High Tech

by Erin Wayne (Texas)

High Tech

A woman of my early forties I have to use computers at work and have a Smart Phone but still amazed at how the younger generation is so tuned to the electronic devices, where I have to make an effort. My son of eighteen is all into building computers, programming devices and making money of places I have no ideal. I know I’m his Mom and thinking he a genius but I guess there are many Moms of today, who are amazed of their children's skills.

Walked into my son’s room totting cleaned clothes, so proud of him getting scholarships, even with his father’s life insurance, life has not been easy. Sid slammed his laptop hearing me open his door, only a glimpse I caught, naked tits reminding me of my own. Sid watching porn I have no problem, he’s eighteen and I sometimes enjoy a bit of porn myself but when I questioned what he was watching, Sid became offensive not turning toward me.

Usually Sid would take the laundry putting away but today he just sat with the Laptop, covering his lap, this sat me to thinking he must have a hard-on. Cocking my head, peering at him, I began to wonder. Everywhere of his room you look, any flat surface was some kind of electronic device, asking in the past Sid had explained of many cameras and surveillance equipment educating his Mom of today’s electronics. Sid had spoken how small many of these devices had become, I began to wonder, were those my tits.

Everywhere of the house I began looking and the thought hit me, where Sid may have such cameras to catch me and my naked tits. Nearly tore up my bathroom, cleaning as I went, stopping in front of the large mirror reflecting light to all corners, like my bathroom well lit. Noticed new holders of the mirror’s corners pinning to the wall and thought to cover but what would that accomplish. Denying my so the pleasures, I really didn’t want but how was I to be sure.

The next day of my day off I decided going to a computer store, a very young man approached as I dumfounded peering at all the devices, questioning what I was looking to purchase. Answering of surveillance devices, which would hook up to my laptop, I did know of the wireless devices and the young man questioned of my laptop. Of course I couldn’t answer his questions, Sid had built my laptop but informing the young man my laptop was locked in the trunk of my car, the young man walked out with me to retrieve.

By the time we walked back in and giving my password, the young man suggested I change my password. Just a good ideal and safety measure to do so from time to time, I’d used my son’s full name, Sidney after his grandfather. I had all the bells and whistles the young man praised, far better than any laptop the store he worked sold. Inconspicuous camera devices for surveillance the young man helped me pick out, teaching me how to use and set up.

Offering the young man a tip of money, he declined sighting he was only doing his job and knew Sid quite well. Choosing a time when Sid was away I sat my cameras to cover every corner of his room, with all the electronic devices of his room, I had no troubles hiding my cameras. The young man taught me how to zoom in and out on my laptop. Satisfied I could see whatever was going on in every corner of Sid’s room, I went to my bathroom putting on quite a show of my hairy pussy, Sid’s dad loved and loved much, not to brag but I do know how men think of me.

My tits and body bring me much attention, I’m not one of those girls who screams sexual harassment with every comment and do quite enjoy the attention, though I have not dated in the four years of losing Sid’s father, KIA. After the evening meal Sid excused himself, sure he was going to see what he may have captured of me. I showered choosing to slip in bed nude, taking up my laptop.

Of his bed Sid sat up against the headboard, laptop of his knees with a huge hard cock, I didn’t know he processed, he could barely close his hand round. Sid looked so much like his Dad, right down to his cock, you don’t find a cock like his, on every corner. Sid’s Dad and I met in college, our last year, I knew something of cocks before meeting Sid’s father and had fallen badly in love from our first coupling.

Fascinated I sat watching Sid stroke his huge cock, zooming in to see what he was watching from over his bed. It was of me and the show I’d put on, for my test run. Sid’s huge cock erupted blasting cum up to his chest, a mug sized cup he could have filled. I was sure and on Sid continued stroking and his cock stayed hard to my surprise. Did the video of me, excite my son so much, Sid thought he may cum again.

Sid’s father and I made love several times a day, six times a day, back in the day but to stay hard after cumming. Hand between my legs watching Sid watch me. Before Sid’s father I tasted cum but never enjoyed cum in my mouth until I tasted Sid’s dad and then I couldn’t get enough. Times all I wanted, was to eat cum, having my pussy ate. Wondered how Sid’s cum would taste and would be as of his father’s. Reached an orgasm, like I had not been able to give myself, since losing Sid’s father.

Sid and I came together, second time of the evening, for Sid. Who knows, with my boy child and what had gone on during the rest of the day. Sid cleaned himself up with a towel, pulled from the side of his bed, one of my clean towels and Sid left his bed working to disassemble a desktop computer. Asleep I fail, dreaming of the cock and cum, I used to know. Awoke wondering of my son’s cum, in search of the towel Sid used the evening before finding in the dirty hamper, cum of my good son I licked.

“OMG!” I scream of my brain. Prepared a super good evening meal surprising Sid, called in I’d be taking a day off, plans for the evening I had. Went through our normal routine, other than big smiles to Sid, shower a bit early ready for the night ahead. Wanted everything just so, a woman likes to be prepared but knew I couldn’t waste time or Sid would blow a load, I wanted. Sure Sid was watching, walked out of the bathroom without dressing and straight into my son’s room.

“Can Mommy have some of that,” Sid sat on his bed with laptop, stroking his huge cock.

“Mom!” Surprised Sid froze, like the deer in the headlights.

“You won’t need this, any longer,” I pushed Sid’s laptop to his far side.

“Mommy has treats for you tonight,” took Sid’s huge cock in my mouth, sucking and loving. Made sure his cock was good and wet from my saliva, eating to the bone. It being some time since I’ve eaten cock and cum, I took it slow but as I suspected, Sid was close to cumming watching me of the bathroom. Allowed Sid to see, not just feel me sucking his cock and eating his cum and as the night before I’d seen, he delivered so much.

“Mom, Mom, Mom,” Sid called.

“Yes,” finally I answered, after making sure his cock stayed hard.

“Have I died and gone to heaven,” climbing atop Sid, took my time sinking Sid’s huge cock deep in my hairy pussy, I made sure was slick and wet.

“No but the night, is still young,” Sid sitting with his back up against the headboard and cock to the limits of my pussy, my tits smashed to his chest, I kissed as a lover. Pulling back keeping my hard nipples to his chest, I smiled to his wide open eyes and began moving my ass, fucking my son.

“Mommy wants to suck, fuck, making love until we can’t anymore tonight,” raised my ass feeling the complete length of Sid huge cock, my pussy gushing of orgasms.

“Mom, I’ve never eaten pussy, can you teach me?”

“You want it with or within the cum,” kissed my beautiful son as the really huge orgasm came I’d been wanting since, losing his father.

“I want it all, Mom,” came Sid’s answer.

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