How my Army Year in Turkey Shaped my Career: Pt 2

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

“Drink piss boy . . . drink and then make cum with me!” He moaned!

At least this time his piss was flowing out of my mouth instead of down my throat! But his cum shot deep into my throat and then down my throat to my stomach!

They left me on the swim dock . . . but with no swim trunks! By the time I was back on shore . . . again I was very weak! I was crawling up from the water and when I was able to finally stand the Turkish women on the beach began laughing and pointing at me!

“Small küçük . . . tiny küçük!” They shouted! Several women were now lined up pointing at my penis . . . my little boy penis ensure I knew what they were saying!

A couple of younger beach men grabbed me and drug me to the shower. Once inside they held me between them and one began fucking my asshole . . . still flowing with lifeguard cum!

“This white boy good fuck . . . you have turn after me . . . yes?” One commented.

After they both took turns fucking me they drug me over to one of those squat toilet which was called a alaturka! Leaving my face right next to this open hole I could smell the piss and shit down in it!

In the next short amount of time I found out both men and women used this shower! Several men aimed their cocks at my face a let their piss fly! They made sure they pissed all over my face, head and down my body!

Finally there were two women next to me. They rolled me onto my back as one of them lowered her pussy to my face! She began pissing as hard as any of the men and then moved forward placing her asshole over my mouth. One by one she pushed out 3 turds moaning alone the way . . . all into my mouth!

I felt the other woman begin pulling on my penis . . . I guess trying to make him longer to put into her mouth! Finally I guess she was happy and began sucking on my penis. By now I was horny enough that I pushed out some cum . . . with little squirts! Once done I watched the two women kiss exchanging my cum between them!

My last Induction Stop was at the First Sargent’s Office. He was the tallest black man I had ever seen!

“Private Watergate,” He spoke, “You seemed to have completed your On Base Processing. Tell me . . . what do you think of our site her in Sinop? Are you looking forward to your one year overseas tour . . . you know away from home?”

I answered the best I could replying that at best it was very interesting . . . yes very!

“The three different Army bases state side never had an In Processing like yours!”

I don’t understand Private . . . tell me how are we different? Top demanded! He had now moved out from behind his desk and was standing in front of me.

I figured by now I knew what I had to do so I unzipped his uniform and pulled out his quite large black . . . uncut cock! I had to wonder why do the men over here all seem to have smegma . . . you know cock head cheese? So I began to pull back his foreskin and lick off his smegma.

“What the hell are you doing Private?” Top demanded!

“Sir . . .” I began, “Everywhere I processed on base . . . all the men either made me suck their cocks or . . . you know . . . bend me over and rape me! I lost count of how many men used me this past week! I smell like cum all the time let alone all the piss they have sprayed over me!”

My First Sargent began to reply to me, but as he began he pulled my mouth over his now hardening cock!

“Private,” He spoke, “I am so sorry, this is the first time I have ever heard this type of activity was going on here on our Sinop. But I am new here too! My tour just began two months ago and you . . . you are the first white boy that has processed onto base! The two black men and the one Hispanic man didn’t say anything about be used or abused sexually!”

This entire time Top was pumping his large black cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. He was leaking quite heavily with his pre-cum. I was hoping no one else would come to his office while I was there today!

“Private,” He asked, “Please tell me . . . boy what did you like the best? I have to assume to enjoy this sex because to openly shared it with me . . . you white boy . . . with a strong black man.” Finally cumming and pushing his cum out of my mouth and out of my nose! Finally with my mouth empty I began to answer him!

I shared, “This last week it seemed to feel the best if one man was fucking my mouth and another man was fucking my butthole! It seems to stop hurting when they push their cocks into my butthole!

After hearing my testimony the First Sargent turned me around . . . now bent over the chair and dropped my pants. Today I wasn’t wearing any underwear so he just pushed his long black cock directly into my butthole!

“Private,” He spoke, “Your saying butthole but from my old neighborhood the gays would called it a little white boy pussy . . . you know a sweet sissy pussy . . . boy! Let me finished up here and you can report to work. Don’t worry about anything boy! I will speak to each of the men that accomplished your . . . oh hell that fucked you this last week and work out a schedule that keep’s everyone happy! Your going to be quite busy as per our Induction Schedule, you’re the last white boy that is assigned to our base for the next 10 months!”

Sure enough Top fixed everything and made himself Number 1 on my weekly sissy tour! He kept me so busy . . . well he had to include my Staff Sargent out at the Electronic Repair Shop to keep him happy . . . all I didn’t was report to different locations and serve up my suck mouth and my sissy pussy!

Too soon one of the Turks heard about my piss and scat adventure at the Beach and added those activities to my agenda! I was amazed how good I got at sucking cocks and making them cum . . . and taking any size cock up my sissy pussy!

My First Sargent end up having the largest cock stretching my pussy the most! A cook at the Mess Hall seemed to save up his pee and fill my stomach twice a week! Those next days I shit like a race horse with the cum and his piss working its way through my system!

I was surprised that it was Motor Pool Charlie’s wife that was my scat queen! He would bring me to his house to spend the night and once there he would put me on my back . . . lying on a cot . . . pulled me to the end so he could rape my pussy . . . all the time his wife would squat over my mouth and empty her turds directly into my mouth. I could hear Charlie encouraging her . . . say what a good job she was doing and just how sexy it was to watch me chew up her turds and shallow them down . . . finished off with her nice warm piss!

Once I returned stateside . . . back to the good ole USA . . . I reported to Ft Benning, GA. I can only assume that my old First Sargent had spoken to my new First Sargent as I had to report to him first!

It seemed like every First Sargent I had was a tall, large black man! Let’s just say that large uncut black cocks seemed to go around with the First Sergeants at every new base!

I continue serving my country . . . now at 23 years . . . moving from base to base sucking and fucking all the men that I had been assigned! Pissing continued most places but scat play became less often.

Stateside the men that were into scat were . . . well let’s say they had more important jobs . . . and ranks (many Officers!) . . . but those scat players seemed to always have the smallest cocks . . . some even as small as me . . . well I’ll be!

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