Husband wants to Breed me

by Grace (Texas)

I'm 22 married for two years I'm 5 '11 36c breasts black hair green eyes nice plump ass. My husband started watching interracial porn. My husband said he love a black guy to fuck me.

I was shocked but it was a turn on too. My husband planned a party at our house he said he has a black friend from work coming over to fuck me.

I went put on a sexy outfit nice looking on my ass. The door bell rings and my husband let's him in and he calls for me. I come walking out he’s a very lager man 6'6 250 pounds.

He sits on the couch checking me out I dance around. He grabs me with his large hands pulls me to him and starts kissing me as he reaches up to play with my tits.

He picks me up carrying me into the bedroom throws me onto the bed and then pulls off my panties spreading my legs. He's licking my pussy lips and slipped a big finger in me.

I got so wet .he undressed showing me his enormous black cock must be 11inches long thick has a big mushroom head. He tells me to suck his cock. I barely fit it in my mouth.

I suck his cock playing with his huge balls. He has lots of precum. He takes me bends me over looking at that plump ass. I tell my husband to give him a condom.

He says things have changed. As he said that I feel his big mushroom head pushing into my pussy. I say no use a condom I'll get pregnant. He laughed that's the plan.

I feel his thick cock going deeper and deeper into me .I never had something this big in me. I start to cum oh oh oh I cum hard. He's stretching my pussy it's like a drill.

He grabs my hips pulls me all the way down his thick shaft. He breaks open my pussy ramming me. I'm moaning and Cumming. I hear him yelling yes yes yes feeling him start to swell.

I say no no please don't cum in me. He says you gonna have a nigger baby. He shoots a river of cum in me. I'm very fertile when ovulating. He flips me over putting his cock deeper into me.

I have a huge cum. Yeah bitch cum for me. I take more cum from him. He takes my legs put them above my head so the cum won't run out.

I'm exhausted my husband comes over take pictures of his cum running out of me. He did breed me.

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