by Harvey (Sioux City Iowa)

I never dreamed it possible! I met Charles after his show. He was a hypnotist. Over a few drinks later that night he revealed to me that there is much more to hypnosis than meets the eye. It's been said that a hypnotist can't make you do anything you wouldn't normally do. But according to Charles, that's not true.

He said he could get anyone to do anything he wanted. When I asked if he could teach me he said, "Maybe." I was quite excited about this. The next thing I knew he was suggesting I allow him to hypnotize my wife. Gloria hadn't come with me that night. She was still at home.

"What for?" I asked. "You know what for." He said. "You want to fuck my wife?" I asked. "Well you want to use it to get other women in bed." He told me. He was right. That's exactly what I wanted to use it for. Finally I agreed.

I took him back to our house where my wife was looking after the kids. It was late so the kids were in bed and it only took him a few minutes to have my wife totally under his control. He told her when she woke up she would find herself uncontrollably in love with the first man to say, "I'll take the garbage out." Then he snapped his fingers.

As my wife came out of her hypnotized state, he looked over at me and smiled as he said, "I'll take the garbage out." Instantly my wife's attitude changed. I could see the lust building inside her as she looked at him.

She glanced over at me a few times, but couldn't stop herself from wanting him. "I'm going to take your wife down to your bedroom and fuck her now." He said. Gloria looked over at me again as he took her hand and she followed him down the hall. She had a guilty look on her face, but went anyway.

The next thing I heard was my wife's and his moans and groans as he fucked her in our bed. I couldn't believe how easily he's gotten my wife to submit to him. As I listened to him pound his cock in and out of my wife, and the bed slam against the wall from his hard thrusts, I kept imagining how easy it was going to be for me to get other women in bed.

He assured me he'd leave my wife the way she was before they'd met, so our lives would be normal, except I would be able to use it for fucking whatever woman I wanted, married or not. I imagined the beautiful wife of my neighbor giving herself to me willingly. Then not remembering anything when I was done with her.

Just then I heard Charles climaxing. Instantly my wife cried out, "OH God Yes! Cum in me!" An instant later he let out a huge groan as he filled my wife's pussy with load after load of his cum. Finally everything went quiet. I snuck down the hall to take a peek and saw my wife passionately kissing and hugging him. His cock was still inside her and clearly she didn't want him to take it out.

Eventually he got up from the bed and I walked in. That guilty look came over my wife's face again as he and I talked beside the bed. Then he looked at her and snapped his fingers again. Instantly my wife was asleep. He said there wasn't enough time that night to teach me everything I needed to know, but he'd be back in a few days to do it.

He also told me when my wife woke up she wouldn't remember anything that happened. The next morning my wife was in the kitchen making breakfast when I got up. True to his word my wife remembered nothing of her sexual exploits with Charles. Even when she discovered his cum dripping from her pussy she asked me if I'd had sex with her while she slept. I confessed to doing it.

Two days later when I got home from work, Charles's car was in the driveway. When I went in the house I could hear him fucking my wife again. I crept down to the bedroom and looked inside to see my wife straddling him and riding his stiff cock wildly. I hadn't planned on him fucking my wife more than once, but I still wanted the skill for myself more than anything. So I left them alone to finish.

When he came out he began showing me some basic skills of hypnosis. He told me it would take more than one day to learn it and then I'd need to practice a lot before I'd become proficient. Day after day, when I came home from work, Charles was either fucking my wife or showed up a short time later and insisted I give her to him.

One simple sentence, "I'll take the garbage out." And my wife was his for the taking. My wife didn't even seem to have that guilty look on her face anymore as she hurried down the hall to fuck him. Sometimes he fucked my wife two or three times while I waited in the living room for him to teach me.

After a few weeks of this, he'd have my wife suck his cock while he and I sat on the couch and he explained some things to me. Of course he'd stop explaining when he'd cum in my wife's mouth. I just had to sit there and wait till he was finished before we'd continue.

Gloria would happily lick and suck the sperm from his spent cock while we talked. I watched Charles fuck my wife more times than I could count. I even had to run blocker for the kids while he was busy doing her. I also watched my wife happily suck his cock anywhere he wanted her to, many times. I even watched my wife suck him off on the back deck out in the open to the neighbors.

The only thing that kept me going, was knowing I'd be able to get the neighbor’s beautiful wife to do me. After months and months he stopped showing up at the house. I hadn't learned the skill myself and I could only assume he'd gotten bored with fucking my wife. It wasn't like he hadn't done her enough.

I never heard from Charles again and to this day, my wife has no idea how many times he's fucked her, or how many blow jobs she's given him. I haven't given up though. I'm still looking for him not to seek revenge, but to talk him into continuing my training. If he wants my wife again, I'll happily give her to him.

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