I Accidentally Stole My Sister's Husband

by Anonymous

It all started one night when my sister was out of town visiting family her husband and I were drinking beer and watching TV . I couldn't help checking out his package trying to see the outline of his cock through his jeans.

My sister was always complaining how big his cock is, I wanted to see for myself he caught me looking and took his hand and rubbed the outline of his cock looking at me then he said Cindy said you are bisexual I said yes I am I love sucking cock.

I had no idea he would be so open and cool about my sexuality. I just blurted out can l suck your cock? He smiled and said I never had a dude suck my cock he got up took off his jeans and boxers fallowed by his T shirt oh yeah he is so fucking gourags so masculine his chiseled teachers made me sooo Hard.

His cock was starting to twitch and raise up dam it was beautiful hard he is about 8 inches long and as thick as your wrist oh fuck was he beautiful the big mushroom head glisten with precum.

I ripped off my clothes and got on my knees in front of that piece of man meat he took hold of the shaft and slapped my face with it then he moaned SUCK IT BITCH oh l was in love with that cock l licked the precum off swirled my tongue all around the big head and took it in to my mouth sucking it hard.

He moaned oh fuck you suck cock better then your sister this made me so turned on l wanted to be the best cock sucker he ever had l took him in deeper l could only get half of that thick shaft down my throat but that was more then Cindy could lol.

l sucked and licked making loud slurping sounds as l devoured his big beautiful cock he moaned oh Fuck l felt his hot cum squirting out l swallowed and swallowed trying to drink down all his cock cream he said Cindy doesn't swallow your awesome.

l was mad with lust for that gourags cock l said l got to feel you inside me now his cock stayed hard l got up ran into the kitchen and grabbed a stick of butter l didn't have any lube on hand so why not a butter butt fuck l brought the butter up to his shift running the stick up and down his shaft his body heat easily melted the butter.

l made sure to cover that big head good l was going to need a lot of liberation to take a cock that big l never had one in me that huge before l got another stick of butter and shoved the whole stick up my ass letting it melt in me.

Oh I was so horny and nervous about taking a monster cock l lay on the floor on my side and invited him to join me he did l felt that big cock head at my rosebud he pushed in oh FUCK !!!

I screamed out it hurt l felt he was taring me apart l loved it l never felt so filled up before l pushed my back forcing him in deeper it hurt so good now l wanted all of him in me soon the pain turned to awesome pleasure.

l moaned fuck me baby fuck me deep l want all of your gourags cock l could feel the veins on his shaft against my tight stretched innerwalls it felt wonderful he had established a good rythm going now l was taking him like the little fuck slut l had become just then we heard a scream What The Fuck Are You Two Doing?!!!!

We both looked up and saw Cindy standing there she was back early oh Fuck. Just then he shot his load deep up my ass l came too shooting my cum all over the carpet. Cindy threw him out now he lives with me and l get to enjoy that big cock every night.

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