I Broke Kim and her Daughter: Part 2

by Jim (North Carolina)

Hello, Kim cheerfully spoke as she answered her phone as she walks past Tammy. Your one tight cunt for a 45-year-old I laugh, you want me to stretch it for you. Why hello Kim stammered as she felt her face turn red, and her pussy tingle. Is that a yes or no Kim I tease knowing she is squirming like a worm on a hook. As Kim walks into the other room away from Tammy she can feel her heart racing. Yes, Jim the answer is yes, she whispers, looking around for Tammy. Tell me you want me to fuck you tonight, Kim if you want it tell me you want to what. To be fucked Kim whispered.... louder Kim I tease..... To Be FUCKED OK... to be FUCKED Kim half growled.

I showed up at Kim's house around 5:00 but to my shock Tammy answered the door. Tammy is short I mean short maybe 5 feet. Tammy is a little chubby, plain faced, glasses wear nerdy. As Tammy looked at me, she put a face to the man that pounded dear old mom. I smile at Tammy as I see that look of oooohhh ffffuuccckkk it's him.

I push softly past Tammy my hand brushing her ass as I pass and reach out for Kim. I slid my hand down her back and cup Kim's ass while saying...... So that must be Tammy a perverted grin on my face. Yes, Kim went on to say still here for another month before off to college.

I take Kim's hand and pull her tight to me, let's go out form dinner could be a long night. Kim smiles and start to walk to her bedroom just give me a minute. Tammy goes to her bedroom so I go to Kim's bedroom. I walk over and pin Kim to the wall between her and Tammy's bedroom. The thud of her ass hitting the wall is what I wanted and smiled at Kim. You know I am going to FUCK you hard tonight Kim... FUCKKKKK to real hard. Each time the fuck word passed my lips it loud enough to be heard on the other side. My right-hand grabs Kim's left tit and squeezes it thru her top. AAAAGGGGGG FFFUUCCCKKKK, Kim gasps, from the mix of pleasure and pain.

Dinner went well but you could tell all Kim wanted was to go back home. I look at Kim and tease, so dessert here or your place OOOOOHHHHH I THINK MY HOUSE, thank you. It was around 8 pm and the house was quiet except for Tammy being in her bedroom. This is going to be more fun than I had hoped for.

As soon the bedroom door closed, I ordered Kim to strip to bra and panties. At first Kim hesitated, only to respond to my order quickly. I striped myself and walked over to the bedroom wall. I stroke my now stiffening cock hoping Tammy is listening to everything. On your knees and crawl over her my little slut I command. Once again Kim hesitated but with a look of lust and shame dropped to her knees and crawled to me. GOOD LITTLE SLUT, I gloat,,,as Kim reached me without command Kim engulfed my now hard cock . OOOOOMMMMPPPPHHHH OOOMMMPPPHHH OOOMMMPPPHHHHH NNNNNAAAAAA NAAAAAA AAAAAHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHH... the sounds Kim made echoed off the walls YAAAAAA YOU CUNT SUCK MY COCK.....SUCK MY COCK YOU NASTY WHORE, I growled. My cock was throbbing in her mouth as she reaches up and cups my balls. I jerk Kim's head off my cock by her hair. DAMMMMM YOUR A GREATTTTT COCK SUCKER, I bellow.

On the bed slut, sit on the end and spread your legs like a cheap street whore you are. Kim quickly popped up and sat on the end of the bed. The once shy timid Kim is being transformed into a cum bucket MILF right before my eyes. I drop to my knees between her her legs and shove my face quickly into her already wet cunt. YOU NASTY CUNT, I tease as I shove two of the fingers from my right hand into her hot wet pussy. As my right-hand finger fucks Kim my Tongue batters her clit. I lick bit and suck on her clit causing the mix of pleasure and pain Kim is learning to love.

I stand up between her trembling thighs, my left hand reaches up and rip Kim's bra open. CUM YOU NASTY FUCKING CUNT, I bellow as my right hand hammers her twat while my left and start slapping Kim's hits. OOOOOOOOMMMMMMGGGGG, Kim's hole body stiffens and starts to spasm in orgasm.FFFUUUCCCKKKK GGGOOODDD NNNAAAAAAA GGGGOOODDDD,I smile Kim has not even thought about Tammy. CUMMM FOR ME YOU NASTY CUNT..YOUR MY CUNT NOW RIGHT KIM......Tell me are you my cum whore Kim ? YESSS GOODDD YESSSSS, Kim panted, as her orgasm faded.

I put the head of my cock just between her cuntal lips, smiling as I watched the head disappear into her wetness.Kim covered in sweat reaches up to draw me deeper into her hole. I hold myself in place, beg for it slut, beg me to fuck your worthless cunt. Jim cone on fuck me she whimpers. I said beg slut or....I slart to pull my dick from her pussy. NNNOOO NO.... please fuck me ok..... Jim pleaseee fuck me ok....LOUDER TRAMP....LOUDER.


OOOMMMPPPHHHHHHHHH was the next sound from Kim as I drove myself fully into her burning hot cunt. I start a savage pounding of Kim cock hungry hole. I reach up and start pinching pulling and tugging Kim's nipples. As I slam my cock into Kim as fast and hard as my hips could move Kim cums again.OOOHHHH OOOHHHH NNNNAAAAAAAA FFFFUUUCCCKKKK, Kim bellows, as her cunt closes tightly around my attacking meat. YYYEESSSSSSSS GOD YOUR CUNT IS TIGHT I scream as the first blast of my baby sprays the walls of Kim's cunt.

OOOOHHH MMMYYY GGGOOODDD MMMYYY GGGOOODDDD, Kim cries, as she is ripped apart by one orgasm after another. I pull my cock free from her pussy and squirt rope after rope of my seed onto her heaving belly.

Slide up the bed Kim, I push her toward the head of the bed. Clean my cock whore get your juice off my dick bitch. As Kim works her mouth up and down on my tool it quickly comes back to life. I grab each side of Kim's and start skull fucking her. Each thrust of my hips drove myself balls deep. Kim tries to slow my thrust without effect. Balling Kim's hair in my hands I force myself as deep into her mouth as I can and hold it there. The room filled with the sounds of gagging and choking..... Are you listening Tammy,,,, I know you are,, I release Kims head and she comes up gasping for air teary eyed makeup running down her face.

Kim's anger rose and faded quickly, Kim snakes her body on top of mine, well too late to be quite down now, I guess. I jerk her head back by the hair and smile, did Tammy know she had a cum slut for a mom, I ask with a grin. The pain for the hair tug on her face Kim smiled down at me,,,, How could she I didn't........ but I love it ,,,, I have never felt like this before.....Kim slowly start to lick her way down my chest, down my belly coming to rest at my cock and balls. I will do whatever you want..... master!!!!!

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