Husband Tricked Me Got Fucked by Black Guy

by Grace (Texas)

My husband and I been married seven years have two kids. Our sex life has been staled not much sex he cums fast. He has been on viagara it's been better but now he wants us to watch porn black guys fucking white women turns him on a lot.

I just can't believe men have such big cocks. I'm 32 5'2 short but have big tits 38c nice ass thin blonde hair blue eyes nice tan. I tan at the work out club no lines shaved my private area my husband likes it. It's been a month my husband has not had sex with me he doesn't want me to play with myself I'm frustrated.

He said the kids are going to my moms for the weekend we can have a fun time he said he has a special surprise for me. Friday night comes he has made a nice dinner made drinks I put on my sexy outfit a white nighty looks good because of my tan a thong my push up bra my tits are over flowing out. Now I'm a little drunk getting horny.

My husband takes me into our room. He has rules. He told me he wants to tie me up like in a porn we watched I said ok. He ties my wrists to the bed posts really hard. I say it hurts are you sure this is necessary I can't move. He gets a phone call leaves the room comes back puts a blindfold on me.

My wrists hurt I can't see then the doorbell rings. I call for my husband no answer. Then I hear footsteps coming down the hall more than one person. I hear the door open and a light goes on you can see a bit of light through my blindfold. I hear a voice oh what do we have here my my my looking sexy.

I say who's that my husband said it's my secret admirer. I say who? My husband said the black guy next door. I say the old guy he me must be seventy. He says no sixty-five. I try to get loose no luck. I feel him rub my legs he undoes my bra hook in front. My nipples get hard because it's cool.

He says nice I feel him play with my tits nipples he sucks my right breast while playing with my other nipple. I'm begging him to stop but he doesn't he then takes off my thong exposed my private area. I feel a fat finger slip in me . Hes old fat black man not attractive at all big gut. He says you wet like my tit sucking. I say no not at all. I'm ovulating though my husband and I were going to fuck.

My husband tells him I'm not using birth control. Yeah have my nigga sperm in an unprotected whom. He says to my husband you sure about this. He says yes. I say no no no please don't. I suck your cock . He says gonna do that anyway. I hear him get undressed. He takes my blindfold off .

Hes stroking a enormous black cock I never seen a cock this big only In porn movies. Its fat huge head thick veins popping out his balls are like softballs. Yeah bitch this is fourteen inches .he unties one hand put his hand on his cock up and down he forces me to stroke it all the way to his head then down the shaft its so thick at the bottom near his balls.

He has me hold his balls telling me his baby's are in here. I feel his precum his cock is getting bigger and bigger. He ties my wrist back up. Tells me to suck him. I say ok once you cum you be done. Hes laughing no bitch took some special sex drug that's a new one can stay hard a long time.

Plus your husband told me about this night months ago got my sperm count up just for you. I say no no no this is rape no. He says yeah baby. I say you're a bastard to my husband. He shoves his cock in my mouth it barely fits I'm gaging for air it goes down my throat he tells me to suck it. I do I suck him good he says yeah baby suck it .

I feel it and shots a load down my throat. He pulls it out tells me to like it clean. I do have no choice. Then he goes to my pussy he opens me up takes long slow locks over and over he locks my clit then he sucks on it . I'm trying not to cum but its no use . My body shakes I feel my juices flow out in his mouth. He says yeah bitch like this.

He eats me some more my pussy is socked from my cums. He gets up ready now. I tried to kick him he says yeah. Hey give me more of the rope. He ties my legs above my head now he has full access to my pussy . I say no no. He tells me to bad and puts the head of his cock I.

My folds .its so big his head then he starts to put it in me. I feel his evil monster going into me . Yesh nice tight white pussy. I never felt anything like this I. I feel his veins it's so thick can't believe it's in me. He thrusts deeper and deeper my pussy is getting more wet.

My husband is saying yeah. Fuck her. I tried to resist but it feels so good every inch gives me a new sensation. I look down to see how much I took it nit half way. He then plunges it all the way in me. Then I start to cim hard as his head hits my back wall I'm moaning and growing I feel his balls hit my ass.

Oh yeah its so tight yeah bitch . I never came like this before. He pound steel up my pussy I hear him say oh oh oh oh then shoots a monstrous load into my unprotected whom. He pulls out my husband takes pictures of his cum running out of my pussy. He unties me bends me over fucks me doggy style.

I'm in shock I took his cock I don't want a baby but this is the best way to get pregnant. He pounds me I cum. I feel him swell and unleash another monstrous load in me. I think we're done but he says get on top ride me. I want to say no but his cock feels so good in me .

I climb on top I slide down his long thick shaft until it buried all the way in me. I can't control my orgasm I scream yes yes oh God yes I lean forward he sucks my tits. I use my pussy muscles to squeeze him he loves it then he grabs me and fucks me so hard. I cry out with pleasure as he cum in me.

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