Home Alone

by Czodias (Australia)

I met her while walking in the wood, as I do in summer days. And there I met her, a blond, may be aged 18 or so! This afternoon, we got walking and when we got nearer to her house she asked if I wanted to come in for a while.

I asked if here parents were home and she said they won't get back till late. I complied and walked behind her room up stairs; her shorts had rode up and I got a great view of that sexy ass of her barely 20 yo, I guess she is about 5 foot 4 and a very descent cup size. She has a beautiful firm ass with sexy legs. For my age at mid-50, I had a throbbing hard-on...

There were sexy underwear on the floor. She asked for massage as she felt tired for our long walk. Yes, I said and she got excited and pulled her top off exposing those very lush and large orbs. I was surprised at her forwardness but didn’t complain or look away.

She then pulled those little tight pants off exposing some very wet see thought panties, damp in her crotch area. There was a sudden female scent that was so tantalizing that I got hard very fast.

She hopped on the bed face down. And told me to start. I walked up to her and started working my fingers into her firm warm back. She shivered and told me to warm my hand. She had her face in a pillow so I shoved them in my pants and played with myself. I played for ten seconds and tried again. She them complemented me on how warm they were.

She started to moan so I started to work my way down to her butt. She allowed me to continue. I got braver and finally worked those wet sexy panties. I could see she was feeling up her boobs from beneath her and I was now fully erect. After a few minutes of feeling her ass she got up without warning and pulled her panties down to reveal her bald pussy.

She then told me that it wasn’t fair that she was the only one naked. I hesitated but removed all my clothes except my undies; she smiled looking at the outline of my hard penis. She hopped back down and continued to play with her boobs.

I worked her now naked ass, I went on for a few more mins and then said it was my turn. She pushed me on my back on the bed, and grabbed my 8 inch dick and shoved it in her mouth. I was shocked but very pleased with her forwardness. I hope you don’t mined I skip the massage and continue with this instead. I shook my head but remained silent. She was great, not once did I feel her teeth on my nob.

She worked my balls in her hand and kept looking at me. I got adventurous and grabbed her boob. She gasped and I pinched a nipple. She got up into a 69er. I have been a good pussy eater for long - all kinds of pussies, young and old!! But this one was special - with pierced lips.

I worked that beautiful balled pussy over with my tongue, frequently lashing my tongue on the rings attached to the pieced lips. It was obvious I was doing a good job because she moaned into my dick. I shoved a finger into her ass to further open her cunt lips and rubbed her lips. I was close to the edge and I warned her. She didn’t budge.

Then I took out my finger from her anus and while I was concentrating in her clit, shoved my finger into her cunt to find out the swollen g-spot. That's it, with smooth stroking on it she buckled her waist up. I worked her harder and she screamed. She said that we had to cum at the same time so I tried to hold out.

I shove two fingers into her tight little pussy and she said that I had to keep going. I work harder and faster and she screamed all over my face with body shivering orgasms. A moment later I blow my loads down her throat and she caught them all.

I am now looking forward to fuck her .... I will walk pass this wood sooner!!

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