How Naughty…

by Anonymous

Lily Miller is what can be described as a goody-two-shoe. She follows her parents' curfew rules, never tried drugs, alcohol or smoking, never kissed anyone or had a boyfriend, never went to a party or dance… the list is almost never ending.

This also makes her quite an outcast; she has no friends whatsoever. Lily is most definitely the saddest and loneliest 18 year old at her school. (Or in the world.) That is, until one faithful afternoon…

The bell rings. A normal day at Edgewood High School is over, and just as Lily is about to leave, she's stopped.

"Lily," says her Biology teacher, "You and I have to talk. Stay for a minute."

"Um… Okay, Mr Ray."

She waits until the rest of the class leaves, then makes her way over to him. James Ray is a 31 year old man who could pass for 29. He's handsome, with brown hair left long, almost to his shoulders, chocolate brown eyes, and a nice sense of style- checkered shirts, slacks and loafers.

His appearance is quite the contrast to Lily's long blond hair up to the middle of her back, blue eyes, and clothes picked by her mom- pink long-sleeved shirt, orange skirt reaching the bottom of her knees, and purple sneakers with white shoelaces.

As she stands in front of Mr Ray, her eyes are busy focusing on those shoelaces to notice his eyes roaming her body, every delicate, petite curve.

"I've been meaning to talk to you, Miss Miller. See, I have noticed that you're missing something in your life. And so am I, for that matter. I was thinking that we could… help each other out." Lily is confused.

"Uh… and what might that be, Mr Ray?"

"Oh, call me James."

He gets up and stands behind her.

"Your shoelace is untied."

Lily looks down, bending over to tie it.

"Thank you, Mr Ray. I'm always tripping over."

She gasps as he pulls down her skirt and panties at the same time and tosses them aside. He bends her on his desk and licks his fingers. Then he starts to play with her pussy, and in a matter of seconds, a speechless Lily is wet, horny and begging him to stop. He looks at her. One hand is satisfying her wet pussy's cravings while the other is undoing his belt.

"Miss Miller… we both need this. You've never been fucked, and my slut of a wife can't give a good blowjob. Hell, she can't make me cum! But you… you're young, innocent, fresh meat. And for the last time, CALL ME JAMES!"

Lily screams as James rams his huge, veiny, ENORMOUS cock in her little pussy hole. It's in all the way, and he begins to fuck her. It's rough, it's hard, and it’s enormous- but it's fucking.

"You need to be punished, Miss Miller. You've been a VERY, VERY NAUGHTY GIRL!!!"

The orgasm rips through Lily as James slams his cock into her one final time. Quickly, James pulls out and starts feasting on her. Lily can't think as orgasm after orgasm rips through her. About 13 orgasms later, James picks Lily up and sets her on the floor.


Lily begins to feel that sex vibe. But she pauses- this is wrong. This is naughty. She should not be doing this. But she kneels, and the sight of James' huge, veiny dick nearly makes her cum, so she takes him in her mouth.

She sucks, licks, straddles, strokes, and sweet talks his dick to the point where he cums so hard, they can both barely breathe. But Lily wants more cock. They get dressed and Lily goes home- ready to break the news to her parents: she's moving out, is no longer a virgin, and will not go to college.

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