Hot Summer Morning

by Anonymous

It was a warm July summer morning. Classes were out, I had no job and had gotten into the habit of sleeping all morning.

As I laid there half awake / half asleep the fan in the corner of the room droned on. There was no air conditioning back then, just opened windows and a fan to move some air.

I was suddenly woke by my young 18yo sister who dove on my bed, called me lazy started to stir me to life. She was a brat but my kid sister no less.

As she tried to wake me, the breeze from the fan blew up the sun dressed she wore this day. To my very good fortune, she was not wearing underwear and I got a nice little look.

My cock sprang to life, as it always did in the morning, and I struggled to keep it from making it own showing. Either she didn’t notice or didn’t care but as she moved onto on my bed the dress didn’t stay down as her full ass came into view.

It was cute and round and shaped perfectly for her size. This called for a closer look, so I just asked if I could look as her butt. She said sure and pulled the dress above her ass as I positioned myself at her feet to get the best view.

After a few minutes, I could no longer stand it and just grabber her cheeks in my hands. They were soft but firm as I squeezed them and then pulled them apart to expose her butt hole.

It was small and pink and I didn’t think a pencil would fit up there, although the thought was in my mind. I settled for tickling her and rolling her over.

The slit was closed tight and really did look like a biscuit. So cute and needing further exploration, so I stuck my face there and started to lick. She offered no resistance and spread her legs wider to allow for better access.

I stayed down there until my dick started to hurt from attempting to drill a hole in my bed. I got up on my knees and asked if she want to see my dick. She sheepishly nodded yes and I stood up and removed my underwear.

As she stared at it, I moved closer to her. I put her hand on it and started to stroke, it was incredible. She moved the other hand to my balls and I warned her to be careful and not to squeeze too hard.

With some encouragement, she was doing a pretty job at giving me a hand job but I wanted more. I pulled her hands away and pushed my cock into her mouth. She tried a bit but this was a wasted effort, I guess not her thing.

I, on the other hand, was not so easily swayed. I asked her to lay on her belly and straddled her ass. Her butt was dry but that was nothing a bit of spit couldn’t fix. I humped her butt cheeks and never tried to go any further but did pump my load on her ass. This was going to be a fun summer.

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