How my Army Year in Turkey Shaped my Career: Pt 1

by Bob Watergate (Missouri)

I was assigned to a one-year tour in Sinop, Turkey during my time in the US Army. My first task was to In Process to the base there.

My first stop was the Mess Hall to obtain my Meal Pass. There I met a Turkish Effendi. He began talking about sausages and then saw my eyes move to his crotch.

“You like cock boy?” Almet asked me.

Almet dropped his pants and then told me to pull his boxers down. As I got close to them all I could smell was piss and cum! Once I got them down his dark brown cock was hanging there between his legs and it was actually dripping onto the floor!

“Go ahead my boy,” He instructed, “Take him into your mouth and suck me boy!”

To say that his cock was clean would have been a lie! I have no idea how long it had been since his last bath but he was covered with cheese! I mean thick lumpy cock cheese!

“You see Bob,” He laughed, “With me you get a meal along with a good drink of hot cum!” All of my work suck buddies enjoy my nasty cock and fucking their black assholes keeps my cock nice and filthy!"

He grabbed my head ramming his cock deep into my throat as he pumped his hot cum over and over. Each pump seemed like its own little life time! Once he finished his cum he began to push his piss down my throat too!

“Drink me down piss boy!” Almet demanded, “You can stop by on your way to work now and service me boy! You white boy cock suckers are all a like! You want our brown Turkish cocks in my mouths and fucking your assholes!”

He left me on my knees as he left the room! I was covered with cum and piss not sure what to do next. I finally made my way into their backroom toilet to wash my face and clean my mouth! I couldn’t seem to get the taste of cock cheese out of my mouth!

“Ola white boy,” An even older man spoke, “You look like you need some help . . . yes?”

“Please sir,” I responded, “I’m afraid that someone just abused me and using my mouth in bad ways!”

This man came up next to me and began rubbing my back. Then he moved behind me and pushed my pants down . . . even my underwear! I felt him spit on my asshole and then push his brown cock into my asshole!

“Oh no,” I screamed, “Please don’t do this . . . please!”

He didn’t listen to me as he continued to rape my ass deeper and deeper!

“Almet told me that our new fuck boy was back here . . . and so you are! You ass is nice and tight . . . you virgin yes? You not have pussy fucked that much yes? You new here . . . a new long year tour here white pussy boy . . . yes?”

It was all I could do to hold onto the sink as he continued to rape my asshole! He too was pushing into me very deep but he was much bigger around than Almet! As he filled me with his cum he began to sing out something in Arabic . . . and very load was he!

“You good fuck boy! “He moaned! “You have good little boy pussy for an Army boy! You suck my cock clean now . . . yes?”

He turned me around and pushed his shit cover cock into my mouth! Next time to clean you asshole pussy boy or you will get more shite to eat! I think you like shit . . . yes boy? Tell me you eat shit white boy?”

I couldn’t begin to answer him as him large brown cock was now deep in my throat! He finally pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to get gone! I gathered my clothes and walked back to my barracks. The shower felt good and I tried to clean my asshole the best I could. I was able to get the taste of piss and cum out of my mouth but my asshole continued to push out cum . . . loads of it!

My next task was to get my On Base Drivers Permit from the motor pool. The Turkish boss there was named Motor pool Charlie. Charlie was a large turk and welcome me with the standard kiss to both cheeks! I knew I was in trouble as he drag his wet lips across my lips between and after his kisses!

“You need you Drivers Permit yes white boy?” Charles asked me.

“Yes sir I need to pass this test because I have to start driving our van out to the work site every day!” I answered.

Charlie led me to his office and had me set down in a chair. Standing in front of me he dropped his overhauls and his monster brown . . . no his was black cock fell out in front of my face!

“You suck white boy . . . you eat my cum . . .you get you Drivers Permit . . . yes?” Charlie demanded of me!

He pushed forward and drag his black cock across my face . . . against my nose . . . and finally he pushed it into my mouth! He too was already flowing pre-cum like a fire hose! I had to begin to drink him down to keep from choking!

“You suck good white boy!” Charlie moaned. “Yes you good white boy . . . good cock sucker . . . yes!” He continued fucking my mouth as one of his worker came into his office.

“You wait your turn . . . now wait.” Charlie demanded. “Pussy white boy he not done making me cum . . . you wait!”

By the time I made Charlie cum . . . and cum he did . . . even pushing it out of my nose, there were two workers now waiting for a turn!

“He’s all you . . . fuck him good . . . tight pussy he has!” Charlie commented laughing!

The men stripped me and bent me over like I was doing a toe touch in exercise class! One pushed his nasty brown cock into my mouth, again laughing telling me to clean off all of the cheese! The other man told his friend he would use some grease on my asshole . . . which as it felt lumpy it must have been dirty grease!

He rammed his cock deep into my asshole holding me by my hips a fucking he did!

“White boy good fuck . . . yes?” One man stated!

I didn’t know which one but I sure couldn’t speak as he was now flooding my mouth and throat with warm piss! I drank and drank hearing the pisser laughing quite loud!

Once he finished his piss . . . he turned around and pushed his hairy asshole against my lips!

“Lick my ass boy!” He shouted. “My asshole needs a good clean white boy!"

The two men left on the floor in Charlie’s office. I was leaking cum and had piss all over my face and my clothes! Charlie came back into his office and told me to get dressed!

“Bob,” He directed me, “You must come here twice a week to renew you Drivers Permit . . . yes boy? I fuck you each week and make sex cum with you too!”

On Friday I was required to head down to the beach to get swimming certified. There were two lifeguards and they told me I had to swim out to the third lifeguard by the swim ramp . . . 100’ into the water!

I could swim good but by the time I reach the swim ramp I was totally exhausted! I was hanging onto the side of the swim ramp as I felt my swim trunks being pulled down. This lifeguard pushed up onto the platform, slide between my legs and shoved his warm cock into my now quite cold asshole!

“You swim like girl . . . yes?” He said laughing. “And you fuck like girl . . . you a pussy white boy . . . yes? We know all about pussy boys once they get on base! You the new whore puss . . . you suck and fuck everyday pussy boy!”

One of the other lifeguards had now positioned himself in front of my face and pushed his cock into my mouth!

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