How I Got My Sister In Law Pregnant?

by Nitesh Jeebun (India)

Hi I'm Nitesh, married to Aliyah since 7 years. I'm a construction contractor and my wife Aliyah is an interior decorator. We met through our jobs 6 years ago and since then we are together literally. In fact due to our job we are often away from each other in different cities or states. When i finished a building Aliyah took over for the decor.

Aliyah's sister Shelly was in need of help when we got a huge contract in another state. We were to get huge profit and a huge name if we completed this project. It was like a life time opportunity to expand our business.

We accepted but we faced only one problem; Shelly. Shelly lost her husband in a car accident 7 months ago and she was also injuried and needed help. She was a bit depressive and we were the only family here.

Someone needed to be by her side so we decided to take up by turn. When I finished the building renovation I would return and Aliyah would go for the decor. The client accepted which was very obvious.

The building was in a quite good state so my work finished 2 weeks earlier and I knew Aliyah would be taken up for longer time because despite being nice the client was very demanding and minuteous about the decor. I was left with Shelly for about 3-5 weeks.

We had a 4 bedrooms one storey house, with backside pool. The yard is well secured and as we were in summer we would use the pool very often. I never got any sexual thought about Shelly before but this time it was different.

The first few days passed uneventfully but the first weekend hit me like lightning. On the first Saturday I woke up early and cleaned up the pool and prepared lovely breakfast for us. It was already 9am but Shelly was not yet down. I thought to enquire if she was ok in her room. I took the breakfast to her room and knocked the door. No answer I turn the knob the door was not locked so I slowly opened it.

Shelly was still sleeping covering herself till her neck. I got to the bed and noticed the pillow was wet. It was obvious she had been crying the whole night. I shook her by her shoulder she woke up she saw me. I smiled and wished her good morning.

"Wake up princess, the sun is waiting for your admiration" I joked. She gave a innocent smile and yawned making herself uncovered till her hips. She sat up and I saw, in fact I noticed for the first time her firm boobs through her night dress( it was a thin transparent white hip lenght night dress I bought for Aliyah earlier that year, it had it matching panty also no bra).

She saw me staring her boobs, she cleared her throat noisily to warn me that she caught me staring and got out of bed to stretch herself. My eyes got wide opened. She was wearing the matching panty also. It was so thin that her cunt could almost be seen through. I kept staring at her and again she cleared her throat noisily.

"Sorry...I did not...I brought you your breakfast" I stammered.

"Thank you and sorry" she replied.

"Sorry...what for?" I asked

"For the dress" she said " I should have asked you before wearing it"

"Its ok fact you looked more sexier than Aliyah" I courageously replied.

"Oohh...flirting openly with your wife's could be a very bad idea" she joked

"If it is a sexy sister like you then it worth the risk." I said

We both laughed loudly. I was about to leave when Shelly invited me to share her breakfast with her on bed. I confusedly accepted and we sat on the bed.

She crossed her legs like indian priest do which made her cunt more visible under the short dress and I was sitting in front of her. I felt getting an erection. With Aliyah at home I usually stay naked or in boxers only but now I was wearing a tight short and my bulge was very obvious. I was very uncomfortable. Shelly had noticed my bulge and passed on some remarks jokingly.

We finished our breakfast Shelly just let her go down on bed on her back which made her night dress shift up on her belly and her belly button was visible and so was her cunt. Again I stared her cunt and this time her remarks were very direct.

"Stop staring at my pussy as a teen Nitesh, you already had a hard on, you'll burst your shorts soon."

"I cant do anything Shelly, you are so damn sexy." I said

"You want to jerk off then do it so you don't burst your shorts" she laughed

I lifted myself and pulled down my shorts freeing my huge hard on.

Her eyes opened wide and she stammered " are...huge...damn too huge."

Shelly was on my left side so with my right hand I started to jerk off slowly. She closed her eyes but her legs remained opened and I could see a wet patch on the front of her panty. I knew she was getting wet.

I caressed her inner thigh with my left hand she let a soft moan and said in a deep slow breath" don't go any further it's not good, Aliyah is my sister."

But I put my left hand on her cunt over her panty and caressed it softly. She tightly closed her eyes and her breath go more deeper and as she exhaled she let a soft moan coming out. Her panty was getting more wet. I pushed my hand under her panty and started to play with her clitoris.

Soon she started to shiver and clutch my hand with her legs and let a loud moan and a few moments later she released her legs. She had a big orgasm. The front side of her panty and my left hand were completely soaked with her juice.

I took this for an invitation and I got onto her. I tried to remove her panty which she allowed by lifting her butts from the bed. Her love canal was well lubricated with her juice so I pushed my dick in her hole.

She looked up into my eyes and said "I don't think we are doing the right thing."

"From where we are now I don't think we can turn back." I replied and before I could say anything more she invited open her legs letting me push my dick deeper. Soon I was deep inside her and started fucking her hard. She was moaning loudly with pleasure.

"Ooohhh...Aaahhh...aahhhh yaaaa...yesssss....more deeper..."

Her words drove me more crazier and I trusted her harder and deeper.

Soon she was going to have a second orgasm. She crossed her legs around my waist and hugged me closer to her. I could feel her pussy tightening around my dick. I was about to cum too.

A few more thrusts and we both had orgasm together. I cum deep inside her. I remained on top of her hugging for a few minutes then I rolled on her side. We were both panting heavily and enjoyed it. Shelly cuddled onto my chest and we both fell asleep.

We woke up at around 2pm still naked on bed. Her juice had dried on my dick now soft and the bed sheet was drenched with my cum dripping out of her pussy.

We had shower together and again we fucked under the shower in doggy position. After dinner we fucked again on the couch and slept naked together. This went on daily for 4 weeks till Aliyah returned. I took Shelly with me in my business she was a fast learner so in a short time she understood how it works and she could manage it without me around. Work was only an excuse this was only how we could fucked despite having Aliyah at home.

Aliyah doubted something was going between us by the sudden closeness Shelly and I shared. She even asked us but we denied. But one day she found us kissed and grabbing each other in the back yard.

At first she was furious but then she remembered how depressive Shelly was and how joyful she is now. We talked and now we shared a good threesome relationship which we never thought we would share someday.

We often slept together all three in one bed and I fuck them turn by turn and they have also initiated lesbianism together so if I'm not home they do it together. Both Shelly and Aliyah are pregnant now and we are all three very happy. A few months more and I'll be the father of two children from two different mothers but also sisters.

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