Home Coming

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

Home Coming

Hello my name is Bess and I have some things I need to get off my chest or on my chest. My older brother Jake, by four years joined the Navy at age eighteen, becoming a Medic. Jake married and divorced before being sent to Afghanistan. Mom, Dad and I barely saw him for the four years, he's been away. Jake married overseas and he spent most of his leave time of his wife and in-laws.

Happy as hell I was, when Mom told me Jake was coming home giving up his military career because of the Americans left behind in Afghanistan and the lack of Presidential Support. Jake was bummed out and likely be suffering from PTSD, like so many who realize the effort they’d made to our country was all in vain and we’d have to be extra special nice to him. Helping Jake through this to live a normal life.

Here I had no problems, I’d wanted to fuck Jake since I was fourteen years old and my fantasies had not ended. Even at age twelve, my pussy was giving me fits, I’d peek at Jake in the shower or him nude in his own room and get myself off. Now you may think a young girl of twelve, shouldn’t be thinking about such things but let me tell you. In this day and age, everywhere you turn sex is the talk, rather watching the news or some reality show. Boys and girls are doing it, boys and boys are doing it, girls and girls, are doing it.

It’s like, if you are not doing it, you are the one missing out. Let me tell you, when a girl begins to hair over, the peach fuzz starts to show up, the thoughts of sex comes. Though I did not save my virginity until graduation of Prom Night like so many, I did think about my brother’s cock, quite often. Jake has an eight inch cock, his fingers could barely close around, a very practiced eye I have developed. I did mention, I peeked often.

News of Jake return home, I took very well and nearly bummed as he, moody and quite, I wanted to do something helping him but was I to do.

Staying his room and to himself, Jake slept much. After a couple of weeks Jake began to improve, out working the flower beds around our home, spring coming and all abloom. Time alone and to think, that sort of thing, working the flower bed outside Jake’s window, I saw the reason of Jake’s improvement.

Mom was sucking his cock, taking all the way down her throat, hairy naked pussy in his face. Right down into the dirt, I sat watching, the very cock I’d wanted for so long, Mom swallowed Jake’s cum. The very cum I wanted, Mom rolled over and mounted Jake’s, still hard cock. Out the window Jake looked, directly into my eyes, the whole while Mom pounded him from atop. Mom’s huge tits Jake captured in his mouth.

Mom’s tits gorgeous, nipples had to poke out an inch, heavy melons sagged little I could see from my vantage point and Mom, of her late forties, slim and trim. Jealous I couldn't help, the cock I’d long for so long, an hour or more Mom rode Jake. Jake never checked if I was still there, through the whole fucking sat where I was, longing for the cock, I wanted.

Throughout the day I couldn’t get the scene from my mind, sitting down to supper with Dad home, often he wasn’t having a Military Career. Mom and Jake acting as if nothing abnormal had accrued. Glances between the two I didn’t miss, Dad carried the conversation throughout dinning and of the evening. Politics and treatment of our service men and women, Dad was very much a patriot. Quiet I stayed thinking what I was to do.

After everyone had gone to bed and all lights out but the hall light, I made my way to Jake’s room. None of the bedroom doors of our home have locks. When we need privacy, we prop a straight back chair under the doorknob, chair sitting close I knew. Over to Jake’s bed I made my way in the total darkness slipping between the sheets, his back to me I spooned myself reaching over to take hold of the cock, I wanted so badly. Jake’s cock soft but I sensed he was awake.

“I saw you and Mom today,” I whispered.

“I know,” Jake whisper back, his cock stiffening, I felt.

“Jake, I’ve wanted to fuck you, since I was fourteen. I wanted you to be my first but you went off and joined the Navy.”

Over Jake rolled, taking me in his arms, kissing ever so gentle and sweet. Sheets thrown back, Jake guided with his hands, my legs over the top of him and hairy pussy to his mouth. Bro eating my pussy with his cock in my mouth, like Mom I ate Jake’s cock all the way to the bone. I wasn’t about to be out done by my own mother, not after wanting, for so long.

Nearly three hours Jake and I fucked, sucked and ate cum. Just as my fantasies, often lead me to believe, Jake’s cum tasted far better than any I’d ever had and he delivered so much. The best fuck I’d ever had and as I’d dreamed, with him away. That woman he’d married, I was so happy Jake was home and divorced. The PTSD I would never have him go through but it did give Mom and I the opportunity or the excuse, Mom and I needed to fuck my beautiful brother.

Two passions I have, fucking my brother and gardening, decided the next afternoon to work the flower bed outside Jake’s window. A beautiful flower bed and Jake to see out his window, may possibly help. The same as the day before, Mom and Jake fucking. Jealous again I wonder what Dad would do if he were to know. Evening meal went as the day before, same conversations, I could hardly wait until lights out. Making way to Jake’s room of the darkness I slipped between the sheets.

“Are you too tired,” I questioned to his back.

Throwing the sheets back, Jake once again guided me into place, for the munching of my pussy and I his cock. Noticed since the previous night, Jake’s pussy eating skills had improved. Jake’s sessions with Mom had results, perhaps completion with Mom, may not be so bad. Jake’s cum tasted, not should I say better but different, his cock did seem somewhat different tonight, I passed off as another day. When Jake rolled me of my back entering my wanting hot pussy, I knew something was awry, reached flipping on the bed side lamp.

“Dad!” Surprised I shouted.

“This was Jake’s ideal,” Dad froze with his cock buried deep in his daughter’s pussy, I took hold of his arms and hooked with my heels, keeping Dad from pulling out.

“Can you fuck and talk at the same time, Dad?”

“Yes, but the conversation may take longer,” another cock feeling as wonderful as Jake’s, I knew immediately I didn’t want to give up.

“I have time, Dad. You knew Mom and I are fucking, Jake,” of course he knew but is my mind supposed to work properly receiving the pleasures I am. Any problems of incest fucking my Dad left my mind, the moment I realized, it wasn’t Jake’s cock making me feel so wonderful. Perhaps it accrued to me, when Dad ate my pussy through the many orgasms I had, while sucking his cock and eating his cum.

“Yes, your mother and I discussed Jake’s depression, your mother so distraught, he may slip further, going down the road of no return. I suggested your Mom let him see, her eating his cum, fucking him your Mom has gotten into very much,” Dad paused the conversation to stroke his daughter’s, wanting pussy, I didn’t press him.

“It took three times of eating Jake’s cum, before he responded farther than his cumming,” my Hunky Dad fucking my pussy, so beautiful to me.

“Dad, now that we are fucking with the light on, would you like to see me, eating your cum. I sure would love watching your eyes, you cumming in your Baby Girl’s, pretty face,” knew I wasn’t a dog and Dad loved my pretty face, not long and Dad was climbing my chest, dumping his load into my waiting mouth.

“Dad, I really can’t say whose cock feels the best or cum taste the sweeter, yours or Jake’s.”

“That’s the same thing your mother said,” Dad back in my pussy, the men of my family cumming and staying hard, pleased this slut much.

“Dad, I’m going to have to do some very extensive research in the department of fucking my father and brother. Some very extensive research,” big smile for Dad, I couldn’t wipe from my face.

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