I Broke Kim and her Daughter: Part 1

by Jim (North Carolina)

I stood on Kim's porch snickering to myself as I watched her fumble with her own house keys. Kim finally opened the door and snapped on the lights. My eyes roamed up and down her 45-year-old body as the light framed her body. Kim's dress hugged her frame her mid back hair shining her hips with a slight flare.

I step in and close the door behind he causing Kim to turn around I place my hands on her hips and smile. What does a 30-year-old man see in an old lady like me she asks in a cautioned tone.

Is that your daughter, I ask glancing toward her picture. Yes, her name is Tammy, she is spending the night at a friend's house she said with a shy smile. I woman that is if given a chance will be a great fuck I say sliding my hands off her hips to cup her ass.

What Kim asked with a confused look on her face. You asked me what I see in your 45-year-old body I pull Kim tight to my body by the cheeks of her ass. Kim blushes as I go on, her eyes glazed with a mix of passion and wine. Kim, I move my face inches from her, I don't make love I fuck, I control my partner, I use my partner and I make her cum harder than ever before.

I let go of her ass and step back a step, my hands cupping her face as I softly ask, should I stay or go Kim, it's up to you. Kim step forward grabs my hand and smiles my bedroom is this way Jim

As I walk down the hall, I pass what must be Tammy's bedroom. Once inside Kim's bedroom I smile a king size bed a dresser with a large mirror hanging over it. Kim turns toward me and before she could say a word, I order her to take off her dress. What I mean why... cutting off her words do it now or I leave, plain and simple.

Well, I ask with a perverted smile. With a nasty smile she responds, yes sir, my eyes open wide as the dress hits the floor. Come over here and lose that bra I bark as I take off my shirt kick off my shoes and drop my pants to the floor. As Kim drops her bra I push her to her knees with my hands on her shoulder, suck my cock bitch before I fuck you harder than you have ever been fucked before.

I....I just ,,,,never been treated like this before she stammered. I grab a hand full of her hair and jerk her head back forcing Kim to look up at me. Do what I say, or I leave it's up to you Kim . As I release Kim's hair her trembling hands reach out and pull my shorts down to the floor.

DAAMMMMMM your huge Kim gasped, before quickly engulfing my cock in her mouth. AAAAGGGG there you go suck my cock like the slut you are. Not to my Suprise my verbal abuse only added to her lust for my dick. I grab Kim's head in my hands and pull it free from my cock. I knew the first time I met you that deep down you're a nasty nasty girl. Before Kim responded I shoved my cock fully into her mouth balls deep and held her there. The shocked look the look of panic on her face made my cock twitch. I release her head Kim pulls back drooling and gasping for breath.

I pull her head back to sucking my cock holing her head in my hands and start fucking her mouth like a cunt. UUUMMMMM UUUMMMM AAAAGGGG NNNNAAAAA AAANNNN, the sounds Kim made filled the room. I first hear the sound followed by the hallway light going on and off and the bedroom door close. I smile to myself, Tammy is home, this will be fun.

I pull my cock free from Kim's mouth and pull her to her feet. I am going to make you cum harder than you have ever know before. I pull Kim to the dresser, the one against Tammy's bedroom. I pick Kim up and have her sitting on the dresser before she could say a word. I kiss Kim fully shoving my Tongue deeply down her throat as I slide two fingers of my right hand into her already moist cunt.

I jerk Kim's head back as I work my fingers in and out of her hot smooth cunt.
Tell me you want me to make you cum Kim, tell me how badly you want to cum. Kim was starting to work her hips against my attacking fingers, make me cum sir she whispered. Louder Kim say it out louder or a stop bitch MAKE ME CUM SIR PLEASE....Don't stop please.

I remove my hands from her cunt and shove them into her mouth, have you ever tasted your own cunt before Kim I tease as I drop to my knees. NOOOO I haven't she gasps and bangs her head back against the wall. I shove my face between her open legs push her panties and attack her pussy with my mouth. OOOHHHHHH FFFUUUCCCCKKK Kim moans as my tongue snakes it way into her sweet tight hole.

GGGOOODDD DAMMMMMMM OOOOHHH FFUUUCCCKKKK FFFUUUCCCKKKK, she moaned as she grabbed my head and pulled deeper into her pussy. My tongue attacked her clit, while sucking and biting at it. OOOHHH MMMYYYY FFFUUCCKKKING GGODDDD.... Kim's body starts to shake and stiffen as the first wave of bliss rips thru her body. FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK she screamed as her entire body shook.

As the last of her orgasms pasted, I slide Kim off the dresser and spin her dazed body. I bend Kim over the top of the dresser and jerk her now soaked panties to the floor. My turn now slut I growl, as I line the head of my cock just between her cuntal lips.I pull Kim's head up by her hair and force her to look into the mirror. As the fog of orgasm clears, I smile into the mirror enjoying Kim's puzzled look. As I thrust my throbbing cock balls deep into her hot wet cave, I got the look I wanted from Kim. I lean forward over Kim's back and asked, with a perverted smile, is that what you want cunt.

Kim is gasping for air eyes rolling back in her head and give an animal like groan......YESSSSSSSSS GGGOOODDDD YESSSSSS. I jerk her head around by her hair as I grin my hips into her ass. Beg me to fuck you cunt if you want me to fuck you beg for it. I let go of her hair and Kims head dropped to the dresser with a thud. God please fuck me she whimpered,,,LOUDER BITCH, I growled as I shove myself roughly against her ass.

Kim picks her head up looking at me in the mirror ,,,,, This is the face of a different woman,,,,, FUCK ME<<<
You like being my slut Kim,,, you like being used as a cum dump slut,,,, tell me slut I bellowed. YESSSSSSS GGGOODDDDD FFFFUUUCCCKKK YEEESSSSSS,,,,, treat me like a slut...fuck me like a useless cunt,,,, JUST FUCKL ME !!!!

Sweet shy Kim begging to be fucked while Tammy is in the other room hearing everything was too much for me .My balls exploded deep inside her cunt, that sent Kim into orgasm again. I finished my fucking of Kim with as savage thrusting I could manage.

As I started to recover, I step back my cock falling free from Kims cunt.I grab Kim by her arms and turn her around.I...I...I, I stopped her, loved being used like a cunt,,,a cum dump,,,,,what, I laugh.,,,,,Yes......yes I liked it ok...Kim face reddened with shame. I pull her body tight to mine you and I are going to have a lot of fun, but I have to go this time but after tonight I say. I finish dressing look at my new fuck toy I am going to show you a side of yourself you didn't know you had.

As I walked pass Tammy's room, I stop clear my throat smile and walk away. I can't wait to hear if she tells Kim.

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