I Broke Kim and her Daughter: Part 4

by Jim (North Carolina)

I sit up against the headboard of Kim's bed and watched her finish dressing for work. I had to use vacation time, so I took this week off. Kim walks over bends down and kisses me goodbye while she grabbed my cock,,,,,she looks down at me and smiles, she just jealous.I'll take care of that tonight and leaves.

About 1/2 an hour later I hear Tammy on her phone I know I know moms happy ,,,,I just don't get what she sees in him....... anyways today is a be alone day I will call ya tomorrow....ok ok bye. I walk out wearing my sleep pants....Tammy is in the kitchen....Not nice to lie to a friend Tammy. Tammy almost jumped out of her skin......what the fuckkkkk she yelled. I smile as I lean on the door casing......Telling your friend you don't why sees in me shame on you Tammy.

Dammmmmm Jim you scared the fuck out me. I move closer to Tammy as I teller her she knows what she sees in me and feels inside her. I am only inches away from Tammy with her ass pressed back against the countertop. I reach down and grab her left hand to my manhood. Thats what I've been ramming deep into your mommy Tammy, this is what cock abuses your mommy.

My hands slide down to her hips then around and grab Tammy bye her wide ass. NOOOOO NOOOOOO Let me go you fucking pig she whines, but as she speaks her hips are already pressing against mine. Your mommy loves to be fucked real hard Tammy, but you know that already. I move my right hand from her ass to between her legs to find Tammy was getting wet. Just like your mommy love a firm hand, I tighten my grip on her pussy as I speak. AAAAGGGG...NNNOOOOO....NOOOO Your mom's boyfriend.......NOOOOOOOOO

I tip Tammy's face up to look at me.....right now I am the man that is going to fuck you till you beg me to stop....Just like you mommy did. As Tammy started to open her bedroom door,, I stop her, our bedroom. As Tammy didn't, I pushed her forward and into Kim's bedroom. This is the room I hate fuck your mommy 3-4 times a week. Did you rub one out every time.

I FUCKED THE SHIT OUT OF YOUR MOMMY in this room!!! I am going to fuck you the way I fuck your mommy, Tammy. The question is what bedroom you want to use? I am standing inches from Tammy and could not hear her answer. LOUDER BITCH, bark as I jerk her head backwards by her hair. My room my room please not in mommy room, not in her bedroom.

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