Hot Summer, Hot Mom

by Kevin (CA)

Although it was only the beginning of summer, the weather was already hot. My parents had just divorced a few months before, I had just graduated, so now it was just mom and me. My mom and I had always had a good mother son relationship and we were close.

“Oh, the weather is so hot,” my mom complained that morning. We were int eh kitchen and she was getting some more coffee.

“Yeah,” I agreed. “I can imagine what the rest of summer is going to be like.”

“Hot and hotter still,” she said. She grinned. “I guess that we could always go around the house without clothes on.”

“Fine with me,” I said, not taking her remark very seriously.

Then she said, “I mean … it’s private. No one would know.”

I was a little surprised because she sounded like she was being serious. “Um… it’s fine with me.”

“I mean … your father’s not here,” she added.

“Yeah,” I said, knowing that was true. And actually, kind of liking the fact that he wasn’t. My father had not been an easy person to get along with, and I never had gotten along with him. And I knew that he and mom had really not been getting along for sometime. Hence, no surprise when they announced that they getting divorced. Personally, I thought it was a good thing.

Looking a little demure she said, “Do you want to?”

I looked at my mom. “You mean … just take off our clothes?”

“Well, I only have my robe on,” she said. It was early and we had both just gotten up. Mom was wearing shortish silky yellow robe. I was sitting there iin a t-shirt and shorts and barefoot like she was, too.

“Well, no one’s coming over,” my mom said mindfully, thinking of privacy.

“No, I suppose not …” I said.

“It’ll be fun,” she said. “And a whole lot cooler.”

“Yeah,” I relied hesitantly, thinking that it would be cooler.

Taking that as me agreeing, I watched as my slipped her robe off revealing that she was quite naked beneath. I had really never seen my mom naked before, so this was a little surprising seeing her that way. She looked nice. My mom had short orange hair and wore glasses, and was attractive with a sunny sort of face. Her figure was trim, and she had medium sized full breasts, each punctuated by a quarter-size dark pink nipples, and a patch of slightly darker pubic hair.

She just stood there at the counter and smiled at me in a pleased sort of way. Then quite calmly she lit a cigarette, acting perfectly ordinary about the fact that she was now head-to-tor naked. I had no idea that my mom could be so relaxed about that. I mean, she was just my mom, and not someone that I thought of as ever liking walking around with nothing on.

“Are you going to take your clothes off?” she asked, expectantly. “I don’t want to be the only who’s naked.”

“Oh,” I said. “Um … yeah.”

I really didn’t have time to summon my courage. I just found myself getting undressed and suddenly there I was … naked with my mom.

She gave me a pleased smile.

There was sort of a modest moment and I grinned a bit sheepish as I sat there at the table with my mug of coffee.

“This is nice, isn’t it?” she said.<

“Yeah …” I answered, not knowing if it was or not. It was different. And it was interesting.

Then, suddenly what I was afraid would happen, did. I found myself staring to get an erection. I just couldn’t help it and there was no way to hide it. My penis just stiffened and pushed up in a visible display.

“That looks nice,” my mom teased.

I blushed. “Sorry about that.”

“You don’t have to be embarrassed,” she assured. “I feel flattered that you can get an erection with your mom.”

I was still blushing and grinning self-consciously. Actually, in spite of my embarrassment, it was sort of thrilling to be having a boner in front of my own mom like that, and of course this only encouraged it to be as hard as it could be.

My mom left her cigarette in the ashtray and stepped over, leaning down a little to give me a kiss on the cheek, as if approving of my naked arousal. I felt better and glad that she wasn’t shocked or upset.

My mom surprised me again and said, “Do you want to take care of that real quick? We could.”

I didn’t know what to say.

Looking thoroughly entrained and amused. She took my hand and we walked off together to the bedroom She climbed on the bed and laid back. I found myself joining her. We slipped into each other’s arms and shared a few small kisses on the lips. I got on top of her and took a hold of my now very rigid penis and guided it into place. The next thing I knew my erection was pushing into my mom’s vagina.

“Oooo …” she said as she laid there with me fully inserted. “That feels nice.”

I smiled at her and started to gently go in and out. I was amazed to actually be doing this with my own mom. I was amazed to see my mom being so receptively sexual.
She moved her hops with mine to encourage the action, doing so in quite an uninhibited fashion

She closed her eyes, savoring the pleasure. “It’s nice to fuck,’ she said.

I had never heard her use the “F” word before.

“It feels good fucking you, mom,” I said back.

“I’m glad that you like it. It’s so special doing it with my son.”

I increased my rhythm, feeling my stiff penis sliding smoothly back and forth in her soft, wet vagina. It was so incredible being this personal and intimate with my mom, and to have her being this personal and intimate with me.

We fucked for the next two minutes, both of us drawing in much needed breaths.

“Ooo … oh …” she moaned a little.

I could tell that she was liking this.

“Oh … Oh … Oh … “ she said in little gasps. “Ohhhhhh …. Uh …. Uhmmmmm.”

I could hardly believe that my mom was having an orgasm.

Oh, geez! She was actually cumming!

“Ohhhh …Ohhhhh … yes.”

It felt wonderful giving my mom this kind of pleasure and excitement.

She laid there and struggled beneath as she climaxed.

My penis was so hard in her. I was just sliding it in and out, plunging again and again into her wet vagina. In the next moment I was ejaculating. It almost took me by surprise. Suddenly my semen was shooting out and I realized that I was giving my mom my sperm. She hadn’t said anything about my not doing this in her, and I hoped that it was ok. But it was too late now, as my penis ejaculated fully in her.

I heard her moan a little.

Then it was over and we were both finished.

I climbed off of her and we lay there together.

“Oh, honey …” she said, caressing my face with her hand and looking at me in a significant way. “That was so nice.”

“I enjoyed it, too,” I told her.

“With the divorced and all, it’s important for a woman to be reassured like this,” she told me. “And it was very special doing this with you.”

“It was very special doing it with you too, mom,” I said.

She then smiled with a hint of modesty and rolled her eyes. “I know that I’m not the first mom to be fucking with her own son.”

“Hardly,” I said, realizing that this was true.

“But it’s wonderful having you take care of my needs.”

“I like taking care of your needs,” I told her and smiled. “I’m glad to.”

“This does make things a whole nicer,” she said.

I certainly thought so. We fucked twice that morning.

I could only happily think – what would dad say if he knew that mom and I were now lovers?

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