

I told Lee I was going to bed and went and lay on my bed. I had to get out of there my god what the fuck is wrong with me. In the back of my mind a little voice said that would turn on any woman. I heard Lee go in the bathroom and start showering. I fell asleep and woke up a few hours later. I was so horny and wanted to masturbate but had to make sure Lee locked the doors.

I checked and they were locked I thought what a good boy. I passed Lee's room and saw him asleep on the bed. He was only wrapped in a towel and looked cold. I walked over and kissed his forehead and reached for a blanket. He was laying on his side from me but rolled on his back and the towel came loose. There it was right in front of me like a thick long sausage. I froze and wandered at the size. There was a little fuzz at the base but not much.

I thought oh my god it's your son I covered him up and ran to my room. I lay on the bed and pushed two fingers in my pussy. I was so wet and horny then a feeling of shame rushed over me. I stopped masturbating and lay there horny and frustrated. The next few days went by and I fought myself not to look toward his dick. After all he was my own son for gods sake.

I just had got out of a hot shower wearing only my housecoat like always. I was washing dishes while Lee was taking a shower. I didn't even notice him till he reached in the water and splashed me. I said Lee you're going to get it and turned and grabbed his arm. He only had a towel around him and was laughing. He jerked away and ran thru the house to his bedroom.

I ran after him and caught him right next to his bed. I pushed him on the bed and started tickling him. He wiggled around laughing and slid further on the bed. I couldn't hang onto him so I straddled him and pushed my head on his chest. We were both laughing so much we could hardly breath. He wiggled right under me at the right spot and I felt it pushing against my pussy.

A warm gush ran thru my pussy and it became instantly wet. I thought I have to stop this then I felt him getting hard. I couldn't think straight my pussy was on fire. I lifted up off him and said we should stop son mommies tired. He reached and started tickling me and the towel opened up. I tried to move away but he was poking at my ribs. I leaned forward on him and my tits were right on his face.

My housecoat was open as I tried grabbing his hands and slid on him again. I felt he was rock hard and now my bare pussy was sitting on it. In my mind I felt like a caged animal trying to contain a impulse I couldn't control. He continued laughing and tickling me as he wiggled under me. I lost all control and slid my wet pussy over the thick shaft to the tip.

I pushed down and slid back. I shivered all over as I felt the big mushroom shaped head stretching open my cunt. I stopped trying to fight the urge to continue. Lee stopped moving and I felt his cock head throbbing. I said mommy's sorry son as I slowly slid on his cock. I raised up and looked at him. His eyes were fixed on my pussy as I slid up and back down.

Please forgive me I begged as I began rocking on his cock. He grabbed my hips and started humping up and deep in me. OH MOM THAT FEELS SO GOOD MOMMMMMMM OOOHHHH YES, I LIKE THAT MOMMY. I rolled over on my back hanging on to him. He quickly started pumping into me and moaning OOOHHHH MOMMMM. He was stretching my pussy to the limit as he slammed deep in me.

It wasn't long when I felt an orgasm building up. AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH SONNNNNN YES, YOUR GOING TO MAKE MOMMYYYYYY CUMMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAGGGGG IM CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGG BABYYYYYY. My whole body jerked and I shook all over. Lee plowed into me faster and faster his balls smacked my wet ass SMACK SHACK AMACK.

He moaned loud and said mom its tingling so bad it feels funny. He slammed deep in me and pulled me toward him. I felt his cock swell up even more as he started blasting hot cum deep in my pussy. OH MY GOD SON I screamed as I began to cum again. His body shook as he pumped his hot cum in me blast after blast. Now that I cum my mind was clear and I felt so guilty.

I looked at him and said son please forgive me I'm so sorry. He acted like we hadn't done anything wrong. I pushed him back and his cock pulled out of me still hard. My pussy oozed his cum out and he said it tingled so much and something squirted out of it. His cock bounced in the air and he said I want to do it more. I rolled on my stomach and he pulled open my legs.

He crawled between them and pushed his cock in me and went nuts. I clamped the sheet in my hands as he slammed hard in me over and over. OOOOOOHHHH MOMY THATS SOOOOOOO GOOD OOOOOOOHHHHHH ITS SOOOO HOT.

He made me have two more orgasms before he pumped my pussy full of hot cum again. This time he pulled out of me limp and cum dripped of the tip of his dick. I told him he could never tell anyone what we did. He said he would never say anything and I watched as his cock started to bounce and grew hard in front of me. He said he wanted to do it again and rolled on me again.

That time he made me cum so many times I lost track. He slammed his big cock in me for a good hour before he blasted cum in me again. We went and took a shower and when we were drying off, he got hard again. I knelt on the floor and leaned over the tub. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard and fast. He had my pussy so loose it gaped open. He couldn't get enough of my pussy. I created a monster but he's my monster.

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