Home Nursing

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Home Nursing

Finishing nursing school and deciding to enter Home Healthcare, I accepted the highest offer, now you may think all Home Healthcare Companies would be the same but they are not. All have 4 and 5 stars if you check websites but each and every company has its own guidelines, within the boundaries of what services you can purchase and as with the insurance companies of our Nation.

The rich get the betters as the poor get the Leftovers. It has certainly worked that way with my rich grandmother, for she requested through her many ways of paying, Private Insurance, Medicare and the ability pay over and above. I now live in with my Gran, delivering the homecare she needs from falling out of bed, dislocating her hip. Gran’s insurance companies are all in, for it saves high cost of hospitalizing.

Everything went quite well the first two weeks, Gran has a walk in bath tub with all the bells and whistles, helping to make my job easier. Gran dressed of a short bath robe, getting her into for bathing, relieving my need to give her sponge baths, after the first week. Gran did seem to be getting much better within the second week, and by the second week’s end, Gran was looking forward to her bath. Dressed of her short robe, it was not so hard, getting her back to bed.

“I’m tired of this damn thing, Ben!”

At the bed’s edge Gran slipped her robe from her shoulders and let drop to the floor, turning to slid upon the bed I got a full view of my grandmother’s naked body. Before I’d used a sheet sponge bathing, at seventy years old Gran has a very supple and slim body. A set of tits to make any young woman envious, I suspected work had been done.

Which sat my mind to wondering, Gran did not have the appearance of a woman of her years, in my thoughts. The youthful appearance of Gran, I’d avoided looking at her directly, as of a professional. Did notice Gran’s dark haired pussy, matched her long hair, showing no gray of her head.

“They are nice, aren’t they, Ben,” Gran cupped both her breasts displaying as I had the covers half up, Gran kicked the covers off, lying naked before me.

“I want to see that cock, Ben. I want to see it, big and hard,” Gran grabbed the waist band of my scrubs, pulling down.

“Gran, have you gone crazy,” I demanded.

“Cock Crazy, I’ve always been and as much as I am paying to have you here, I want to see it all,” Gran tugging at my boxer shorts, in my amazement my cock was out, before I knew.

“I won that bet with myself. I knew you’d have a nice and lovely piece of meat,” lust of Gran’s eyes, I could not deny.

“I want it, Ben. I want it in my mouth, I want to feel it swell and get hard between my lips,” hand to my soft cock and eyes to mine I didn’t know what to do. Gran rolled of her bad hip, toward the outside of the bed, tugging my cock toward her mouth. Dumbfounded I followed my cock, cock of warm mouth responded.

“Oh Ben, your cock tastes so good,” Gran pulled away uttering, rolling and pinching her large nipples to hard.

“Fuck Gran’s face, Ben. Gran can handle eight inches of thick cock easily, shoot your punk down, Gran’s throat,” felt Gran’s mouth recapture my hard cock. Gran had skills, sucking and loving cock and as I have not been laid in some time, I stood receiving an amazing blowjob.

Only minutes passed and my built up load from not having sex, cock pumped into Gran’s mouth. All she ate, with total delight of her face and Gran continued sucking and loving, keeping my cock hard and called out.

“Let’s fuck, Ben! Gran’s pussy needs a good pounding,” Gran moved to the middle of the bed.

“Gran! Your hip,” I called.

“Don’t worry, I still have one good leg I can throw up into the air,” hand full of my cock, Gran laughed enjoying the progress she made.

“You didn’t buy into me, falling out of bed dislocating my hip did you, Ben. Hell, I was trick fucking with my legs up in the air,” stroking cock Gran lay with one knee up and open legs. I have to admit, Gran looked quite fuckable.

“If you think rich women won’t pay for it just like rich men, you need an eye opener, Ben. See this,” Gran pulled a finger out of her pussy, showing me how wet.

“I know what you are thinking, Ben. Don’t worry, I haven’t spent all your inheritance, on keeping my appearance up.”

