Home Alone

by Carol (Florida)

I’m married to a wonderful man, Rocky but he travels a lot for business leaving me home alone. I have my dog to keep me company, but I’m horny all the time and I miss Rocky’s big cock. I like to sunbathe nude and my landscaper, Abel catches me so I out on a little show for him.

I get him so worked up that he cuts my grass for free. I think that’s pretty funny, but I ask him if he enjoys my shows and he answers yes. I get so wet and horny doing this that after I take a shower, I go to the glory hole spot here and let strange men fuck me.

I think it’s so hot to be in a booth and a stranger’s cock comes through the hole and I have a choice of either fucking or sucking him. I’ve been there a half a dozen times and every time I leave, my pussy is filled with cum and very satisfied.

I’ve also done the single scene Oman adult website and was fucked by a couple of men, both young and old and black and white. This one man in particular was a short older black man but his cock was past his knee. I made a date with him and went to his apartment. I had on a white sundress and was naked underneath.

I rang the bell and when he answered the door he had a robe on. I said Hi my name is Carol and he said I’m Stu. I said nice to meet you Stu and he took his robe off showing me his huge cock. He pulled my sundress off and put me on his bed and started to play with my big tits.

He licked and sucked them getting me wet and his cock was now rock hard. He gets up and puts his huge black monster in my mouth. I sucked it and made it wet for him to fuck me. Stu got between my legs and slowly pushed his cock inside me.

He says Carol you’ve got such a big pussy and I laugh and say that’s from all the big cocks I’ve fucked over the years. Oh yes Stu fuck me as I wrap my legs around him so I could feel every inch of his black cock. Stu fucked me deep the way I like it and I came multiple times.

When Stu came he filled my pussy up with his cum. We fucked all night and in the morning before I left I took a shower and Stu fucked me one more time. I fucked Stu for awhile until he moved away and that was the end of the single scene.

Like I said being home alone I need cock just like any other woman. I went to a party at my girlfriends Val house down the street from me. There were three other couples and this really old man. I had on a yellow sundress and again naked underneath.

Well I had a couple glasses of wine and was a little tipsy when this old man, Jay sat next to me on the couch, and he said what’s a pretty lady doing here all alone. I told him my hubby is away on business. He said good so you’ll be all mine tonight.

He was trying to take my dress off and I said that’s it I’m leaving. I get up and Jay says Carol I’ll walk you home. I told him no thank you and started to walk home. Jay followed me and he put his arm around me and kissed me and he was feeling me up in the middle of the street.

I get to my house and he has my dress up and he’s putting his fingers inside me. I tell him please Jay stop. I open the door and my pit bull Lucky is standing there snarling at Jay. He says Carol put him somewhere so I can come in. I say to Jay you put him away, with that Jay leaves.

I pat Lucky on the head and tell him good boy. I get naked and lay on the bed and Lucky starts to cry. I tell him ok you can sleep with mommy and he jumps up on the bed. I feel a cold nose between my legs licking my pussy and I tell him you’re a bad boy.

I get up and go to put him in the living room when he knocks me to the ground and I’m on all fours and I feel his big red dog cock trying to find my pussy. He keeps humping me until he pushes his cock inside me. I try to get up but he weighs a 100lbs and I can’t move.

He’s pounding my pussy and now all I can do is enjoy it. I cum three times and Lucky fills my pussy with his dog cum. He gets off me and I stick my fingers in my pussy to taste his cum. I didn’t put him in the living room after we were done because I wanted some more of his cock and he gave it to me.

Tomorrow I have an older Asian man, Mr Kim coming here to give me a massage. Rocky is usually here when he comes but not today. Ok I’m on the massage table and the bell rings. I tell him come in and Mr Kim says Hi Carol are you ready for your massage.

I tell him yes and he warms some oil and he pulls down my towel so only my butt is covered. I’m on my belly and he starts massaging my shoulders and he’s rubbing the sides of my tits. Kim works his way down my legs then up just missing my pussy.

It feels so good and then he says Carol please turn over which I do. He’s now massaging my big tits and going down my legs. This time he puts his fingers inside me. I say to him Mr Kim what are you doing and he says relax Carol relax. Mr Kim is finger fucking me and I cum and I tell him ok I’m finished.

Again he says relax and the next thing I know he’s on the table putting his cock inside me. OMG age felt so good I said that’s right Kim fuck me. Kim is fucking me really fast like Lucky did and I’m cumming like crazy.

Kim asks where’s Rocky and I tell him away and he says ok that means I can fuck you as long as I want to. Yes Kim as long as you want to give me your cock. We fucked four times and it’s late and he leaves.

I had Lucky put away in another room and when I opened the door he jumped on me again humping me, so me like the good mommy that I am I let him fuck me. He knotted inside me and my pussy was gushing with his cum.

I took a shower put him in the living room and went to sleep. This is what happens when a horny woman is left home alone. ALL TRUE STORIES.

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