Husband and His Mother

by bestoverall11

My name is Lisa I'm twenty-two and married. My husband Toby is twenty-three and a nice-looking man. I measured his dick when it was hard before its nine and half inches and almost four inches around. We fuck like rabbits and play with toys. I love watching him fuck his sex doll I got for him. We role play with her like she's a slut we picked up.

Well three weeks ago Toby's single mother Betty asked if she could stay in our back room for a while. Her house had to have the foundation replaced and it would take a while. She I a small woman with a big plump as and nice big tits. She had Toby young and looked good. Betty was here for the second week and we all got a long really good.

She talks about how being single sucks and how long it had been since her last date. We were getting bored so I got some glasses and whiskey and we started drinking. we were all pretty tipsy Betty fell backward on Toby as he sits on the sofa. We all started laughing and Toby stated tickling his mom's ribs.

She screamed and started wiggling around. She was saying Toby you know I'm ticklish. I don't know what it was about seeing her on his lap started making me horny. She finely jumped away from him said get Lisa I got to pee. She staggered down the hall to the bathroom. I looked at Toby and said your mom is great and dam sexy.

Toby moved around and pulled at his crotch without even realizing he did it. I noticed a bulge in his pants. My pussy got a burn in it and was getting wet knowing he got aroused. I said its ok honey any man would be aroused from her sexy ass. Toby got red and said holy shit I'm sick getting a boner from my own mom. I said oh shut up it made me wet as hell.

Betty came back and said she had to go to bed and turned and went to her room. Toby said that sounds good trying to change the subject. We went to bed and he was horny as hell wanting to fuck but I said I felt sick. I had in my mind if I didn't fuck him, he would get so horny I might make something work. the next day I talked them into drinking and playing in the pool.

Betty had a two-piece bathing suit and dam she was sexy. I noticed Toby trying not to Stare but his eyes darted up and down her body. I was sitting by Betty when Toby stepped out of the pool. His wet shorts stuck tightly to him showing the outline of his large dick. I whispered man I'm a lucky woman and nodded toward Toby. Betty looked up and her eyes glued to her son's dick.

She blushed and turned her head and said you are a knotty girl aren't you. I said it's fun to be knotty you should try it. Betty said its easy for you to say you have someone to get knotty with. I said I wouldn't mind sharing I said and moved my hands out to the length of his dick. Toby said he was going in and as he walked by Betty glanced at his dick again.

She was blushing and said I can't believe you had me look at my son like that. I said what did you think you should see it hard. Oh, my I don't know I can't think about it its crazy. It was getting hot and we went in where Toby was. Betty went to the kitchen to get some drinks for us. There was a bar between the living room and kitchen.

I was sitting next to Toby and slid my hand over his cock. He said mom might see you but I said she's not looking this way. She couldn't see you anyway relax and pushed my hand down his shorts. His dick started getting hard and I pulled his shorts down just enough to reveal his large mushroom shaped cock head. I looked over and Betty was staring at her son's dick head.

Toby said stop my dick can't be hard I can't hide it from mom. He was freaking out so I stopped. Betty came in with the drinks and sat down. I got up and turned on some music. We drank a few more and I pulled Betty from the sofa and said dance with me. She said hell yes and said show me how. I knew this was a chance to get Toby's attention.

I said do what I do and turned my back to Toby and placed my hands on my knees. Betty did the same and watched me for guidance. I bent over and started jiggling my ass making it bounce. Betty laughed and started wiggling her plump ass. I started moving around the room twerking my ass and so did Betty. She said this is fun am I doing it right.

I danced over and Pulled Toby from the sofa and said dance with us. I pulled him against my ass and grind on his dick. We were all laughing as I reached over and pulled Betty next to me. I stepped around in front of her and backed her into Toby. She stood up kind of surprised and I reach past her and put Toby's hands on her hips.

I grabbed Toby's hips and pulled him tight against her ass. I said wow this is fun you guys and backed away from them. I said I'm tired go ahead and dance for me. They danced a while then Betty pulled away. I looked and saw Toby's dick was hard. I quickly ran over and started tickling her. We laughed and fell to the floor so tipsy she said and laughed.

I said Toby come on help me she needs a good laugh. Toby walked over and I said here hold her and I will tickle her. She tried to get up but Toby pushed her on her back and pinned her hands beside her head. I started poking her ribs making her scream and wiggle under him. As she moved around, I pulled the strings on her bottoms and untied them.

She didn't even notice she was working them off as she moved around. I tugged on Toby's shorts and pulled them below to his ass cheeks. Suddenly she stopped wiggling and had a blank scared look on her face. I knew the tip of his cock pushed against her pussy and she was fixing to freak out. Toby was looking at me funny so I said do it do it.

I pushed on his ass and she screamed as his thick cock stretched her pussy. Toby lost it and pulled back and plowed hard back in her. AAAAAAHHHH SONNNNNNNNN WHAT ARE WE DOINGGGGGGGGGGGG AAAAAAAAHHHHHH SONNNNN. She began bucking her hips up at him and I could hear SMACK as his big balls slammed her plump ass.

I stepped back and enjoyed the scene I had created. Toby reached under and grabbed her ass and pounded away at his mother's pussy. SONNNNNNNNNNN STOPPPPPPPP YOUR GOING TO MAKE ME CUMMMMMMMMMMMM SONNNNNN OOOOHHH MY GOD SONNNNNN. She shook and jerked as he fucked her into orgasm.

He plowed in her even harder and stiffened up. OOOOOOHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTT MOM IM GOING TO AAAAAAAHHHH. He slammed into her several more times bringing her to another orgasm. MOM IM CUMINGGGGGGGGGG OOOOHHH MOM IM CUMINGGGGGG IN YOU. IM CUMING SON OH MY GOD I CAN'T STOP IM CUMING.

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