Honeymoon In Malindi

by dedalus

In the night of 24th October, about 10.30 p.m., Mr. Lighting and his wife Claire, an English newlywed couple who were visiting Malindi during their honey-moon, were returning to their residence at Mbuyuni House where their host had accommodated them. They came from dinner outside the compound.

When they were entering the residence, they were attacked by a group of people numbering over 10, most of who were masked but composed both of African and Arabic decent. They forced the couple into their room.

The attackers, speaking a rough English, demanded for money which Mr. Lighting did not give. So he was assaulted with pangas, rungus and stones and as a result he sustained various bodily injuries. He was undressed completely, his hands and feet were tied and he was thrown onto the floor. One of the men robbed him of the keys for the doors of the Guest House.

The attackers then turned their attention to Mrs.Lighting.

The gang leader grabbed the woman's brown hair. He took off her earrings and necklace and ripped her spectacles. Next another man got behind Mrs.Lighting and he began to unhook her dress. She tried to react, but another man pointed a panga against her throat.

The woman's long dress and shirt dropped to the floor. She again tried to free herself but a man blocked her arms behind her. The gang leader got in front of her and ordered his buddies to made Mr.Lighting stand up in front of his wife.

"He must watch," said the leader.

The attackers then untied Mr.Lighting feet and forced him to stand up. With a panga to his throat, a man ordered to keep his eyes wide open.

Next the gang leader cut the woman's white bra, exposing her c-cup breasts.

"Please leave her alone, please!" Mr. Lighting begged the men.

"Shut up!"

Mrs.Lighting was then pushed towards a couch and forced to bend over it, still with a panga to her head. The gang leader got right behind her, lowered her white panties and rubbed the woman's vagina with his fingers. He then turned his attention at Mr.Lighting nude body, particularly at his 5-inches penis. All the attackers laughed loudly.

"Madam, I see that you are used to little things....It's the time to change...", the gang leader said, lowering his trousers and pulled out his 8-inches erect black penis. When he put it at the entrance of Mrs.Lighting vagina, the woman's husband closed his eyes, but he was again forced to open them because of the panga against his neck.

The gang leader then put his hands on Mrs.Lighting's hips, spreading her legs apart and pushed his large penis into the woman's vagina. When the man began thrusting vigorously into her, Mrs.Lighting moaned in pain.

After few minutes the gang leader released his semen into the woman and withdrew his penis.

Next other two attackers penetrated Mrs.Lighting from behind, while she was still bending on the couch. The second one, after few minutes of vaginal sex, decided to push his 7-inches penis into Mrs.Lighting anus. The woman screamed and begged the man to withdraw his penis, saying that she never had anal sex and it was hurting her.

"I told you it's the time to change, Madame", the man said, pushing slowly his penis into the woman's rectum and finally ejaculating into her.

The attack lasted about ¾ of an hour and when rescue came, Mrs.Lighting managed to climb over the neighbouring wall to the next housem, but the three workers who lived in the servant quarters did little to help alert neighbour for help except one of them who finally climbed over the wall and ran to report to the Police.

The couple received initial medical treatment first at Malindi and soon after in the morning in Nairobi Hospital where the Mr.Lighting and his wife were flown to in the night towards morning. The vaginal and rectal swabs both showed numerous spermatozoa confirming the fact that Mrs.Claire Lighting had been assaulted by sexually fertile men.

The day after the couple returned in England.

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