How I Seduced My Daddy

by Crissy (Kansas)

I was 18 at the time I became very developed compare to my friends. I'm blonde blue eyes 101 pounds big breasts for my boy size '5'5 cute ass.

I started noticing my dad when I would have on a big t shirt he look at me then I start to see a rise in his cock.

My mom was working the night shift so it's me and Daddy home alone.

I just went to Victoria secret and bought a two piece bikini black. I think I spent my birthday money wise.

So I have it on I look great my big breasts are showing my ass looks good.

So I go down stairs a go in to the living room and say Daddy for you like my bikini?

He looks at me up and down and I see his cock spring up in his pajama pants.

Crissy your not going to wear that at the pool are you?

I ask why?

You look much too sexy for your age.

I can see his rock hard cock.

I say ok Daddy I won't wear it to the pool just at home.

I go upstairs into my room my pussy is so wet.

I made my Daddy so hard.

I started to rub my clit getting so wet and horny a feeling went over me I'm so hot.

I hear my door open it's my Daddy.

He caught me playing with myself.

Look at him my fingers are running over my clit I'm so wet.

My Daddy comes over my bikini has ties on my hips he undoes them both exposing my pussy. I unhooked my top showing of my big breasts.

My Daddy says no Crissy we can't.

I won't tell Daddy.

I then move to him I'm on my knees I pull down his pajama pants oh my God Daddy it's huge must be 12 inches no wonder I hear mom.

I take his cock in my hand I ask what do you want me to do Daddy? He has me stroke him for while.

Then he lays down on my bed has me use my tongue all over his cock. Then he wants me to suck it. I open my mouth take his cock in it.

He tells me what to do, he then licks my clit eats me out having orgasms.

Then he spreads my leg open. Puts his cock head in my lips and gently entered me it hurt but then he filled me up with his cock.

I screamed with pleasure as he fucked me I'm very vocal.

He is about to cum and pulls out and cums all over my body and breasts.

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