I Agreed To Become a Hot Wife For My Husband

by Anne.Buckley (Florida)

My name is Anne. I am 23, 5’4”, petite muscular, 34DD, bubble butt, brunette long curly hair and hazel eyes. My husband James likes my bubble butt. He says, “He gets a good hold of my butt when he fucks me.” We have been married 2 years.

James is away a lot for his job. Most of his traveling is to Europe. I have a computer science degree and work for a major corporation. The last time he came home after months of being gone we had a discussion about his long absences.

I told him I have been invited to parties and there is ladies night out with half priced drinks. The girls from work invited me to go with them.

James replied, “By all means.”

“Anne I don’t expect you to sit in the house alone.”

“I know you feel unloved and unfulfilled.”

“Remember I love you but I can’t be here to fulfill your needs.”

“What I am saying is we can have an open marriage and you are emancipated. Free to make your own choices.”

When he said that I felt free to make my own decisions on dating other men. He wrote a letter granting us both an open marriage and signed it. I signed it and we had the attorney notarize it.

Linda a girl I work with is Hot Wife. We talk privately at lunch. She explained to me rules of a Hot Wife. First of all, no motels(no security). James cannot know who you are with, where you are, what you are doing, and when you are coming home, you will call him when you are coming home and that you are okay.

Hotels are the safest place to be. If I have established a relationship with a lover then bring him home. He will probably be married. Linda also advised me on how to dress for dates and be sure to wear my wedding rings. The guys like to squirt their semen in another man’s wife.

At the hotel Friday evening I would meet men who were in a club my husband belongs to. They recognized me. The club President’s first name is Herbert. The members call him “Herbie.” He and the guys are married however they party at the hotel once a month looking for pussy.

They told their wives it’s a meeting. Herbie is not good looking. He is 5’9”, thin, wears glasses and has a Navy flattop haircut. He is 30 years old. I recognized him from the last Christmas party the club had for the members. He is brash and outspoken.

He told me he remembered how beautiful I am at the party and would have liked to fuck me then. He told me I am invited to dine with them, drink, and dance with them. I am invited to the suite they have for the night. Linda was with other guys. I decided to stay with Herbie and the guys. It was midnight when we got to the suite.

I used the bathroom to freshen up. Herbie was waiting for me in the bedroom. Herbie pulled me to him. He kissed me. He undressed me. He told me as Club President he fucks me first. I laid across the bed with my head slightly over the edge of the mattress.

Herbie laughed as he said he is first to throat fuck Vice President James’s wife. He pushed his cock into my mouth and throat. He pumped his 9” cock through my lips. He squirted my mouth full of his sperm. I swallowed it. I licked his cock and balls clean of cum.

He changed positions. He licked, sucked my clit and pussy. He used his fingers and hand to stimulate my pussy. He told me to get on my hands and knees. He pushed his hard thick cock into my pussy. He pulled my hair keeping my head up while he fucked me fast and hard.

One of the guys came into the room with a cellphone and recorded Herbie riding my ass. I was rocking back and forth and orgasming several times. More guys with cellphones recorded me being fucked. Herbie made a low growling as he squirted me. I was orgasming.

As I orgasmed he said, “Anne tell James you love him.”

I replied, “I love you James.”

Herbie told the guys she is yours. He told them to fuck my ass to get that little anus ready for him. They had me on my hands and knees. They took erection pills. They fucked me all night.

They double stuffed my pussy and mouth. I orgasmed several times. They squirted my mouth, pussy and ass copiously with their sperm. They used their phones and a video camera to show James what they did to me.

When they were done fucking me the guys spooned all the cum into a cup and I ate and swallowed all of it. That also was recorded by cellphone camera. Herbie did fuck my ass after the guys lubricated me with their sperm.

To be continued

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