Home Alone

by Malcolm (UK)

I grew up in the 60s, alone with mum never having known my dad. From an early age I had a fascination with her bras and panties and in my teens began trying them on. I knew it wasn't what boys were meant to do and learnt to keep it hidden, always taking care that things were left exactly as I had found them.

We used to travel to see family in Scotland several times a year. At age 14 I was able to persuade mum to let me stay behind. I was wonderful to have the place to myself and to get fully dressed as a girl. By this time I had acquired some clothes of my own, sneaking castoffs into our loft. I found where neighbours had put stuff for the bins.

When I was 18 one of mum's trips coincided with our neighbours, Mike and Doreen going on holiday. We would look after their dog and have access to their house. This was my opportunity to explore their house and in particular Doreen's wardrobe and undies drawer. She was about 30 and her clothes were far more exciting than my mum's. Their house was a bit of a mess and untidy which made rummaging about in her things easier.

I went in and fed Jason their black labrador. Leaving him downstairs I headed upstairs and into their bedroom. I discovered all her lacy panties, bras and suspender belts. I was soon out of my own clothes and parading about in Doreens undies using her used ones. I had brought my own stockings to wear, not wanting to risk putting a ladder in hers. I put on one of her miniskirts and a blouse.

I posed in front of the mirror saying stuff like 'hello I'm Doreen' 'Do I look sexy Mike' 'Do you want to make love to me darling'

I was getting quite aroused, then I froze when I heard a sound on the stairs. I was so relieved when I realised it was only Jason.

He padded into the room looking about. 'Hello Jason, do you like me all dressed up' He came over and put his nose under my skirt possibly attracted to the smell of my dick which was already erect and wet.

It felt exciting to interact with him, so I sat down on the bed and pulled my cock out. Straightaway he began licking it. I was gasping with pleasure. I pulled off my/Doreens panties and spreading my legs let him sniff and lick my crotch and my anus.

I hadn’t planned any of this but I was caught up with the sexual excitement. I got down on the floor and petted Jason's head. 'Do you want to be my boyfriend Jason' I kissed his mouth. He licked mine and I opened my mouth allowing his tongue to enter. Even though I could smell the pungent odour of dog food I licked inside his mouth too. I had never even kissed a girl and yet here I was snogging with a dog.

I reached under his belly and felt for his cock, rubbing it till it began to emerge a little. I got Jason to lie on his back. The deep red tip poking out of its sheath. Fascinated I stroked it more and placed my head on his belly as it came further out. I moved to kiss it and sucked on it. I was amazed at how big it was now it was out, and how it had a curios lump. It couldn't be his balls cos I could see them. I had to hold him down as he didn't want to stay like that.

As soon as I let him go he leapt on me trying to press his cock onto me. I stood up and he was looking at me panting, then pawing at me to get down for him. Up to now it had been a sort of play acting but now I had this dog aroused and he actually intended to fuck me.

'Ok ok Jason I'll let you do it. I got you horny so I owe it to you'

I looked around and saw the padded futon. I knelt down and bent over it presenting my naked bum to him. He was straight at me but kept trying to hump one of my legs. I had to guide him into position. He was stabbing at me all over with his bony penis. Then I cried out as he jabbed it right inside my hole.

'Oh my god' I could feel him inside me. His paws gripped my waist and he arched his back pounding at me. The pain grew as I felt my anus being stretched open. I was gritting my teeth as the pain reached a crescendo and then it subsided at the same time Jason stopped humping.

As he lay on my bank panting I felt something odd, his penis swelling up inside me and I knew we were locked together. Jason starting wriggling about getting his front paws on the floor and then bringing his rear leg over. I felt my rectum was being pulled inside out each time he moved. We stayed like this rear end to rear end and I could feel his wetness flowing into me.

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