I Broke Kim and her Daughter: Part 3

by Jim (North Carolina)

Kim is more of a submissive slut than even I am shocked. Kim the office prude, the shy innocent Kim is a submissive slut. Durning the month before Tammy left for college, I fucked Kim 4 or 5 times a week making sure Tammy hears it all.

Once Tammy was gone, I exposed Kim to threesomes, sucking off a friend of mine and even sucking a stranger's cock. I hear Kim's phone ring and check the caller ID said Tammy. I have Kim tied spread post to post. I bring the phone to Kim tell her to hush about me.

Hi honey what's up, Kim gasped as I ran my fingers over her exposed defenseless nipples. I have to come home they are closing the dorm for emergency repairs. Ok honey when will you be home,,,,Kim is fighting not to groan while talking to Tammy. I will be there tonight around 2 in the morning,,,,I got to go I still have my keys bye mom.

AAAAGGGGGGGGGG FFUUCKKK Kim growled as the hot wax landed on her right nipple, then her left.Your a nasty cunt Kim,,, if your friends could see you know...... OOOOHHHH DDDAAAMMM FFFUUUCCCKKK .......Master pleaseeeeee pleaseeeeee fuck me Master, she begs as she squirms on the bed.

I get between Kim's legs stroking my rock-hard cock, enjoying seeing Kim tied out helpless. I push just the head of my cock between her cuntal lip I missed Tammy not hearing you grunt like an animal. I slam my dick balls deep on the first thrust Kim's body stiffens and howls in bliss. The first 5 minutes was me crushing Kim beneath me driving my cock as hard and fast as I could.

The room was filled with the sounds of savage fucking. .AAAAAAAGGGGG FFFFUUUCCCKKK FFFUCCCKKK FFFUUCCCKKKK YEEESSSSSSSS....Kim has had her 4ht 5th orgasm it was my turn,,, I push myself up on my arms and look into Kim's glazed over eyes, look at me cunt look at me I bellow.

As we lock eyes, I grin a perverted grin, you think Tammy could take this pounding Kim. THUD<
AAAAANNNNNNNN OOOOOMMMMMGGGGGG GGGOOODDDD FFFUUUCCCKKKKK, Kim screamed as I blasted my nut deep into her sloppy wet cunt. I stand up walk to the head of the bed and forced Kim to look at me. You fucking got off thinking about me being balls deep in your little girl. I missed her not hearing us yes..... well then this could be a great few day to cum.

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