Hung Guy

by Leon (NY)

“Oh, sorry!” Leonora said with surprise as she stepped into her son’s bedroom, not expecting to see him lounging on his bed naked, reading a car magazine.

“That’s … uh, okay, mom,” he responded modestly, just as surprised as she was.

Leonora stood there with her mouth open. Not really over seeing her son naked, but the foot long penis that she saw he had, which was flopped across the bed. She knew that black men were all supposed to be hung like horses, although his father certainly had not been.

“Honey, have you been hiding that from your mama?” she laughed and asked.

Karl looked shy. He was well aware of his size and had always been just a little self-conscious about that. In the locker room at school he had been embarrassed about having other boys seeing his exceptional length dangling down.

“I … I didn’t think you’d want me walking around the house naked,” he said.

“Looking like that, you can walk around the house naked all the time so far as I’m concerned,’ Leonora teased. ‘In fact, if you’re going to start doing that, I might just join you.”

Karl grinned somewhat modestly. “You mean … being naked, too?” he asked unsure.

“Well, I sure wouldn’t mind being naked with such a handsome son, I can tell you.”

Karl knew that it was said that black families were just a little bit closer, and he had his mother had always been, especially after his parents had divorced several years before. He liked that his mother was being anything but angry over seeing him naked, and that she was quite liberal-minded about it.

Maybe,” she further teased, “I should just start right now.”

She was barefoot and only wearing a simple floral-print house dress that morning. Karl watched as she slipped it off to reveal that beneath she was just as naked as he was. His mom was full-bodied, with large breasts, each having a very broad dark brown nipple stretching over the rounded ends. Between her legs she had a more than ample amount of dark, wiry pubic hair.

Karl’s mouth dropped open in surprise over his mother’s uninhibited display and he smiled in a delighted fashion.

“Wow!” Mom he said.

“Is that any better?” she asked, standing there letting him have a good look.

“Uh … yeah,” he admitted.

As he laid there on his bed, he felt himself starting to get an erection. His penis really did not get any bigger, it just grew a little thicker and stiffened to push impressively upright.

“Oh! What a good looking boner you have!” Leonora complimented.

She sat on the bed and reached out to feel her son’s large dick.

“Oh, that is nice!”

Karl found it exciting to be naked like that with his mom and to be having an erection in front of her, to say nothing of feeling her hand caressing its stiff length.

He reached out to fondled her full breasts and hen, feeling encouraged, he leaned forward and kissed and sucked on both nipples, making the thick center points jut outward.

“Why don’t you just take care of that in me,” she said and she laid back on the bed.

Karl climbed on top of his mom, and quite easily found his stiff penis going into her soft, inviting vagina. He could only get in the first six inches of his length before he reached her limits, but it felt so good.

“Ooo … honey! Your boner feels so good in your mama’s pussy!” she breathed.

Karl grinned eagerly and started to fuck his enormous dick in and out of her.

After a moment, though, he said, “Is it okay to be doing this with you? I mean … without a rubber?”

“You just give me everything that you have and let your mama worry about that,” she told him.

Karl continued to fuck her and within a minute she was climaxing.

He loved the excitement of his hard dick making his mom have an orgasm.

She tensed and grunted with her release, her hands clutching at his flexing buttocks, pushing down on them, as if trying to get his penis deeper into her.

Just as she was finishing Karl ejaculated in her. He felt an huge load of semen pulsing out.

“Oh! Oh! Oh!” Karl panted as he felt his boner shudder and his liquid surge out.

“Oh, honey! You fuck all of that into your mama!”

Karl did. It felt so fantastic doing that in his mom’s hairy, wet pussy.

It was just so special to be doing this in his mom, and so incredibly satisfying to be giving her his sperm.

As he concluded ejaculating he just lay there on top of his naked mom, savoring the pleasure of his penis still being in her and her enjoying that, too.

“Mm-Mm!’ his mom said. “I haven’t fucked that good in years!”

They both grinned and laughed over their unexpected mother and son indulgence.

If they had talked about it, they probably would have never had the courage to do it together. That it had been so impulsive had made all the difference in the world. Now Karl looked forward to fucking his mom, and she looked forward to that, too.

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Sep 18, 2020
Nice Some Black
by: Yulon

It's nice to see some black stories on here! Black moms and sons like doing it together, too.

Jul 03, 2020
Hung guy
by: Anonymous

Hi my name is Carol and almost the same thing happened to me. I’m five feet have 34dds great legs and a hot ass. My son, Matt just turned twenty one and I’ve seen him naked before and he to has a huge cock. I’m divorced and went on a date with an older man. He took me back to his place and immediately was like an octopus hands all over me. I told him take me home and when I went inside Matt was laying on the couch naked and he had a huge hard on. I took off my clothes straddled his cock and sank myself down on it. My pussy was soaked and I took all of his cock. Matt woke up and said mom what are you doing and I told him what I should’ve done along time ago. We fucked all night and we both came many times as he filled my pussy with his cum. We fuck a couple a times a week now him enjoying my hot body and me enjoying his big cock.

Apr 06, 2020
mom sucked my cock
by: Anonymous

I had just turned 18 when my mom caught me jerking off she watch from a distance for a bit then entered my room i did not stop to fucking horny she sat down took over and kept jerking me off when i was ready to cum she wrapped her mouth around it and let slide down her throat we did it later on the night fuck her hard and deep till i filled her cunt full of cum

Feb 25, 2020
Hung guy
by: Anonymous

Yes my mom had me young when I was 18 she was 38.she was so sexy black hair green eyes thin. I was jerking off and she caught me she just started at my cock 12 inches long and thick I fucked her no condom shot my load deep in her. Wish I got her pregnant

Feb 11, 2020
moms big load
by: Anonymous

You should have tried to bury the entire lenght of his cock in his mother balls deep then fucked her deep and hard then when it was time to cum in her pussy drive it to the root of his big cock and give her every drop of that big load then pull your cock out of her pussy and have her suck it clean

Feb 07, 2020
by: Anonymous

I like to jerk off a lot One day while jerking mom came up the stares I caught her out of corner of my eye watching. I took my time stopping when close to cuming I would stop and start about 20 times. When I came it shot up about 2 feet. I saw her standing there and she never said a word

Feb 07, 2020
by: Anonymous

I love the story and the comment. Please keep writing!

Jan 31, 2020
Dear hung guy....
by: Anonymous

Of course you did come to expect it more and more. Mother KNEW she would prevail in the end. Your young and eager cock grew hard as mother's mouth covered your member. She also confirmed your need for her "special purpose". This purpose became yours as well. Her confidence in your incredibly virile erectile function required you to return to her open arms (and legs). How thrilling it must have been to fill your mom's vaginal heaven on such a regular basis. Her encouragemer nt was so very convincing. Her words beckoned to you. "Come in mom's cunt"! Your hesitation melted as your incredibly luscious mother would tell you just how completely satisfying it would be. So very good, so very encouraging, mom continued to offer more of what it was you needed. Affirmation and acceptance. You had to submit to her. Your penis was now accustomed to the welcome confines of her willfully welcoming vagina. Her words were so soothing as was her heavily hole of incest. So perverted, so sinfully abhorrent, so very addictive. The incestuous liaison continued even though you knew it was so wrong. The forbidden nature made it even more extremely delicious and development of a strong fetish for mom's delightful indulgence catered to the naughty nature you developed for the unspeakable act of mother and son incest. Her language got nasty as you were sucked into this lusciously wonderful world of luxurious lust.

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