His Mom, Joann

by Darlee (WA)

“Oh!” Joann smiled over her son seeing her naked that morning as she stood there in the bedroom. She looked a little modest but not particularly embarrassed.

He was nineteen and in the last two years since her divorce from his father, they had become quite comfortable with one another around the house.

“Sorry, mom,” Jason apologized, not having realized that his mom was undressed.

“That’s all right,” she said, pleased that she did not have to feel embarrassed in front of him. Even that she could enjoy that sort of personal moment with him. She grinned and teased him. “Although it would nicer if you didn’t have your clothes on.”

Jason blushed a tiny bit and grinned back. “You mean … be naked, too?”

“Well,” she replied innocently, “that way I wouldn’t be the only one.” Carelessly she added, “It might be fun.”

“Yeah,” Jason agreed. Seeing that his mom was obviously in an uninhibited mood, he went ahead and took his clothes of as she watched. When he had, she gave him an approving smile.

Joann then stepped over to slide her arms around his neck, and his hands went to her hips, and they looked at one another, and did a small affectionate kiss on the lips.

“This is nice,” she said. Then, as she felt the erection, he was getting pushing up against her bare skin that was followed by a giggle and “Ooo.”

Jason grinned broadly. It was exciting to be naked and having an erection with his own mom and he was glad that he didn’t have to feel embarrassed about it.

They embraced and squeezed together.

“Oh …” she breathed. “Maybe you could do it a little bit with your mom.”

“Sure,” he said.

She led him over to the bed and laid down, holding her legs apart, revealing the soft folds through her tangle of pubic hair. Jason got on top of her and pushed his erection into her vagina.

“Oh, Jason …” she breathed again, closing her eyes and putting her head back on the pillow, “that feels so nice.”

He started sliding his erection in and out, making her moan.

“Oh, yes … yes … that feels so good.”

Jason was surprised by how easy it was to be doing this with his mom. That it didn’t feel awkward or strange, but actually wonderful to have his penis in her vagina.

“Oh, yes …” she said.

Jason fucked in and out of her for the next minute and saw her sexual passion rising in response.

“Oh, honey … Oh, honey … Oh, honey …” she repeated. And then, suddenly she was climaxing and she whimpered. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, yes! Oh, Yes! Yes! Yes!”

It was satisfying to be giving his mom and orgasm, which she obviously wanted and needed.

Then she sighed.

Jason was a little hesitant and unsure if he should, but he let his erection go all the way with her and ejaculated in her vagina.

“Mmm … Mmm …” he murmured as his wet release happened, and his sperm flooded into her.

“Ohhhh …” Jason moaned as he felt his ejaculation concluding.

He looked down at his mom, now feeling even more unsure. “I … I hope that it’s okay that I came in you,” he said somewhat breathlessly.

Joann smiled. “Yes,” she assured with a small laugh. “I liked that part.”

They did a small kiss on the lips and smiled at one another. This was their first mom and son intimate moment, but already they both knew that it would certainly not be their last. It had happened all so easily and wonderfully.

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