“Gran, I’m not the least worried of any inheritance, why I went to Nursing School.”

Gran had been married five times, amassing quite a wealth but unlike many of her grandchildren, I didn’t worry of what she may leave behind, I was my own man. Three of Gran’s husbands died of natural causes, I was now wondering if she may have fucked them to death and the other two, just ran away. Settlements of insurance and husbands left Gran quite well off, all the family knew, speaking of it so often.

“That’s all well and good, Ben and I believe you. Why you are here and not some other. Finishing Nursing School showed Gran you were different, than all my other grandchildren but Gran’s old pussy, needs a good fucking.”

Eagerness of Gran’s eyes as I climbed upon the bed taking cock in hand, a million things going through my mind. Stroking cock, Gran watching, Gran half rolled upon her bad hip, her good leg as she called, raised to rest of my shoulder. I sat of knees with my cock posed. Wet dark haired pussy lips exposed, this is for Gran, I told myself. Gran looking to me, her head turned to peer over, her shoulder.

“You won’t have to spit on it, just massage Gran’s pussy with the big head, a bit, before you slip it in,” cock was up for the task.

“What about, the incest, Gran,” Gran laughed out loud.

“You worried of getting me pregnant, Ben. Gran is way passed that. Quit teasing and give your old Gran, what she needs so badly,” rubbed the helmet head of my cock of Gran’s wet pussy, arms around Gran’s thigh I lifted her partially up, relieving the weight off her bad hip and started my cock in.

“That feels so, damn good, Ben. Gran loves a big thick cock,” Gran’s smile and eyes, told that story.

“Gran!” I called out, cock sunk to the bone.

“That’s some good pussy. Uh Ben. Feels good just to have your huge cock in old Gran, doesn’t it!”

I wasn’t expecting my cock to respond of fermions or whatever was shooting up my cock, bringing such tremendous pleasures to my brain. My fair share of pussy I’ve had and a nurse I know all people are of a certain temperature but I swear Gran’s pussy, felt much hotter. Stroking Gran’s pussy with my cock, I wondered if she knew in advance, how my cock would feel in her pussy.

Thinking Gran knew I would be trapped once she had my cock inside her, never able to deny her my cock ever again, a more robust fucking of Gran’s wondrous pussy, I began. A really huge orgasm lasting longer than any I’d ever had, within ten minutes I had my second cumming of the day, my brain and mind in a swirl. Kept fucking Gran’s magnificent hot pussy, never losing my hard, another orgasm building deep in my balls, felt I was to last a long time. Gran’s eyes rolled, the pleasures she was receiving matching my own and Mom walked in.

“I thought you would last, at least three weeks, Mom,” without missing a beat, Mom came, like she knew I would be fucking my grandmother or it was out of the ordinary to see her Mom getting fucked.

“Did you know this boy had a cock like this,” Gran wasn’t surprised at all, to see Mom.

“No, but I did suspected.”

Mom bent of the bed taking my cock into her mouth, out of Gran I’d pulled, when Mom walked in the door. Sucking and loving my cock as Gran watched, Mom pulling, tugging, unbuttoning to remove her clothing. Out of her bra Mom’s magnificent tits spilled out, they needed no support. Many times I’d peeked at my gorgeous Mom, any chance I’d gotten, over the years. My hand Mom placed to her tits as my cock exploded, the third time of the day.

“I’m afraid I have robbed you, a load of cum, Mom,” my Mom smiled to me, before returning to loving my cock.

“As long as you keep it up for me, I don’t mind sharing,” another humorous laugh from Gran.

“You are about to learn, your Mom has inherited the same condition as I and we are hoping, you have too. And it appears to be so with the many times you have blown your cum load, in the last hour and still up,” confusion must have been written of my face, easy for Gran to read.

“Mom will be spending a lot of time, helping you take care of Gran. It’s the perfect excuse for you and I to be here,” up from sucking my hard cock Mom looked me, directly in the eyes, before aiming my cock to Gran’s magnificent pussy.

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