Husband Set Me Up To Get Raped

by Liz (Texas)

I'm 39 black hair green eyes thin nice body 38c breasts nice ass my husband and I are interested in getting s divorce.

He can't keep a job drinks most fo the time had sexual fantasy none I like.

Well it's getting close to the end of the marriage he calls me asks me to meet him at his mom's house so we can talk.

I say ok when he says 8pm I think its late but ok I drive out to his mom's house on a lake nothing around cell phone don't work.

I pull up into the driveway I see my soon to be ex I walk over we talk I say so what do you want.

He then told me remember my sexual fantasy of a black guy fucking you?

Yeah then he grabbed me pulled me down stairs he back handed me I'm knocked out.

I come to naked tied up my legs spread wide open now my ex and his black friend are checking me out.

My ex tells him i love it doggy style the black guy says yeah then he plays with my breasts my nipples are big round fat I have a gag in my mouth.

He started to suck my breasts and finger fuck me I'm laying there trying not to think about it and he rubbed my clit I start to squirm.

I close my eyes then he pulls out a super vibrator it's black veins on it he puts the head of it in my pussy.

I'm trying not to think about it and he pushes it in me it's so thick he turns it on he goes in and out, the vibrator is 12 inches and round he had it on then he puts it deep in me on number five I moan.

He played with my clit he pushes it all the way in me turned it up to ten cum no no please don't he takes the gag out of my mouth he's stroking his huge black cock tells me to suck him.

I don't then he puts the vibrator on mega fuck it hits my gspot I cumm and cum and cum I opened my mouth I start sucking his cock yeah bitch suck it suck it that's right yeah baby.

He pulls out of my mouth and shoved it in my wet pussy oh god oh god as he fucked me I cum all over his cock.

Thick white globs he tied me bends me over seeing my plump bubble ass, fucks me harder then I hear him say oh oh oh yeah yeah baby shots of his huge ejaculation into my uterus I'm ovulating he got me pregnant.

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