I am Your Cocksucker

by Anonymous (USA)

He was rooming with me. He was a big man who worked in construction. It was extra income for me. My bedroom was between his room in the upstairs back of the house and the upstairs bathroom. I had a doorway with no door. He walked by my bedroom every night on his way to the bathroom. He had a huge rock hard, circumcised cock that bounced up and down with each step.

He was hard going to and coming from the bathroom. I would pretend to be asleep but would manage to peek at his big cock as he went by. I wondered what it would be like to touch his big cock! Mine was so small and insignificant. The sight of his big rock hard cockmeat made my little cock hardened! My mouth always filled with saliva. I would drool at the sight of his big cock! One weekend night I had gone out to dinner and dancing, which included some drinking, with some friends.

They dropped me off at home. I was already in bed when I heard Jack’s door open! I threw back my covers exposing my hard cock! As he drew closer to my bedroom, I started to whack my cock onto my belly! He stopped in front of my room and watched as I began to moan. He stepped in and said, “I think it’s time for you to eat big cock!” He squeezed his throbbing cockmeat!

I said, “You wouldn’t dare to put that big cock into my mouth and make me suck it!”

He reached down and squeezed my tight-skinned balls really hard!

I said, “Okay, okay, I’ll suck your big cock this one time! But don’t think you’re going to make me eat your hot cock juice or make me suck your big, thick, rock hard cockmeat every day and every night!”

He rubbed his swollen fat cockhead across my sloppy wet lips and pushed his cock into my parted lips into my saliva-filled mouth and pumped his hips back and forth making me suck his big cock! “That tastes good baby, doesn’t it! You like that big cock in your cock hungry mouth, don’t you? Suck faster if you do!”

I sucked his cock faster and took more big cock into my cunt-mouth as he fucked my mouth! My whimpers mixed with my moans, and I hungrily sucked his massive cockmeat!

“Oh yeah, baby suck my big cock! You have sucked big cock before, haven’t you? Oh yeah, suck it, baby! Suck my cock! You suck cock so well! I am going to let you suck every day and every night! Take more big cock into your cunt-mouth if you want to suck every day and every night!”

My lips groped their way down his rock hard, thick cock shaft and I sucked with unbridled passion and cock hungry desire! The sucking and slurping sounds excited me as well as the feel and taste of his gigantic cock sliding back and forth in my sloppy wet cunt-mouth!

I wanted him to shoot his cock juice into my cock starved mouth.

Memories of when I was just eighteen and an older boy made me suck his big cock flooded my brain! He had so much cock juice that it spilled from my mouth all over my lips, face, and chin! As I sucked his big cock the cum would drizzle down his throbbing cock onto his tight-skinned balls! I kept sucking and his cock never really got soft and before long I would get another overload of hot cock juice! He squirted his second load into my cock sucking mouth, and he bounced my head back and forth as I was on my knees! To my delight and amazement, his cock shot a third round of hot cum into my mouth! I continued to suck until his cockmeat quivered and waned then slid from my mouth!

“Please don’t tell anyone that I sucked your big cock and ate your hot man juice three times!”

“Are you kidding? I am going to tell everyone what a great cocksucker you are! You’ll be sucking big cocks all over the place! All your friends and other guys will want you to suck their cocks too!”

“Please don’t tell and I will suck your big cock whenever you want me to! Please! Please let me suck your big cock! Please!”

“I will let you suck my big cock every day and every night but no slacking! If you do that then it will stay our secret! I may, from time to time, invite a friend over for a good cock sucking by you; but it will always be our secret. You have the privilege of being my on-call cocksucker!”

“Do you want me to suck your big cock again right now? I mean are you ready?”

“Do you want to suck my cock again right now?”

“Yes, please. I love sucking your big cock! I will suck your big cock as often and as much as you let me! Your big cock tastes so good! Please let me suck again! PLEASE!” I stayed his personal cocksucker and occasionally sucked a friend or two for the next three and a half years!

Now I have Jack and I will be his cocksucker for as long as he lets me! I found that begging to suck big cock was a real turn-on for me as well as the man whose cock I am sucking! Men love it when you beg to suck their big cocks! It makes them feel like their cock has power! The bigger the cock the more power attributed to it! I like to let the cock I am sucking know that this is the cock I want in my cock starved mouth all the time! This cock is my champion cock that I need to suck on! It is the cock juice from these balls that I need shot into my cunt-mouth! I need to suck big cock!

His cock rose to the occasion, and I sucked! I slurped, moaned, groaned, and best of all I whimpered! He loved it when I whimpered because that made him realize how much I loved sucking his big cock! When I whimpered, I was totally submitting and giving my all to his mighty cock! I sucked hands free, and his cock slipped from my mouth and swung back and forth! “More big cock! I need to suck more big cock! PLEASE! Stuff my cock starved cunt-mouth with your cockmeat! Please!”

He shoved his big cock into my cunt-mouth, and I hungrily sucked again hands free! He pumped his hips, and I pumped my head in unison taking most of his big cock into my saliva-filled cunt-mouth! The sucking and slurping excited us both and his cock turned into a steel rod that throbbed as it fired yet another load of his cockj uice! I made sure his juice and my saliva were mixed when I let it spill down his rock hard cock shaft onto his balls! I whimpered as he deposited his manjuice and I sucked his cock to completion! “More cock,” I cried out! “I need more big cock! Please!”

“Do not touch your cock! I want you to stay all sexed up so that when you suck my cock next time you will cum when I cum without touching your cock with your hands! I want you to cum from sheer desire of sucking my big cock! Then I will know that you are my cocksucker!”

“Please,” I begged, “I need to suck your big cock again! Please, I will suck you until you are hard! Please I need to suck big cock and I need to cum! The very air pressure makes me want to cum! Please I need to suck big cock!”

“Now you are truly horny, and you have made my cockmeat grow larger and expand harder! Suck my cockmeat! I command you to suck my cock and eat my cockjuice!”

“Oh yes!” I plunged my warm, sloppy wet lips down his rock hard cock shaft and moaned as I sucked!

My cock was throbbing up and down. I was on the verge of cumming but somehow held back! I slurped and sucked with unbridled cockhungry desire! His mighty cock swelled much larger and harder and began to jerk in my mouth! His cum fired into my mouth and I unleashed my own cockjuice at the same time without touching my cock with my hands!

I came and came as I sucked his cock! He shot load after load down my throat! I have never experienced this degree of pleasure before! “I am your cocksucker! I will suck your big cock whenever you want me to! I am yours to command! My mouth is meant to be stuffed with your big cock and your big cock is meant to be sucked by me!

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