Hidden Desire

by Anonymous

I am from India, now I am 65 years old man, this story is 50 years back when I was 18, that time I was not aware of sex, I used to have erection.

We used to play hide and seek, when we hide in some lonely place, my friend asked me to show my cock I showed my cock he showed his cock also his cock was bigger than me, as we were hiding so we were away from groups.

He asked me have you fucked any one I said no. He asked me you want to fuck me, I said ok he removed his cloths and asked me to fuck him in the ass.

I immediately put my cock on his ass, but it did not go inside, he told me to put saliva on cock head and on his ass, I did so now I pushed it, it went inside his ass, now I was humping in and out..I was enjoying, fucking and after few stroke I ejaculated in him.

I withdrew my cock..his cock was erect too now he asked me to get ready for his turn, I agreed and he put saliva on my ass and on his cock and pushed in my ass.vI felt pain as his cock was bigger and thicker but he continued fucking me, after some time I was enjoying his fuck, it was my first ass fuck.

Now I was interested in fucking so I used to get it wherever I got chances, once my maternal uncle came to my house I shared my bed with him, at night I thought let me try him.

so I put my hand on his cock while he was sleeping, I took out his cock, his cock was big and thick about 8 inches long and 4 inches in diameter. I was amazed, I was playing with his cock it became hard, I though he is awake and pretending to sleep, now I removed my cloths and put saliva on my ass and his cock and pressed my ass against his cock.

Now he pushed his cock inside me, he was exited so he grabbed me and started fucking in full speed, he was experienced now he hold my cock and started playing with it, he fucked me for 20 minutes, I enjoyed fucking. After that I fucked him too. This ass fucking went on till age 20. I hardly left any friend and relatives, I was addicted to it.

Once I was in the village and was in paddy field, there came a bitch and I hold her and put my finger in her vagina and fucking her with my fingers. Bitch was in heat and four dogs came smelling her viginal scent, three dogs followed the bitch and one dog stayed there and was smelling my wet finger.

His cock became hard and coking out from his sheath, I thought it is time to get my ass fucked by the dog so I remover my clothes and became his bitch and put my wet finger on my ass.

The dog started licking my ass and jumped on me and stated humping, I guided his cock it went inside me now dog was fucking me like his bitch in full speed his knot went inside me, he stop humping but his knot swelled and became big and tied inside me, he was spraying his cum inside me from his pulsàting cock, he remained tied for 30 minute until his knot subsides, he removed his cock from me, I enjoyed it very much.

One day I saw my sister talking to a guy, now I thought she needs fuck so I was waiting for the right time to fuck, she was 18, one day my parents went to village we could not go because of exam.

We stayed back, at night when she slept I went to her bed and slept with her, I put my hand on her breasts she was wearing skirt and top, I removed her top and she was awake but pretending to be asleep.

I started playing with her boobs she started moaning, I suck them, I removed her skirt now she was in underwear I removed my clothes and I was naked, my cock was erect, I removed her underwear I put my hand on her wet cunt.

I put my cock on her cunt and pushed my cock head inside, now I was fully excited so I pushed further till my whole cock went inside, she cried but I kept on fucking her, after some time she started enjoying and moaning. I fucked her 4 times that night, she enjoyed and I also enjoyed the fucking, after that we used to fuck whenever we had chance.

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